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February 2012


February 25, 2012

Today I’m marrying my high school sweetheart.

We’ll celebrate our rosy rapture with family and friends, and we’ll drink and feast together into the night. And there, in my pretty dress and my nana’s earrings, I’ll laugh and cry and dance with my love.

I can hardly wait…


Heidi xo

Watermelon, Raspberry and Mint Popsicles

February 22, 2012

What is cuter than a homemade popsicle, I ask you this? There are endless ingredient possibilities: berries, mango, banana, yoghurt, my mind swirls with glee at the very thought.

I’ve been crushing on homemade fruit popsicles for a long time, and on Australia Day last month I finally worked up the courage to ask my crush on a date.

Blushing Summer watermelon and raspberries were combined with dainty touch of sugar. And what’s a date without a little mint?

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

Watermelon, Raspberry and Mint Popsicles

This recipe requires a blender and popsicle moulds. It will yield 25 x 50ml popsicles, or ~1.25 Litres of mixture. If not feeding a large crowd, half or quarter the recipe. Leftover mixture will be lovely mixed with some soda water for a refreshing summer drink.


3 cups chopped Watermelon
2 cups frozen Raspberries
6 sprigs fresh Mint
1-2 teaspoons Stevia (you can use sugar or agave nectar if you wish. Honey or any thicker sweetener might be too viscous and not dissolve/distribute properly)
A pinch of Salt


1. Add the watermelon, raspberry, mint, 1 teaspoon stevia and salt to a blender. Blend until smooth.
2. Taste and add more stevia if required – your fruit may be sweet enough! Blend again.
3. Using a ladle, pour the mixture into the popsicle moulds and freeze for at least 4 hours.
4. To turn out, run the moulds under cool water. If required, sit them in a bath of cool water for a minute or so. When the bottom feels like it will give easily, gently pull them out and voilà!

Heidi xo

One Delicious Sunday

February 19, 2012

Weekends are all about delectable eats. Well, that’s how I roll, at least. Breakfasts are no longer a solo affair, lunches are lazy and extended, and there are endless opportunities for dinner date deliciousness. Tasty treats, crafting in the kitchen – I love it all.

Those around me benefit by association. Although only rarely do I have to drag others to a cafe or cook-up, generally people are pretty amenable to weekend deliciousness. Or any deliciousness, really. Last Sunday was no exception.

On this day, Ben and I were ticking off many many Wedding related tasks for our upcoming big day of fabulousness. It’s a mere 6 days away. Just quietly, I can’t handle my excitement. Being the busy bees we were, we found ourselves resigned to the fact that we might have to eat out every meal that day *sigh*. While we rarely do three such social eats in one day (eating out all the time can obviously become très expensive), I felt it was acceptable being a one off. And even more acceptable seeing as we were so busy Saturday night we ended up having wholegrain crackers, cheese and olives for dinner, with yoghurt for dessert. Oops. No, proper meals were in order on this day.

Join me as I take you on our journey of One Delicious Sunday


We started at Whyte Cafe, our local.

Whyte has recently been taken over by the Artful Dodger team and had a bit of a revamp. The menu is now very extensive and funky. And while they really try to offer fantastic morning eats, sometimes I find they fall short of all the amazing Melbourne breakfast spots we have in this city, such as the likes of Proud Mary’s and Three Bags Full. I’m not a fan of their coffee either. But they’re trying, and they’re local, so we tend to cut them a bit of slack.

On my first post-makeover visit, I tasted the Apple Compote Pancakes which were yummy but lacking some jazz, I felt. This time I tried the Brazilian Acai Berries with Banana, Cardamom Honey, Spelt and Agave Granola and Strawberries. Oh, my goodness. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. The acai, banana, honey mixture was thick and gloriously sweet, but not garishly so. The spelt agave granola was lovely and wholesome, not too rich – certainly a healthier option compared to a lot of those buttery granolas out there. Deliciousness.

This refreshing, beautiful bursting berry bowl reminded me of the Acai bowls my friends and I would eat in New York City….love.


Ben ordered the Eggs Benedict, which he quite enjoyed. He said the hollandaise was very zesty, and the eggs were poached perfectly – love that, so simple yet so important! Plus there was a bagel involved, so yeah, he was happy.

Whyte’s their teacups are pretty darn funky, too, check this out!

All kinds of cool.


After breakfast we headed to Chadstone to pick up a few bits and pieces. It’s the fashion capital after all. Here we ran into an uni friend who is a fellow foodie and actually gave us a cocktail idea for the wedding. Snap. So nice to see you, Ben! Ben appreciates weekend deliciousness.

After running into uni Ben I promptly took my Ben to Jones the Grocer for a bite to eat. I’ve visited this gem once before and loved their corn fritters (and I’m very picky). Jones the Grocer tends to impress, with so much beautiful produce on offer. It’s all I can do to take in the abundance of tasty chocolates and bread, extracts and preserves, biscuits and pastas and not walk out with a $300 bill. For lunch on this Sunday, Ben ordered the Lamb Kofta with Chickpeas and I dove into the Mussels with Chorizo and Toasted Sourdough.

My Mussels were so beautiful, as were the tomatoey base and my hunk of sourdough. Perfection. Only there was no chorizo. And no explanation of my missing chorizo. I was a little devastated, I’ll be honest. Unfortunately, we felt that Ben’s kofta were under seasoned, a bit bland. But they were still yummy. And my latte was really lovely.


After galavanting around Chadstone, we headed down to the Mornington Peninsula (home) to meet our celebrant for a run through. Gah! It was awesome. I’m going to leave it at that and not bore you with my excitement. Just know that I can hardly wait. We also met my parents for a run through of where everything shall be set up on the day. We’re doing it all ourselves with the help of our amazing, incredible, talented caterer/organiser/superwoman, Anna. I adore her.

We then headed to my grandparents house for a quick visit. I can not explain how much I love my Nana & Roo. They’re truly divine. I love them more than I can put into words. My grandparents still, after all these years, have so much fun together. Love.

I also love my brother more than I can put into words. And what luck, he surprised me, dropping in as Ben and I were grabbing a bite to eat at D.O.C in Mornington. I love me an impromptu catch up! I haven’t seen Jackson in forever, he’s working very hard at the moment and I’m very proud. He’s all kinds of awesome, that boy.

Vino. Chianti. Delicious.

Do I really need to say how yummy D.O.C was? Well, their pizza is absolutely delicious. Along with the smaller, fantastic restaurant Get Down Dog, we’re really spoilt for quality pizza in Mornington. Ben and I shared the speck and mushroom pizza, a simple green salad and the sausage pizza with a broccoli base. Wedding planning stimulates your appetite, I swear.

I also shared some bites with Jackson. That’s what siblings do.

Love him.


Ben and I then drove home, discussing Wedding details. Best. Time. Ever.

It truly was One Delicious Sunday

Heidi xo

Valentines Day

February 16, 2012

Remember when I said that I wasn’t going to bore you with more lovey dovey stuff? Well that’s all very fine and good, but then Ben went and made me a Valentines dinner that was too sweet to not share. So I’m going to. Warning: lovey dovey-ness ahead.

On Valentines Day evening, I arrived home from a long 4.5 hour drive to find my man cooking. I love it when he gets in the kitchen, whatever tasty creation that emerges is always creative and inspired and full of flavour – he’s fabulously eager with the spice, garlic and zest!

I did my bit to help by setting the table…

and waiting patiently for what appeared to be some sort of Indian dish, deduced from the hungry peeks I sneaked around the kitchen door. But soon enough I could not wait any longer, and so I tiptoed around the kitchen and took a few happy snaps. Just to capture how wonderful he is. Love it.

And then it was time to plate up…

Moroccan Chicken with Carrot Pilaf.

It was supremely yummy. My man did good, kids.

He used two different recipes (links 1 and 2), after deciding on a whim that he felt like a Moroccan meal. Instead of using a whole chicken, as the recipe instructs, Ben used two chicken breasts, cut down the oil but kept the spice quantity the same. I told you we like spice! He also used olive oil instead of ghee and added sultanas to the pilaf, which was a great move. I debated keeping the leftovers for myself, but I gave them to Ben. Because I love him. Or because I’m stupid. Yeah, right about now I’m thinking it’s because of the latter.

Time for a little gift exchange…

I found Ben a picnic basket at an op shop recently, and thought it was a bit cute.

So I bought it and put a Tootsie Roll and love heart chocolate inside. Have you ever tried a Tootsie Roll? I haven’t, but they sound cool. And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them mentioned in American movies. So I bought one. We’ll see what it’s like!

Ben bought me a beautiful block of Koko Black chocolate for a little Valentines sweetness.

So there you go, our Valentines Day. Not too much mushy love mush, rather quite a suitable amount, I feel. Ample mush.

Heidi xo

Warm Chicken Quinoa Salad with Chilli Zucchini and Garlic Broccoli

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day, lovelies.

I promise I’m not about to shower you with lovey dovey notes about how much I adore my man, no I think I’ve been doing that enough lately 😉 Instead I’m going to talk about another love of mine…barbecue chicken.

I hope you have some love in your life today, whether in the form of a bunch of flowers from a lover, a sweet little note from a nephew, a love heart chocolate from the elderly lady who lives next door or the sweet, comforting feeling you get from an always dependable piece of barbecue chicken breast. Each to their own, I say.


I’ve been on a mad barbecue chicken run lately.

I have had the most severe cravings for it, and I have no idea why. I’m not pregnant, thats for sure. So maybe we’ll blame the extremely hot weather we’ve been having on and off in Melbourne. Whatever it is, I find myself itching for barbecue chicken multiple times a week. Tearing a chunk of breast away from the charcoal coating and devouring it alongside homemade coleslaw and grilled corn on the cob is currently one of my great pleasures in life.

But then I got tired of coleslaw and corn.

So in looking for yet another way to satisfy my delectable desire, I created this salad. Any excuse to incorporate more barbecue chicken goodness in my life. Like I need it…

But that’s not to say you have to use chicken. A nice salmon fillet, baked and flaked through this salad would be a lovely alternative. As would some beautiful grilled and sliced lamb backstrap or maybe even grilled cubes of marinated tofu. Or chicken. Yeah…chicken.

Warm Chicken Quinoa Salad with Chilli Zucchini and Garlic Broccoli

Serves 2-3


½ cup* dry Quinoa
½ cup Water
½ cup Chicken Stock (you can use vegetable stock if you wish, or replace the stock with extra water. The stock adds more flavour, so you may wish to add a pinch of salt to the quinoa when cooking if just using water.)
1/2 a Barbecue Chicken (from your local quality charcoal chicken shop, or your own pre-cooked chicken. I always try to go organic, free range with chicken).
1 Red Onion
150g Broccoli (the florets off one small broccoli head)
200g Zucchini (one medium zucchini)
2 handfuls of Spinach Leaves
60g Feta (I use Dodoni Feta, it’s delicious)
Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 teaspoon Dried Chilli Flakes (more if you wish, less if you don’t like heat)
3 small cloves Garlic
Sea Salt and Freshly Cracked Pepper
1 juicy Lemon, for the juice

* 1/2 cup dry Quinoa will make 2 cups cooked Quinoa, which is more than you need, however I always desire extra quinoa for salads during the week, so at the very least I always cook 1/2 cup quinoa. If you wish, use half the quantity and then half the quantity of water and stock.


1. Preheat your oven to 200 Degrees Celsius.

2. Cut the florets off broccoli, halving the large florets. Set aside to use in the next step, when you’re cooking your quinoa.

3. Rinse the dry quinoa under cold water using a fine sieve, then put it in a pot with the stock and water. Bring to the boil then let it simmer down for ~15 minutes, adding more water if required. You will know it is cooked when the grain starts to separate and the water is mostly absorbed. While the quinoa is cooking, place a steamer over your pot and steam your broccoli for 2 minutes, until just tender.

4. When the broccoli is cooked, rinse under cold water to arrest the cooking process, then set aside.

5. When the quinoa is cooked, turn the heat off and pop the lid on for ~10 minutes to allow any remaining water to absorb. After 10 minutes, fluff the cooked quinoa with a fork, set aside and allow to cool.

6. Peel the onion and slice it in half, then slice each half into 6-8 long wedges. Add the wedges to the baking tray lined with baking paper. Coat the onion in a little spray oil, then add a scatter of sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. Pop the tray into the pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, give your onions a stir and add a little more spray oil if it’s looks a tad dry. Put the tray back into the oven and roast for a further 5-10 minutes until the onion is looking rich and sticky. Remove from the oven and set aside.

7. Heat a non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Add a little spray oil then add the broccoli. Stir frequently for 2 minutes, then add 2 cloves of crushed garlic and cook, stirring to coat all the broccoli in garlic, for an extra minute. Turn off the heat and set aside.

8. Slice the zucchini into half a centimetre rounds. Heat another large non-stick pan over medium heat, then add 2 teaspoons olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the zucchini rounds so that each round is touching the pan – no overlapping or over crowding. You don’t want to stew the pan. You may need to do two or even three batches of zucchini and teaspoons of oil, depending on how large your pan is. Cook the zucchini for 3-4 minutes until golden, then using tongs individually flip each zucchini round (your patience will be rewarded!) and cook for 2-3 minutes until golden. If you need to cook another batch, remove the cooked zucchini to a bowl and then cook the remaining rounds. When all the zucchini is cooked, add some spray oil to the pan and then add all the zucchini back in, along with 1 clove of crushed garlic and the chilli flakes. Cook for 30seconds – 1 minute, stirring to coat the zucchini evenly in garlic and chilli. Turn off the heat and set aside.

9. Break up your chicken, discarding the skin. Set aside.

10. Now combine your ingredients in a large bowl! Start with the quinoa: fluff it again with a fork and then add 1/2 – 3/4 cup cooked quinoa to the bowl, depending on your hunger level and energy requirements. Next add the spinach leaves, broccoli and freshly squeezed lemon juice to the bowl, and gently toss to combine. Finally add the chicken along with the zucchini, onion and feta to the bowl. Give all the ingredients a final gentle toss to combine everything.

11. Serve into individual bowls and enjoy with a crisp glass of white wine. Yes please.

Heidi xo

Hen Party

February 11, 2012

There is nothing quite like a night out with your girlfriends. Getting yourself all dolled up, wearing your fancy pants, high heeling it and grooving the night away before heading home elegantly, maybe with just a slight stumble or two in said high heels. It’s a beautiful thing.

The obligatory night out with your girls before you get married can be a little tired and cheezy, let’s be honest. Luckily my girls are all class, we had a truly fabulous night. I found myself to be one very happy Hen.

I was incredibly spoilt by my bridesmaids. One of my amazing ladies handled most of the organising – from the activities to the decorations, including the Audrey Hepburn VIP passes. She came up with a brilliant idea that was fun for everyone and really true to who I am. I cannot thank Peta enough for this, she’s truly one of the brightest beauties on this planet. I feel blessed to have her in my life and cherish her friendship.

This night made me realised how lucky I am to have such an incredible group of friends. Beyond my amazing bridesmaids, I find myself surrounded by intelligent, caring, stunning, hilarious ladies who enrich my life more than they’ll ever know.


Our night started at my house, where we delighted in Moët and Strawberries. It was a hot night, really sticky and muggy. Let me tell you, I am now officially against wearing my hair out on my wedding day.

We then had a mini bus take us to our destination, over the Bolte Bridge to factory land, where Harriet informed me that we were in fact getting our forklifting licences – win!! You see until I arrived, I had no idea what my girls had planned for the night. This made it such a fun mystery! Unfortunately we weren’t getting our forklifting licences – that will have to wait for another girls night out. No, we were about to experience…

A Cooking Demo Dinner Party!!

Isn’t that the best idea for a Hens night? I’m sure fellow foodies will agree. Raw Materials put on a great show – they were super relaxed and friendly yet very professional. I would definitely recommend this experience to others!

Peta had set up the table beforehand in a truly beautiful fashion. From the fresh flowers she picked up at Camberwell Market that morning, to the polka dot lolly bag place settings. Stunning. Perfection. We expect nothing less form Peta, though, she’s divine (remember the dinner party she threw? Gorgeous).

Group shot!

We started with Sangria and Paella demonstrations…

Before heading inside for some Tapas: mushroom, chorizo and onion on toasted garlicy bread, with a prosciutto wrapped asparagus spear. Absolutely delicious. There were some other bites there, yet I found myself focussed on these two delights.

Clearly I was enjoying myself. I was thrilled to be able to satisfy my craving for chorizo, which I’ve had ever since tuning into Nigella Lawson, the goddess, before falling asleep at night. Nigella is a huge fan of this paprika log, and ours was pretty darn fantastic.

P.S. I had a sash. It was special.

Then the main event!

The Paella was jam-packed full of chorizo, chicken, fish, prawns and mussels! Plus a scattering of pretty, pert peas and vibrant capsicum. Such a feast for the eyes.

We ended on a perfect little pot of Creme Catalana, which is essentially a Spanish creme brûlée and was undoubtedly scrumptious. This was my first taste of this beautiful dish, and with prominent citrus hits, it was truly love. Love.

Tapas + girls night = a seriously fabulous, successful equation.

After dinner we did a little quiz. De, one of my beautiful bridesmaids, is still overseas and hence could not join in the fun. She did, however, create a little quiz for me. De asked Ben a variety of questions and if I got one wrong, I had to do a tequila shot. Tricky business, ladies.

It was all rather hilarious. When asked who his celebrity pass was (i.e. which celebrity he would have a ‘free pass’ to sleep with should they ever meet), Ben didn’t quite understand the question. Believing a celebrity pass to mean ‘which celebrity he’d love to hang out with’, my man answered “Michael Jordan”. True story. He cracks me up. So yeah, I got that one wrong. I got a fair share wrong, but luckily the shots were diluted. Clearly they feared I’d end up on the floor too soon.

Dinner, drinks and a quiz – how fun is that? And there wasn’t a single hint of Penis Paraphernalia in sight.

Oh hang on, yes there was…in the form of a Penis Piñata. Ben jokingly sent an online link to Peta a while ago, and she ended up buying it. Awesome.

I broke the bat.

This guy was filled with mini Nerds and Freedo Frogs, score! I developed a new-found appreciation for mini nerds that night.

It was truly the best Penis Piñata a girl could ask for.

Here’s a sneaky video for those of you keen to see my athleticism. As my friend Bear pointed out, all those years of Rounders in primary school came in handy. As did my shoe.


We then piled back into the mini bus, lolly bags in tow,

and headed to The Night Cat and then LuWow on Johnston St for dancing! LuWow was all kinds of awesome – with Hawaiian decor, a screen playing retro movies and Go-Go dancers on pedestals, I found myself in a very happy space for the short while we visited. I am so keen to head back there – pure Hawaiian retro fab. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.

And with that I headed home, with a stash of mini nerds in my clutch and without a hint of a stumble. Ok maybe just a little.

To all my ladies, in particular my beautiful bridesmaids and notably Miss Peta Gorgeous Face, thank you. A million times, thank you. I’m the luckiest Hen there ever was.

Heidi xo

A Love Letter

February 8, 2012

Today I have a short post for you about a lovely, lithe little letter. Small it may be, but it’s surely sweet, nonetheless…

A few hours before my Hens night, Ben gave me a love letter. In a capsule. That’s just the sweet guy he is.

A pretty poetic parcel.

Isn’t that the cutest idea for a love note? Ben bought it in Balaclava one day, but I found this link for you online – share the love. Inside the capsule is a small scroll, where he had written his note. Très adorable.

He’s pretty darn wonderful, my man. I’m all for individualism and keeping your own identity when in a relationship, but at the same time I am buzzing that in just over 2 weeks I will be Mrs Ben. And he’ll be Mr Heidi. I think I’ll insist we legally change our names to the same. For love, you know? I’m sure he’ll be down with that.


Mrs Ben xo

Breakfast in Bed

February 5, 2012

Tick, tock, tick tock

Once the big hand hits seven I am invariably woken from my slumber. Even on the weekend, my body refuses to allow me to continue as I was, happily dreaming. Apparently it’s time to get up. And so I oblige.

Ben, on the other hand, can sleep for hours and hours, and then some more. And so it often goes that I wake, make myself a comforting cup of hot lemon water or tea and settle on the couch to read and blog. Sometimes, if Ben is feeling particularly sleepy, I end up having both a hot lemon water and a cup of tea… Tick, tock, tick, tock. On these particularly sleepy days, I am left with a conundrum. Twiddling my thumbs, I find myself debating whether or not to be kind and let Ben continue to sleep, or be selfish and wake him up in the hope of spending more time together.

More often than not, I let him sleep in. Is that true? I’d like to think so. Maybe not… But anyway, recently I was feeling oh so generous and let him sleep in for a loooong time. A really long time. A great many hours had ticked by, during which I entertained myself with blogging, reading, going for a run and watching a movie. But still he slept. And so I decided it was time for breakfast in bed. In my logic, I felt that if I were to start cooking, he may in fact rise with hungry enthusiasm, ready to start the morning (read: afternoon). It worked.

Breakfast in Bed.

On a shopping trip last month, Ben informed me that he was going to purchase Cocoa Pops, as it was the holidays and, well, that’s what you do in the holidays. Yep, just like when you were five. On this sleepy day, a small bowl was in order. Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy. Indeed.

To go with his cereal I cooked an egg, spread some pesto over rye toast and finished it with a shaving of parmesan. Simple, savoury, scrumptious.

Breakfast in bed. It’s what you do for your loved ones, right? The crumbs may be annoying, but at least it will ensure they wake up… and your friendly little wake up call will be delicious and attentive, if not a tad cunning. How sweet is that?

Heidi xo

Farro, Chickpea and Kale Salad with Roasted Purple Carrots and Goats Fetta

February 2, 2012

Kale is such a delight. It’s rich and crunchy and lean and assured. It’s also pretty fancy. I don’t see it at my grocer as often as I’d like. I think it likes to play hard to get. So when I do spot a bursting bunch, I snap it up quick smart and use it to my heart’s content – simply sautéed, oven roasted or even plainly steamed. Accompanied with a little sea salt and maybe some garlic, chilli and lemon, it’s deeelicious, and a real favourite in my household.


Let me ask you this… what do you think about purple carrots? Do you love them? Have you tried them before?

I first tasted purple carrots a couple of months ago, and was not much fussed with the flavor. However I recently decided to give them another go, and as soon as I forgave them for their lack of sweetness, the winning characteristic of their orange brothers, and embraced their earthier, grittier tones, I became quite enamored. They’re much more like their root vegetable brother from another mother, beetroot. And I can certainly handle more beetroot likeness in my life, can’t you? Especially when you don’t have to dirty your fingers in any peeling prerogative.


This salad contains both kale and purple carrots, so that’s just fabulous. But then throw in farro, a grain similar to brown rice and freekeh, goats cheese, chickpeas and sticky, sweet roasted red onion and I’m head over heels. To make things even more special, we add a pomegranate molasses dressing. Sold? I hope so. I sure am.

Farro, Chickpea and Kale Salad with Roasted Purple Carrots and Goats Fetta

Serves 10 as a side salad


1 cup Farro
1 cup Stock (chicken or vegetable stock, depending on whether you’re feeding any vegetarians)
1.5 cups Water

3 Purple Carrots (you could use orange carrots or even beetroot if you wish)
2 Red Onions
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Freshly Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, to taste

Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 large bunch of Kale
½ tablespoon Garlic-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (if you don’t have garlic-infused oil, use ½ a small garlic clove, crushed, mixed with regular extra virgin olive oil)
Juice of ½ a juicy Lemon
Sea Salt, to taste

1.5 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2-3 tablespoons Pomegranate Molasses – from Gourmet Delis. I use this one (link). (quantity used depends on how sweet you like your dressing! Taste at 2 tablespoons and add more if you like it sweeter.)
Juice of ½ a juicy Lemon

420g canned Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
120g Goats Fetta (I used Dodoni this time, however Meredith Goats Fetta remains my favourite)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 200 Degrees Celsius. Line a baking tray with baking paper and set aside.

2. Place the farro, stock and water in a pot on the stovetop. Bring to the boil and then simmer down for 20-30 minutes, until all the water is absorbed and the farro is cooked yet still has a nice bite to it. Keep an eye on the pot and add more water or stock as needed. Once cooked, put the lid on and set aside.

3. Dice the carrots into 2.5cm chunks, slicing the thicker pieces again down the centre, and place on the baking tray. Peel the onions and slice them in half, then slice each half into 6-8 long wedges. Add the wedges to the baking tray. Coat the carrots and onion with 1 tablespoon olive oil, a little sea salt and freshly cracked pepper. Use your hands to ensure they’re evenly coated – it’s the only way. Pop the tray into the pre-heated oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rotate the vegetables with tongs, adding a little spray oil if everything looks a tad dry. Put the tray back into the oven and roast for a further 5-10 minutes until the carrots are cooked and the onion is looking rich and sticky. Remove from the oven and set aside.

4. Dice the kale into 2cm chunks, removing any of the very hard, end pieces. Wash well. Heat a large non-stick pan over medium heat, add a little spray oil and when hot, dump the kale in, using tongs to rotate and cook the kale. Add water by the tablespoon if the kale starts to look a little dry. It will take 3-5 minutes to cook though. Be careful not to overcook the kale, as you still want it a little crunchy and you certainly don’t want to lose it’s beautiful vibrant colour. When cooked, turn the heat off and drizzle the garlic oil and juice of ½ the lemon over the top. Scantly scatter some sea salt and then toss to combine. Set aside.

5. In a small cup or jar, combine 1.5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons pomegranate molasses and the remaining ½ lemon juice. Taste and add another ½-1 tablespoon molasses if you like a sweeter dressing.

6. Fork through the farro to break it up, and then combine the farro, carrots and onions, kale and drained/rinsed chickpeas in a large bowl. Add ¾ of the dressing and gently toss to combine. If you think you need more dressing, add the remaining ¼.

7. Crumble the goats feta over the top and give one final gentle stir.

8. Serve alongside grilled meat, chicken or fish.

Heidi xo