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July 2012

Sicily, so far

July 24, 2012

Hello friends!

We’re about a third of our way into our Sicilian adventure. Driving around the Island is a load of fun, and truly not as terrifying as I had expected. We’re doing good, we really are. We’ve named our car Elaine, after the one and only Elaine Benes. She’s hot stuff, naturally.

Elaine took us from Catania, where I made friends with Johnny, the fruit vendor.

A whole bag of nectarines for 1 euro? Yes please.

We then headed to our beloved Ortigia, in Syracuse. Day trips to Ragusa and Ferla have been beautiful.

And the food has been spectacular. No surprises there, right?

Here we have a humble little market meal. With some chilled vino to help ease us into the afternoon.


Leaves, fresh basil, tomato. Bread, salami. More tomatoes. Everywhere, tomatoes. I now eat them like apples. I’ve also been enjoying the most heavenly ricotta while in Sicily. I fear I’ll never eat as well again…

Next we head inland, before visiting a few more coastal towns. We’ll end our Sicilian trip in the feisty beast that is Palermo. Detailed posts on Sicily will follow. I promise to show you each scoop of gelato and every strand of spaghetti. It’s all been a dream, truly.

Heidi xo

Love and Rain in Paris

July 14, 2012

Paris was grey and moody during our visit…rather strange weather for July.

We found ourselves often caught out amongst eager downpours of fat sky drops, leaving us saturated from the knees down. But I didn’t even mind…it was Paris. Excitement still bubbled inside despite looming clouds up ahead.

Drying off in Crêperie de Josselin was a pleasure.

And there was still time for ice-cream. Many a Pozzetto scoop and this…Berthillon salted butter caramel.


Wandering for hours during the day…

…relaxing in the Tuileries when sunshine did appear, in all it’s fervent glory…

…and searching for hidden cocktail bars in the Marais during the evening.

Yes, we had a marvellous four days in Paris.

Ending rather appropriately, I feel, with Ladurée macarons on our flight to Marrakech.

C’est Bon.

Heidi xo

When in Lisbon…

July 7, 2012

When in Lisbon, trust your senses. Trust and you will find yourself a perfect lunch. Perfectly local and perfectly scrumptious.

Let your nose lead you, sourcing the heady scent of fresh fish cooking on the grill.

Let your ears welcome the sound of laughter between old friends. Tables of energetic elderly men gossiping is absolutely a good sign.

Let your eyes affirm your lunch location, with the vision of these men – sturdy girth and tanned, creased faces, wise with the knowledge of a good grill. Trust them…

…they know where the perfect lunch is.

Heidi xo