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July 2013

Breakfast in Singapore

July 31, 2013

Well, I’ve left Australia again! This week I am in Singapore. 2013 appears to be the year of travel. The past four years seem to be all about travel, really. But this time it’s for work, for my husband’s business. I’ve joined for the last part of his month-long Singapore jaunt, and next week we’re off to Hong Kong to do some more research and visit family.

This is my first visit to Singapore and I must say, I am very impressed. In contrast to the cluttered calamity of Hong Kong, Singapore is quite spacious and calm and easy. It reminds me of being in Thailand at Baan Dada – something about the thick, warm air, the buildings and the greenery. And the familiar smell of the pavement, right after an afternoon downpour. Yes.


Let’s talk breakfast!

It should be all egg and/or rice and/or kaya toast and Kopi-C (coffee with evaporated milk and sugar), right? Don’t worry, I did that on my first day when I played tourist and was let loose in a shopping mall. Oh boy. But today, it’s granola and yoghurt. I brought Ben a stash of homemade granola – it’s still pleasantly crunchy and fresh, despite being two weeks old. We ate our morning meal at home before scooting off to the office.

♥ Clumpy Cranberry Granola (with almond flakes)
♥ Natural Yoghurt
♥ Almond Milk
♥ Diced Apple



What did you have for breakfast today? Follow Wednesday Breakfast Club on Instagram and hashtag your eats to play along #wednesdaybreakfastclub.

Heidi xo


July 29, 2013

Right now? Singapore, this song and a coconut.


As you were.

Heidi xo

Fish in A Parcel for Sunday Lunch

July 25, 2013

nana, roo & I

I live for these days, these Wintry Sundays with loved ones. Family filter into the kitchen, one by one, and begin the meal preparation. Something slow and simple and comforting. Something like fish in a parcel.

More family arrive and we gather, catching up on the week past, the week coming…


This time, Fluffy Ducks as per my Nana’s request (recipe link). She doesn’t drink, you see. But on this day Nana requested a Fluffy Duck. I’m sure there’s a story there. In fact, I know there’s a story there.



We inevitably move onto the years past. I love to hear their tales.


Crowding the table, we’ll marvel at Dad’s homemade bread.


He is ever the studious and punctual baker.


And then, thank goodness, it will be time to eat.


Individual gemfish parcels with fennel and kipfler potatoes (adapted from Rachel Khoo’s recipe), with a side of brussels sprouts…



…and bread.


A spot of dessert. An assembly of Limoncello cakes, topped with homemade Jelly (made with Maraschino cherry juice), Maraschino cherries and then topped with lemon syrup spiked mascarpone (though that creamy dollop is absent from the photograph below).


Coffee, tea, satiety…

Recounting tales of cars once owned, long missed and never forgotten leads to an eager online search.

Oh the joy of discovering pictures of the 1933 Fiat won in a competition by my great grandfather. Oh, and that stunning 1937 Holden Austin Seven Coupe. And all the happy tire tales that followed. I long for such a beautiful car, those who know me well know that I’d gladly take aesthetics over functionality any day.


These days…


Heidi xo

Tefal Giveaway!

July 22, 2013

Not too long ago I was contacted by the lovely Jessica at Mindshare to possibly do a giveaway on the blog. I was offered the chance to trial and keep a Tefal Cook4Me device (how lucky) and give another away to a lucky reader.

Initially I was hesitant. You see, I don’t do formal product or restaurant reviews on the blog, that’s just not my thing. But then I thought, “oh, who am I kidding, people love a giveaway. I’ll just trial the product, say my opinion and someone gets a present out of it!” Quote end quote. I mean, it’d be selfish to say no, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. You totally want to win. So let’s do this thing.

The Tefal Cook4Me is a spaceship-like contraption with a range of features that allow you to create a tasty meal, quickly and to your schedule. They have a bunch of recipes you can use, or you can do your own thing and even use it for simple cooking preparations such as steaming vegetables and cooking grains. Yes, cooking grains – that is precisely how I personally found this device to be most helpful. I heart grains. I was psyched to be able to cook quinoa and brown rice and barley and more in a quick and fluffy fashion. What a delight.

Enter endless quinoa salad lunches…

quinoa box




I tried some other recipes, too. The risotto came together very quickly and simply and the lamb shanks (which are said to be a very popular recipe for the Cook4Me) came together, again, very quickly and simply. It was all quite tasty, too.

And while I personally prefer to linger over the stove, stirring and sautéing and simmering and such, I am very aware that some people would love this appliance. Not everyone enjoys the cooking process as I do and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to be as hands on in the kitchen as I am. I’m thinking busy parents, some elderly folk and those who are just generally time poor or not into cooking. To be able to put a nutritious meal on the table quickly and simply (if cooking isn’t really your favourite thing), is a real plus and something I will always endeavour to encourage.

So, to enter to win a Tefal Cook4Me (valued at $349.95!!) leave a comment below informing me why you would love to have your very own Cook4Me. I’m excited to give this baby away to someone who may need a bit of extra help in the kitchen, whatever reason that may be…

This giveaway is open to Australian readers only. It will be open for one week and I will select a winner on Monday 29th July. Please ensure you’ve entered a valid email address so I can contact you. Boom!

WINNER: Congratulations, ‘Mother of 6’. You had the most votes from my judging panel (consisting of 9 of my lovely friends & family, a mix of males and females of all ages). Thank you to ALL the wonderful entries and comments, I was blown away. I wish I could give you all a Cook4Me.

Heidi xo

Being Present and some Berry Buttermilk Loaves

July 19, 2013

Usually I come back from overseas adventures a little sad.


Truth? I usually come back really sad. So deeply longing for the cobbled corners of Rome, the blistering heat of midday Marrakech, the kale-covered markets of San Francisco

But this time I’m not sad. In fact I’m far from sad. Maybe I’m realising just how good I have it in my green corner of the world. Maybe I’ve at last satisfactorily indulged my travel bug (I have itched travelled a whole lot these past four years). Maybe…

Truth? I think it might have something to do with the fact that these days, I am really devoted to being present. Living. In the moment. Life.

We have the tendency to plan ahead, don’t we? And that planing and wishing and hoping can often detract from the beauty and importance of the now, can’t it? Yes.

Oh, I still plan some – I’m working hard on my business and saving for a house, sure. But I am also earnestly focused on my desire to be present, to make my now…exceptional. Slowing down, savouring the little moments…after all, there is so much beauty in those little moments.

I’m certain that sounds sappy, you surely assume I’ve come back from San Francisco with flowers in my brain hair. I’ll let Henry Miller finish this post. He had some big love for California, too. Surely he’d approve of the flowers in my hair…

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”

– Henry Miller, 1957, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch.




How do these Berry Buttermilk Loaves fit into this post? They don’t. Other than the fact that I was very present when making and eating them.


I made these lovelies before our trip, using frozen berries in place of fresh and making an array of different sized goodies (altering cooking time accordingly) from little muffins to these perfect, purple-studded loaves. They were so enjoyed, I felt it was high time I featured them on the blog. The recipe is by the Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks (recipe link), so naturally they’re wonderful and tender and subtly sweet.



Buttermilk is liquid love. Truth.

Heidi xo

Wednesday Thoughts

July 17, 2013

Happy Wednesday, lovelies.

Today I have a bit of random chatter for you. Have a smashing day!

On my mind…

♥ I’m both a little blue about having finished recapping my USA travel tales, and terribly excited about doing more home life posts as things slow down and routine creeps in.

♥ Speaking of my USA posts, I’ve updated my LA recommendations to add a couple more places we visited during our last day there before flying home to Melbourne in June.

♥ Speaking of LA, I miss green juice. A quality juicer is firmly on my appliance covet list.

♥ I’m dearly loving the cold weather here in Melbourne, and am putting my recently purchased gumboots to good use with plenty of rain walks.

♥ Oh but I do lust after a pair of these gumboots for some serious puddle plays.

♥ Ben and I have successfully leased a property! Come August we will be renting the most darling little home on the Mornington Peninsula. We’re thrilled to be doing the country thing.

♥ Baked chicken thighs might just be my favourite easy mid-week dinner. This recipe with cannellini beans makes me particularly jolly.

♥ I’m off to Singapore and then Hong Kong next week for Ben’s work and a bit of family time. Hit me up with any eating recommendations, peeps! I’ve never been to Singapore. I see delicious Hawker goodness in my future.

This granola recipe by the very lovely Rachel from Elephantine is my current favourite crunchy morning bite. I call it Clumpy Cranberry Granola and make it often for both gifts and myself. It’s what’s brightening up this Wednesday Breakfast Club for you today…



What did you have for breakfast today?


Heidi xo

New Orleans

July 15, 2013

New Orleans…I’ll be honest, we weren’t really prepared for you.

You see, Ben and I did not think we would get that far South during our recent USA trip. But we ended up having some extra time and we jumped at the chance to head to The Big Easy! When we arrived we were a little unsure. We didn’t instantly fall in love, as we did with San Francisco, Austin and New York City.

New Orleans is… unique. It’s ornate and dirty and gorgeous and sticky. Sometimes it’s a little scary. Often it’s covered in powdered sugar or hot sauce. And it sounds like this…

It gets under your skin.

Ben and I were loaded with stellar food recommendations, which were so exciting, but really, we were a bit exhausted at this point of our trip. Ben had to work during the days and funds were ooooh a little tight at that point. So we ended up chilling out at our Air bnb rental and working for a decent portion of our visit, sneaking out for a few fun excursions to see some sights, enjoy tasty eats and soak up that Jazz. Yeah, it was pretty great. And by the time we left New Orleans, we had it. We got it. It’s magic.

Here are a few photographs of this beautiful, beaded city, plus some recommendations for you.




First up, we dove into yummy shrimp Po Boys from Parkway Bakery and Tavern. These famous Louisiana sandwiches were ‘shove in your face’ good.


We went to Gumbo Shop. For gumbo. Duh. Oh, and for daquiris at 11am. Double duh.



Opposite Gumbo Shop on Royal St is a super cute coffee shop.


Stanley‘s reportedly serve very delicious eggs. Their gumbo was tasty, as were their Creole potatoes, and I enjoyed my salad (I needed greens, you feel me?).



Beignets. Do it. Get it. Love it. Cafe Du Monde is where it’s at.



Boucherie is the sweetest little restaurant. They serve modern, gourmet Po Boys for lunch (think slow roasted beef with horseradish cream and pickled onions) and their garlic parmesan fries are super tasty. Oh, and their Pimm’s is outrageously delicious too. Thanks for the recommendation, Joy! Ben and I also visited for dinner one night and enjoyed one of the most lovely scallops and mussels.



Dooky Chase is an absolute institution and well worth a visit. Rice and beans is their thing. I ate fried green tomatoes here. Anyone…?



Pies & Quiches is a darling little shop that sells beautiful homemade Ps and Qs. We got a small chocolate cream pie to share. I wish there was more time for more pie…


D.B.A. is an ace little Jazz bar on Frenchman Street. We saw Linnzi Kaorski do her sweet thing and now I’m a bit obsessed with her music. Please do visit Frenchman Street for Jazz and drinks and general fun. It’s where you need to be (not Bourbon Street!).

The World War Two Museum in New Orleans is an excellent way to spend a few hours. I learnt so much, I left completely embarrassed about my lack of World War Two knowledge and with so much respect for the men and women who fought in that war.

And I cannot recommend doing a Free Walking Tour of the Garden District/Lafayette Cemetery enough! Our tour guide Sarah was so charismatic and full of information.






Here is a list of recommendations we didn’t get to try (from friends who truly know good food).

Camellia Grill (the original location!) – for burgers, milkshakes and pecan pie.
Jaques Imo’s – for aligator cheesecake (whaaaaaat?).
Port of Call – for burgers.
Sucre – for ice-cream and macarons.



New Orleans Notes

Length of Stay: 5 nights. A nice amount of time. You could certainly see a lot of the touristy parts in less time, though. We visited in June and it. was. hot. I’d recommend visiting in a cooler month, for sure. Mardi Gras would be wonderful, and I’ve heard St Patricks Day in New Orleans is a hoot.
Accommodation: we rented a fabulous Air bnb pad (seriously, this place is the bomb!). It was a great location for the French Quarter and Frenchman Street, though personally next time I would stay in The Garden District, to be more central to the eats I was after and to also stay amongst the gorgeous, grand houses.
Where we ate: see above!
Highlightsfalling for Beignets, the walking tour, late night Netflix sessions watching Breakdown and playing Trivial Pursuit, the World War Two Museum, Jazz on Frenchmen Street and just being in the South.

Heidi xo




A Few Days in Brooklyn

July 12, 2013

Ben and I were recently in New York City for 16 days. That’s a lot of days. A few of those days were spent in Brooklyn – just to mix things up and try our hipster hats on…to try and be Brooklyn cool. And I think we managed to fit in quite well for a few hours of those few days in Brooklyn. That’s something to be proud of, surely. Put your glasses on, remember to not shave, button up that shirt and let’s do this…


We spent Saturday morning at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and then Fort Greene Flea. Fried anchovies, chicken schnitzels and egg on a pretzel roll and lemongrass lemonade were shared. There was also key lime pie and a s’mores milkshake. Yep.



This market on the waterfront (with an ace view of Manhattan) is foodie heaven! It was even better than I remember from my last visit. This guy loved it too…


Black Brick in Williamsburg serve the wonderful Stumptown coffee for all your brew beverage needs. Their cold brew is just the ticket during Summer.


Ample Hills is the most darling corner ice-cream store. It’s super kid friendly, with books and toys and the cutest booths (so naturally Ben was happy). Their salted caramel ice-cream was supremely good. I mean, for real. Normally I avoid that golden flavour as I find most places just make a sweet blah concoction and then add some salt. But this one was so so good.


Reading and napping in beautiful Prospect Park.


Sidewalk gardens with herbs and veggies and more. I mean, how cool is that?

Do you want a burger? Of course you do, what a silly question. Beers and burgers are mandatory after walking all day. Du Mont Burger is the business.



Walking the Williamsburg bridge


We met friends at The Commodore for fried chicken with biscuits and honey butter, kale salad and chicken soup. Random, yes, but really good and very affordable. Plus, it’s the coolest place and their happy hour made me very happy.


Our meal at The Brooklyn Star was one of our most enjoyed of the trip. Ben drank Kool-Aid from a Mason jar and we devoured seriously good mac and cheese, incredible bacon jalapeno cornbread and the most ridiculously delicious hot meatloaf sandwich on fluffy white pullman bread. We took half of this meal home for the next night’s dinner (it was so much food) and we were so so happy eating cold cornbread the next day. I’ve heard their fried chicken and waffles is bananas, too.



Oasis is great when you get off the subway from Manhattan and just NEED FOOD. Their falafels will make you very happy. Get them to go and eat them back in your Air bnb room while watching Netflix.


Mast Brothers make the most phenomenal chocolate. Visit their factory in Williamsburg and revel in the brilliance of this local chocolate company. I adored every keenly sampled bite. Try to not leave with 20 blocks. Just try…

Lastly, I implore you to visit Four and Twenty Blackbirds for pie. It’s a bit of a hike to get to (though you could plan your visit with a play in Prospect Park and a wander of the lovely suburb, Park Slope). Their pie…I have no words. It’s the most beautiful, lovingly crafted pie I have ever eaten. Both crust and filling reign supreme as the most tender, sweet, satisfying bites. Their Salty Honey pie and Strawberry Balsamic… just outrageously good. Their savoury parcel was lovely too but really, it’s all about the sweet pies. They stole my heart.



Brooklyn. Do visit when coming to New York City. It’s totally liveable and provides a nice respite from the hectic city. Wander some…grab a coffee and laze in the park. See a movie at our favourite cinema and spot a hipster. Oh, and eat pie.



Heidi xo


Coming Home to Porridge

July 10, 2013

Well, Winter is here! I suppose it has been here for a while, hasn’t it. Yes, Melbourne has been particularly chilled of late. And for me, having only recently come home from the sticky, thick New Orleans heat, it is a real icy delight.

I still have a few posts from our USA trip to come, I’m immensely enjoying recapping our adventures. I miss it so, New York City and San Francisco… But it is also very nice to be home, with dear family and friends, familiar comforts like my parents’ couch, a cozy sweater and my favourite china teacup. And this thin, bone cold, crisp air.

What a way to be welcomed home and filled with warmth from the inside out, protection from the sometimes sunny and often drizzly frost of July, than with a bowl of hot porridge…


Welcome Home Porridge

Serves 1

A scant 1/2 cup Rolled Oats
2 heaped teaspoons Chia Seeds
3/4 cup Milk

1 generous teaspoon Honey (option: Pure Maple Syrup)
1 very heaping generous teaspoon Coconut Cashew Cream (option: #1 Nut Butter or #2 a sprinkling of roasted nuts)
A piece of Fruit – a small, ripe banana is lovely. As are berries or a fig. Ideally you’ll have some poached quince or rhubarb to scoop onto your porridge… In this case I had an orange, served on the side.

1. Put the oats and chia seeds into a heavy-based saucepan. Add ½ cup milk, and turn the heat on to medium allowing the mixture to gently coming to a simmer (if using banana, slice it and add at this point). Once bubbling, turn the heat down a little and stir often to ensure the oats doesn’t stick to the bottom. Cook for a few more minutes until the oats are soft, adding the last ¼ cup of milk as required to create a creamy bowl of porridge.
2. Pour your porridge into your favourite bowl and top with your favourite toppings.
3. Eat and enjoy your porridge hug, your welcome home.


What did you have for breakfast today?


Heidi xo


Oh, New York City

July 8, 2013

My goodness, New York City. You’re good. So so good. I heart you dearly and long to be back in your sharp, chic, fast embrace. Everything in New York City feels heightened. You experience things here, all of the things. It’s mostly wonderful, often excellent and sometimes magical. Here’s a bit of the magic we shared during our two week stay.

I’ll follow this up with a post on Brooklyn. If visiting NYC and after eating recommendations, please use this post as a guide in conjunction with my posts two years ago (I did a lot of posts back then). Here is the link to my NYC  posts, past and present.

The thing is, when in New York City there are so many good eats to be had. It’s overwhelming. The city is huge! I did not even attempt to eat my way through this city. It wasn’t going to happen. My goal was to make each meal a great one, whether a cheap bagel, and ice-cream date or a special dinner out. And I totally reached that goal. Oh, and just FYI, I’ve found that you can eat well in NYC on the cheap, but when the price goes up a little the quality doesn’t necessarily follow suit (unlike my experience in San Francisco).

Alright, let’s get stuck into this big apple post!


Coffee is truly great in New York City, if you know where to go. I became heavily happily caffeinated.


Abraco was our favourite coffee nook. This complete hole in the wall spot is terribly small and terribly cool. They serve delicious cortado and lovely baked goods such as this olive oil cake to loyal locals.

Colombe make dreamy coffee in their chic, bright, fabulous shop. The staff here are very cool and very hip, but also very friendly.




Stumptown coffee is supremely good. It represents what is right in the world. These people know good coffee and make a delicious latte, as well as a divine cold brew. They also stock doughnut plant doughnuts for all your peanut butter and jelly doughnut needs. Uhuh. Their Midtown location allows you to sit in the Ace Hotel and work on your laptop, using their wifi. It’s an excellent set-up. The West Village spot is equally as fabulous and accommodating.


While in NYC, I also suggest you grab an iced-coffee from Mud truck. Good stuff.


Smoothies and Juice and Ice-Cream and Snacks

Juice Generation make a super fresh green juice. Though I would tend to visit Liquiteria for my smoothie and juice needs. They also make a delicious acai bowl and yummy porridge.


You might like to grab a doughnut from doughnut plant to balance out that green juice business. I’m just saying…


When in Soho, do stop by the Chobani yoghurt bar. The menu is super fun (I sampled the pistachio, dark chocolate, orange, mint and honey creation) and it is served in a lovely glass bowl, which you get to keep!


Visit Momofuku Milk Bar for their famous sweets (they have several locations. The Momofuku restaurant and noodle bars are also a good idea ). We tried the popular compost cookie (which was great but very sweet) and crack pie (which was not my cup of pie), as well as the famous cereal milk soft serve (with frosted cornflake crumbles). This was one tasty soft serve, what a treat!

If you’re after ice-cream, scoops from Il Laboratorio Del Gelato, Van Leeuwen and Ample Hills (in Brooklyn) are sure to satisfy. Not to mention froyo from 16 Handles and Big Gay Ice-Cream‘s soft serve. Or, you might like to cool down with some People’s Pops. What an outstanding idea. Local to Brooklyn, these popsicles are ridiculously good and jam-packed with fruit.


Oh, and you simply must follow Coolhaus on twitter to find their daily truck locations. Their ice-cream sandwiches are the bomb. After extensive research, my most favourite combination is peanut butter ice-cream with chocolate chip cookies. Yahuh.



You’ll find great, chewy bagels, cream cheese and smoked fish at Russ and Daughters.

Barney Greengrass is a famous Upper West Side spot serving scrumptious smoked fish (white fish love), bagels and more. It gets busy on the weekends but come mid-week and you’re sure to grab a table.

Hearth serves a lovely brunch. It’s not cheap, but you’re sure to find deliciousness on this menu. My vegetable frittata was glorious and they also serve an ace Bloody Mary.


We love Cookshop for brunch. This spot makes continuously delicious scrambled eggs with creme fraiche and chives, along with perhaps some smoked trout or bacon and a buttermilk biscuit. I also very much enjoy their wholemeal buttermilk pancakes.

Clinton St Baking Co is said to have the best pancakes, and while they are certainly delightful and fluffy, the service comes with a little too much attitude (and the line is so long) that I couldn’t insist on you visiting. Cookshop is more my bag, baby. Plus, you might see Rob Lowe there. I mean, is there really a choice? (PS. The photo below shows Ben ordering Lobster bisque alongside his chocolate chip pancakes. Whatever floats your boat…)


Rosemary’s appears to be a popular spot amongst West Village peeps, and while the food is nice (particularly the focaccia) and the surrounds are lovely (they have a garden on their roof) I wouldn’t necessarily race here. My mind wasn’t blown. Though opposite to the restaurant is Jefferson Market Garden – a lovely spot to sit for an hour and read (it’s the garden where Miranda and Steve got married, for any SATC fans out there).


Lunch Bites

I adore Taim and their falafel. It’s really delicious stuff. They aim to please all your falafel needs.


Ippudo is a restaurant that serves super tasty ramen. It is so popular that people wait out front for two hours. It’s good, but it’s also pricey and I personally wouldn’t wait two hours for it. Go at an off time like we did – we were seated straight away at 2:45pm on a Friday.


Ahhh Shake Shack. This is a New York City institution. You absolutely have to go here for crazy yummy burgers, tasty fries and rad milkshakes (chocolate malt for me, thank you!). I’ve heard their custards, with all their sweet fix-ins, are a must-try, too.




Tasty balls of meat can be found at The Meatball Shop. This joint has a few locations and is a bit of fun.


When in the USA, you’ve got to try fried chicken and waffles. You have to. It’s the law. I’ve heard good things about Red Rooster, though it is pricey. The Brooklyn Star is said to be ace too. But our cousin took us to the less fancy, less expensive Amy Ruth’s and I struggle to imagine a better plate of fried chicken and waffles out there. It was crazy good, y’all. So wrong but so right.


For cheap, super delicious, spicy Chinese food visit the hole in the wall Xi’an Famous Foods. Try the cumin lamb burgers and hand-ripped noodles. I recommend eating the burger on the way home, where you’ll eat your take-out noodles while watching Netflix.



Want some more take-out? How about Southern BBQ in the East Village? Done. The long queue for Mighty Quinn’s  brisket, ribs, pulled pork and beans is completely worth it. We got ours to go and ate it while watching Netflix and drinking Root Beer. It was amazing.


Lil’ Frankies in the East Village serves up wonderful pizza and is a really nice place for a date. Oh, and their roasted chicken with capers…it’s good.


And for a true New York slice of pizza, we stopped by Hakki Champion Pizza on Essex St in the Lower East Side. I mean, really, $1 for a slice…


We had an excellent meal at The Breslin, an April Bloomfield gem. The seafood sausage and saltimbocca were outrageously delicious, and there was balsamic and campari in my gin cocktail. Yeah.


Eataly is a must in NYC. This Italian food mecca is full of produce and food corners and general goodness. My favourite thing to do is grab a bar stool at the fish restaurant, order a glass of wine and watch the chefs do their thing.



I encourage you to stroll the Union Square Greenmarket and lament the fact that you don’t have access to such a fabulous farmers’ market in your city (if you do, I envy you!). The incredible produce is so colourful, so fresh so plentiful and so cheap, AHH! I miss this.




Wander Central Park. Every day, if you can. It’s vast and very very green and glorious and quiet and just the best sanctuary.


You must also ride bikes in Central Park (hire them from behind the Boathouse). Multiple times. Nothing clears my head and makes me feel good like a bike ride.


It’s also fun to row a boat in Central Park (again, hire from the Boathouse).



Have fun exploring the stunning Grand Central Terminal (and maybe visit the foodcourt for some cheesecake).


While in the area, head to the New York Public Library and marvel at the books and beauty of this gorgeous building. Then visit Bryant Park at the back of the library (in the Summer they play free movies here!)

If you’re lucky, you can ride bikes along the Hudson River with a dear friend named Hannah (we rented from here, in the West Village).


Take this advice. For real…


Last time I didn’t get around to it, but this time I most certainly had fun walking the Brooklyn Bridge and getting rained on.


Visit a rooftop bar for a drink. This is especially lovely in Summer. We had the privilege of visiting the rooftop of our cousin, who lives in NYC. I wouldn’t mind having this view at my fingertips…


On the museum front, MoMa is a surefire hit.


Oh, and definitely walk the High Line – it’s super neat!


Jazz in NYC is a must. While you’re sure to find good jazz in lots of places, Ben and I, upon much encouragement from locals, visited Smalls Jazz Club in the West Village. And it was fantastic. An evening spent sipping red wine and listening to Ehud Asherie (who reminded me so much of my brother, the way he moved on the piano…) and the legendary Johnny O’Neal was truly special.


I also recommend attending a poetry slam. Our friends took us to one two years ago and I was blown away. Fridays at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe are famously energetic and enthralling. Get there soon after 9pm to ensure a seat when they open at 10pm. You might grab a drink at Elsa, across the road, beforehand.


A Broadway show is on your to-do list, yes? Us too. We saw Annie and had a blast. I wore my red cape, which I adore, and was told how “faaaaabulous” it was by a fellow broadway goer. Nice.



Here’s a tip, catch the Staten Island Ferry for a free view of this lovely lady…

I also think it’s nice to visit the Empire State Building (or the top of the Rockefeller Centre – I’ve done both and enjoyed them equally). I highly recommend splurging and purchasing “express” tickets – it is twice the price at $47 but oh so worth it as you literally skip every line. What would have been a two hour wait was done in 10-15 minutes. Sunset is a lovely time to visit. The views…





empire state 2

And if in doubt, just throw on your walking shoes and wander, all day… Here’s our last day in New York City, in photographs.


b&h chelsea market









You’re going to have the best time in New York City…

Heidi xo