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October 2014

Cacao Overnight Oats

October 29, 2014

Tonight Ben and I are staying at my friend’s house in the city. We’re making salmon and greens and I am super excited because I just love a mid-week date. Thursday morning I’m attending a workshop on encouraging a non-dietitian approach to weight management, which should be really great. That’s what I’m all about. And then we’re meeting friends for dinner. Good things.

Initially we were going to get into the city super early today to work from Ben’s office, but after a dinner of steak with a mustard olive spread my friend gifted and an episode of Parks and Recreation, decided to hand out at home first thing. This meant a lovely, lingering morning, which I spent doing yoga videos and writing these words because I could not not share…
Firstly, Adriene is my yoga guru. I adore her and think she is tops, and although I don’t really know her I kind of feel like we’re best friends. Her videos make me move, which I’ve come to learn is essential if I want to feel awesome. Which I do. They also make me breathe and smile and laugh and twist and I, yeah, I just really love them.

Secondly, these cacao oats were bonkers good – so satisfying and outrageously rich in both flavour and nutrients. Food that ignites my happy hormones and nourishes my body is my favourite, and if you don’t have raw cacao in your pantry I urge you to go get some because it does just that. This is why I love pana chocolate. The raw nature of it means more nutrients and a “musky” flavour, as Ben described last night while I was prepping breakfast. He freakin loves the stuff. Ben then proceeded to inquire as to why we need magnesium. AH! The sweetness. He makes my heart melt.

So here we are, friends, on this fine Wednesday morning. A bowl of cacao overnight oats and a full heart. Namaste.

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Bread, a new oven and David’s Birthday

October 25, 2014


Each year my family gathers together on October 23rd. We hang out and cook, make cookies or cake and distract ourselves with little tasks. It’s a day to just be. My older brother was a 1982 baby, three years older than me, so he would have been 32 on Thursday.

I’m getting used to the fact that our family is smaller, decidedly quieter, since he died. It’s not the same and I miss the old “us”, but I love the new us too because we cherish our time together. We’re different… we will never be the same and we’ll always feel somewhat empty, but life is sweet now that we can breathe again. And I try to think less on the life he had yet to live, and more on the good life he did live. Continue Reading…

Creamy Porridge with Rhubarb and Yoghurt

October 22, 2014

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Today I am full of things I’d like to share. FULL.

The internet has gifted quite a few gems these past couple of weeks (found via TracyMolly, Emm, Molly and Clotilde), so I am paying it forward with links and love. And at the end, this porridge recipe, possibly my most favourite to date. A “farewell chilly, porridge-encouraging weather” recipe for you to make now, next cool season or whenever you please. I don’t mind a summer porridge, myself, and the stewed fruit component can easily be peaches or plums. Oh, wouldn’t cherries be dear?  Continue Reading…

Roasted Carrot Dip and A Garden

October 20, 2014


I remember when my parents bought “the clinic”. I was five years old. It had salmon-coloured walls and on the day they were handed the keys we had fish and chips on the floor of what would become dad’s consulting room. They were both teachers first, and then they both weren’t. Twenty four years on (lordy) and I’m working at the clinic in a more professional capacity than my teenage job of “organising and cleaning”, which I never did very well. I’m on the cusp of a virgo and libra, you see, and while I don’t know too much about star signs, I believe it to be true that I am occasionally orderly and neat, like a virgo, but occasionally the opposite, which I believe to be the libra side of me “balancing” things. At least that’s the way in works in my head.  Continue Reading…

Banana Bread with Spelt and Honey

October 17, 2014


I can never have enough bananas in my house. And despite the fact that there is usually a bunch sitting on my bench, always taking too long to ripen for smoothie, soft-serve, butter rum or porridge purposes, I don’t part with them lightly. It’s not uncommon for my father-in-law to request a banana snack when visiting, and my response of “yes, absolutely have a banana”, never comes as fast as it should. Because I need them, you see. There’s always something banana-based to be blitzed or baked, and as much as I adore mulberries, quince, peaches and rhubarb, if I had to choose one fruit I would yell BANANA without skipping a beat. I need to be nicer. Or maybe just buy more bananas.  Continue Reading…

Spring So Far

October 11, 2014

During the school holidays this little town we now call home swelled in the heat. It’s starting to really feel like summer. The shops are crowded and it takes five minutes longer for my coffee order to reach my hands. I use that time to engage in people watching, particularly as they linger over the ice-cream counter. I like to guess what flavour they will select. More often than not I’m correct…strawberry for her, coffee for him, definitely hazelnut for this guy. After five years working as a Dietitian (and before that a good few years in hospitality), these “what will they order?” skills have surely sharpened. Though I have always loved inquiring after people’s favourite cake variety/breakfast dish/coffee or cocktail order/pasta shape. These preferences say a lot about a person, perhaps no more so than their choice of ice-cream. It’s food psychology of sorts… “Tell me about that”….no really, please do, I find this stuff fascinating.

With our footpaths full of people too distracted by their ice-creams to walk in an orderly fashion (or at all), I am being forced to slow down and notice the sun. We’ve been reading more. I’m walking, not running, and watching the clouds. My gumboots by the door have been replaced by flip flops. It’s happy days, folks. Here are some pictures of spring so far, from our corner of the world…

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Bircher Muesli

October 8, 2014

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In all these years I’ve been sharing my food thoughts and recipes it appears I am yet to write about bircher muesli. I’ve made a bircher muesli pancake, for sure, but not the original soaked oats. And with the warmer weather cooling my need for porridge, I took inspiration from instagram and blog lovelies like Anna and made some chilled oats. Here is my usual bircher preparation. While bircher muesli is not something I eat terribly regularly, I enjoy it immensely and appreciate the swift morning meal assembly. Perhaps I should make it more often…  Continue Reading…

Banana, Peanut Butter and Strawberry Smoothie

October 6, 2014

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How fun is this?

I did not grow up eating PB&J. I was a vegemite girl through and through, thick or thin spread I didn’t care, just give me vegemite. And never with cheese. I still don’t get that combination. I’m in the minority on that front, but that’s cool. Vegemite + butter is all I need to be a…you guessed it…happy little vegemite.  Continue Reading…

Ricotta Hotcakes with Vanilla Cardamom Mascarpone

October 3, 2014

What makes a pancake a hotcake and not a pancake?

It’s a case of cake semantics and the answer, according to my breakfast brain, relates to thickness. I feel that a pancake is the thinner of the two, while hotcakes are…. I don’t know, more… sassy. Hotcakes plump and pert, and while making them I find it best to be bare foot, wearing high-waisted pants and a headscarf, 1940s style. Picture this… you’re standing over the stove, the sun and smell of batter calling sleepy babes to the kitchen as you flip and sip coffee. The hotcakes are piled unreasonably high, ready for hungry morning guests who are sitting at the breakfast bench with a fork in one hand and jug of maple syrup in the other.

I really like that image.

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