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May 2016

Happenings 27.5.16

May 27, 2016

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DOING: Once again, bubba is napping and I’m typing away. She’s in the Ergo carrier after a quick morning walk before the rain came. I’ve got a fresh coffee to one side and am in one of those chatty moods which happens when a good night sleep mixes with a good cup of coffee.
HEARING: the rain outside. It’s solidly feeling like Winter at the moment. We’re popping the heater on most mornings to take the chill off and when Joan and I wait outside to greet Ben as he arrives from work we are rugged in a woollen blanket knitted by my friend. Indeed the white noise app “rain” setting that we use at night is becoming little redundant.
EATING: lately I’ve been loving on almond butter. I’m a nut butter fiend, devouring spoonfuls before bed to help me avoid waking hungry in the early hours. As a rule it’d be peanut (have you tried Mayver’s Dark Roasted?!?!?!), however lately I’ve wanted a break from spoonfuls of pb (call me crazy). I still adore a peanut slather on toast (with extra virgin olive oil and sometimes maple syrup, as photographed above), however in relation to my spoon + jar antics, I am presently firmly focussed on almond butter. Sometimes I’ll dip it in the tahini too, creating an almond, sesame spoon sandwich.
DRINKING: water (loads of it, as always); coffee, one or two cups a day (those moments make me so happy, it’s not even funny); and the occasional ginger tea for some warming, late afternoon comfort.
COOKING: Curries, lentils, baked falafel (see below) and granola. Legumes are on my mind, apparently. Oh, and roasted cauliflower.
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Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

May 17, 2016

roasted tomatoes

Tomato season is over,*womp womp*, so I’m kind of a jerk for posting this recipe now. Sorry about that… However, I resolved to post more everyday recipes around here, and this Summer we roasted a bunch of tomatoes and ate them in a bunch of different ways. For a few tasty months, they were a staple, one we never grew tired of. We served scoops alongside scrambled eggs, inside omelettes or on top of avocado toast. We’d toss hot pasta (+ a little pasta cooking water) in a pan with a generous portion of warmed tomatoes and juice, that’s a good one… or we’d add scoops to pesto pasta, like in the photograph below. With the dregs sitting in the container we’d throw in a can of butter beans, diced capsicum, fresh herbs and shards of pecorino. These tomatoes, cold or hot, alongside roasted or mashed potatoes and grilled fish or meat make a lovely meal that always leaves me wishing I wasn’t breastfeeding on demand and could accompany it with a BIG glass of wine.

Because we ate them often and love them so, I felt I should share the process with you so that you too can enjoy such deceptively easy deliciousness….next year, when tasty tomatoes come once more (again, sorry about that). Indeed it is more of a process than a strict recipe. Try it once and the following time add variations as you wish. Perhaps you’ll throw in some olives or mix up the herbs (thyme works wonderfully). You might even add boneless chicken thighs along with some white wine, like we did here – that works splendidly and happily feeds a crowd.

This is the kind of simple, versatile, everyday cooking we do. Let me know if you have any other ideas for serving the tomatoes or ingredient variations. Warm tomatoes on a bed of parmesan polenta with a drizzle balsamic glaze just came to mind. Gosh darn it, bring back tomato season!

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Getting Started With Solid Food

May 6, 2016


It’s Sunday morning and Ben has just left for Hong Kong. He crept out of our bedroom at 4am leaving Joan and I to snuggle for a couple more hours before we too crept out of the bedroom and turned on the lights. I’m not sure how I feel about it being dark when I wake. I think I like it, because at that time of morning it’s only a short while before the room wakes with a magical, lovely kind of light – not too bright and not too sharp. Speaking of sharp, I most certainly do not feel like all cylinders are firing at the moment. I’m sure all new parents can relate to the way that being woken multiple times overnight for months on end, for boob and cuddles and comfort, has left me rather forgetful and, on occasion, not all that sharp. Side note: how long can I call myself a “new parent?”. My mumma friends get it, they feel similarly, which is reassuring. We are all so very happy to sit around drinking coffee while our bubbas play, and so very happy to have conversations cut short because a baby is putting something precarious in their mouth and/or we forgot the point of our story. However here on my blog, I fancy being a bit more articulate. I have stories to tell, experiences to share, and I don’t want them to get lost in the deep chasm that is my mind at present. And so I’m forcing myself to sit down and write. Today I want to share how Ben and I introduced Joan to solid food. We’re a little over two months into this eating business, which makes me no expert, and despite being a Dietitian I am also a first-time parent who is most certainly winging it a lot of the time. Plus, Joan is a really good eater at the moment, meaning she eats most things easily, which makes my job super easy and fun. However I’ve received a number of emails asking what we feed Joan, and though I wrote a little in my previous post, it’s a big topic and there’s more to cover, so I’m sitting down and getting it all out. Joan is having her morning nap, Ben is away, headed into wonton noodle soup bliss, and I’ve got myself a fresh cup of coffee (aka, my sharp juice)… Let’s do this.

Feeding your baby is an exciting and daunting task. Even if you insist you’ll be super laid back about it all and “just feed your baby what we eat”, there’s stuff to think about. From the convenience of breastfeeding, all of a sudden you’ve got to consider texture and food safety, and then there’s the clean up! Because if you do Baby Led Weaning and let your bubba go free range, ooooooh you have to be prepared because food will be EVERYWHERE. Cleaning mess isn’t such a big deal, but you have to do this while your baby is possibly fussing and trying to squirm out of their high chair because they’re done and they want to move because THEY NEVER STOP MOVING because the world is wonderful and they have to explore and practice their skills and “WHY AM I STILL SITTING DOWN MUM, I’M DOOONNNNNNNNNE?!”. Even if you’re bottle feeding and are hence kinda used to doing a bit of meal prep via sterilising bottles and heating milk, it can still be a shock how much more you have to do once your little person starts eating little person portions. Here are my experiences and thoughts on the whole process, hopefully laid out in an orderly, flowing fashion, however as I mentioned at the top of this post, it ain’t all there and I may end up just throwing a bunch of info at you. I hope that’s ok. At any rate, when your baby starts eating food you’ll have to get used to things being thrown at you. Meatballs and such…

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