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Happenings 25.8.16

August 25, 2016


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typing on my computer while Joan naps – it’s the same story every time. Though at the moment I’m using my old computer, which is SLOW and the mouse does a freak-out-dance every minute or so, buzzing across the screen uncontrollably. I cannot login to my blog or work site, as the computer is so outdated and needs upgrades, but Word still works. So I’m sitting here with a fresh cup of copy typing. It was an early start today, Joan woke at 4:45am and would NOT go back to sleep despite us trying EVERYTHING. She’s one determined little lady. So we got up, made pancakes and went on a walk.

HEARING: Ben working in the study, a plane overhead and the white noise app on my phone (set to “heavy rain”). If you’d have told me when Joan was a few months old that I’d still be wearing her for most of her naps and we’d still be using the white noise app I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are, and now, it’s just what we do. Even more so lately, as when she has a cold I particularly like to wear her for her naps – being upright on my chest it helps her sleep soundly and keep her nose clear.

EATING + COOKING: we’ve been making porridge for breakfast, and sometimes lunch or dinner for Joan if we’re eating foods that aren’t bubba-friendly (which this month looked like takeaway pizza in bed and super hot curry). Joan is really starting to show preferences for foods and porridge is in her top favourites. I’ve also been eating a lot of this slice with tea for an afternoon pick-me-up. Other than that we’ve been eating lots of scrambled eggs, potato, sweet potato, frozen peas, cabbage and kale. Broccoli and cauliflower, too, usually roasted. We’re going through our freezer in anticipation of the move, which means selecting a container in the morning, lamenting the fact that I never label anything and findig out later that evening what it is we’re eating. Invariably it’s lamb stew, lentils, beef cheek, meatballs or tomatoey zucchini pasta sauces. Good, hearty, comforting food for Winter. If it’s not a freezer-meal, I’ll cook some veg and make salmon patties or go the “abundance bowl” route with quinoa, veggies, roasted chickpeas and canned fish or a fried egg.

DRINKING: smoothies have come back into my life this month. My go-to is this cacao + oat thickshake, however lately I’ve been replacing the nut butter with ¼ an avocado, upon suggestion from someone on instagram. It’s good! Joan adores smoothies and fresh veggie + ginger juices, so that’s something we’ve been doing lately, going on smoothie or juice dates. We use this great cup for thin liquids and she shares my straw for thicker smoothies. Last weekend we went out for a pasta date (our favourite) and shared a carrot, orange, ginger juice. I’m fairly certain she like the act of sucking on the straw just as much as the liquid, if not more, but I’ll take that.
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peanut butter cookie cake

August 19, 2016

pb cookie cake 4

I didn’t plan on making this cake. It came into my world out of a refusal to scoop and shape balls of cookie dough. You see, I wanted to make some gifts for a couple of people in my life, and I am firmly of the mind that you cannot beat freshly baked cookies. I particularly like to gift my favourite peanut butter cookies (recipe by Heidi Swanson). They’re wholesome and easy to make, and taste really, really good.

One morning I prepped the necessary wet and dry ingredients into separate bowls, assuming I’d bake a double batch later that afternoon. It turns out I had less time than I had anticipated before we drove to our new home (!!!) to meet its previous owners (who had built it and lived there for 50 years) to talk about the home’s history and how to care for the garden, which happens to feature a thriving lemon tree, so I only got through one batch, which I presented to the lovely folk who accepted our offer. You know how I said we were saving for our own place? Well, things moved pretty quickly and we found ourselves purchasing a home that makes me feel all the warm, cozy, right and wonderful feelings in the world. I can picture myself living in this home for the rest of my life, which is unreal (in addition to my apartment in Italy, naturally)! We’re doing a little work to update the place, starting with ripping up carpet, polishing floorboards and removing wallpaper. In a couple of years we’ll update the kitchen (I get to save for and design my own kitchen!!) and the ensuite bathroom. Gosh, it all feels too good to be true. We’re mostly pinching ourselves that this has happened, but I suppose we’d best stop that and get to packing, as we move next month. But back to the cookies…

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Chocolate, Cinnamon & Tahini Oat Slice

August 11, 2016

pana cinnamon tahini slice 2

This is a heat, stir, dump & freeze kind of recipe. The kind that requires very little concentration, that you can make easily while talking to a friend or listening to a podcast. I like to cook, I really do, but sometimes I just cannot be bothered to look at a recipe, or measure ingredients, or slice or whisk or do anything more than heat, stir, dump and freeze.

Energy bars and balls are incredibly appealing to me at the moment. They’re my preferred fuel when buzzing around after my active babe, or keeping the house in order, or working on recipes for clients. These recipes are mainly of the “tasty, easy to prepare with little clean up” variety, as I’m finding these are the ones my clients are most requesting, whether they’re in the preconception, prenatal or post-partum stage. I’m constantly searching for the best of the best – the most wholesome, balanced, simple and stunning recipes out there, tinkering with the ingredients or method a little, and posting them on my client access page. I love to be able to say, “here, eat this, it’s awesome!”, and in turn make their weekdays a little easier and less boring (it’s so easy to get into a recipe rut!). Life is busy and while I adore and encourage the practice of slowing down to cook, if I can take the recipe search part out of the equation, that allows more time for cooking. And eating and playing and reading and walking and bathing. For real, bathing can sometimes be a novelty in the post-partum world.

But back to this slice…

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Curried Quinoa with Chickpeas

August 5, 2016

baby quinoa curry 1

I’m sitting on the couch listening to Ben and Joan play downstairs. It’s Sunday and we’ve just been out for brunch with my brother. Joan didn’t feel like napping on the way to the city, choosing instead to serenade the various toys Ben kept passing her throughout the trip. I was worried bubs would be a mess at the cafe but she made it through the meal without a fuss, cheerfully sharing a green smoothie with me and eating a decent portion of her scrambled eggs. On the way home, however, it was clear Joan was overtired and as a result she didn’t nap particularly peacefully. Eventually we got thirty minutes of quiet snoozing, but when I say quiet, I do mean listening to “Mr Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose!” on repeat, because that’s what she finally fell asleep to and Ben didn’t dare turn it off. By the time we were home, Joan was awake and grizzling for freedom, and Ben had gone a little nuts, humming “Mr Peter Rabbit” to himself over and over. My coffee-high had worn off and I was feeling tired and slumpy.

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