September 30, 2016



I turned 31 last week. My birthday fell two days after moving into our new home. Rather than tackle the boxes that lay around us, I decided to take the day for me. The older I get the more I realise that birthdays are a really fabulous excuse to do all my favourite self-care practices and fill up my cup, provided I have an extra set of hands around to look after bubba. And because Ben had taken the week off, I could do just that. Upon waking early I snuck out of bed and left my two loves to snooze. This almost never happens, and I relished the opportunity to ready myself before being mumma. I stretched and saluted the sun while the coffee machine warmed up, and then, in my dressing gown and new, olive green slippers knitted by my sweet mother-in-law, I prepped breakfast. Avocado and frozen banana were blitzed in the food processor along with cacao powder, maple syrup and a little milk to make a dreamy morning mousse. Into the fridge it went and I set about selecting my prettiest bowls and spoons and placing them on the counter. Huh… the house was still quiet, despite the whizz of the food processor. I made myself a coffee and grabbed my book and curled up on the couch in our reading room, waiting for Ben and Joan to wake. After ten or so minutes of solitude I could hear my baby’s wobbly yet determined morning footsteps racing down our long hallway towards me, her eager, loud, indescribably sweet chatter disrupting the silence. At last.

Joan is settling into this new space well. Is this a benefit of a baby who prefers to sleep snuggled between her parents, perhaps? As long as we are there, she is home. There are so many rooms and cupboards and corners to explore in this house, and she is having a lot of fun getting to know it. We all are. It’ll take some time before we are set up with furniture in proper places, rugs on floors and pictures on walls, and we need to purchase a few big pieces like a couch and a large wall unit/book shelf thing, but I am so very happy to take my time with that, to save my pennies for special pieces and really consider our purchases. As the years go by, Ben and I are increasingly conscious of where we spend our money and who we are supporting. We like to source good producers who are employing sustainable practices in whatever field they work. I am still learning what this looks like and we are relying on a lot of recommendations from friends who know more than us, but we’re getting there. From food to furniture, from clothes to cleaning products, we’re trying to most of the time spend our money very wisely. It’s a less is more, quality over quantity kinda thing. And while often it may be initially more expensive, when we add up the years of value and the other, less easily seen benefits, it is unquestionably worth it. Interior design is entirely new to me, though, so I feel like I have a lot to learn. I’ve started following blogs and instagram accounts for inspiration and bookmarking producers that look wonderful and who also don’t charge $300 for a pillow.

But back to my birthday. Along with a shower that lasted longer than 45 seconds and eating chocolate for breakfast, I continued to splurge the heck out of that day, namely in the realm of food. Here are some pictures from our sweet, slow, delicious day in our new home. It involved coffee and a book, avocado cacao mousse (like this but with banana and maple syrup), brunch at Hendriks cafe with my parents (broccoli salad with hot smoked salmon!) and a fabulous new cookbook, Johnny Ripe doughnuts back home in our garden, running at the park, spaghetti with pesto for dinner and ice-cream in bed. I stopped taking snaps after the Campari came out, because as I was cooking dinner Joan was wanting to be up in my arms non-stop. Baby girl is working on new teeth AND she has a cold, so once it hits evenings bubba is all “MUMMMMMMMMA! AHHHHPPPPP”. While I hate that she’s uncomfortable, it also makes me feel incredibly special and important for being able to comfort her simply by holding her. Mumma magic. After dinner and a bath in our new, old, retro purple bathtub (surrounded by the most darling floral wall-paper), we called it a night and went to bed early. Ben and I cozied up and watched The Sopranos, with a tub of choc mint Zebra Dream Ice-Cream between us and Joan asleep in my arms. It was perfect. I lost feeling in my left arm and I missed 30% of the show while attempting to scoop ice-cream and not drip it on my baby, but it was actually perfect. Thank you for the birthday well-wishes, you kind people. I’m really feeling the love.

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Heidi xo

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  • Avril October 1, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Lovely day :). I hope I start to feel good about birthdays again one day. It sort of all faded away when I was in high school, came back when I first met M, then fizzled out again when we had bub1. Especially since 30 I’ve kind of been in a “rather mine didn’t exist ” place. Other people’s – LOVE them – especially my kids. Am SO happy you had a happy day. You more than deserve it, lovely person. (Also hope Joan is much better) *hugs*

    • Heidi October 17, 2016 at 10:52 am

      Thank you, you gorgeous woman!! x

  • lynn | the actor's diet October 2, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    Wishing you a very happy birthday my dear!

    • Heidi October 17, 2016 at 10:52 am

      Thanks for the love, Lynn! x

  • Marian Wiltshire October 12, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Furniture design is such a personal thing- but, we stumbled onto mid-century Australian furniture on eBay (this was 5 years ago just before we built and moved into our little home), most of our house is furnished in pieces made by Myer, of solid Tasmanian myrtle. I loved that our pieces were over 50 years old and had character, especially in our new home. Not only that but it was so nice to have solidly built, Australian furniture. They still make me smile whenever I walk into the rooms. Most of our sideboards, chest of drawers etc were from eBay sellers in Melbourne, we shipped them over to Tasmania, but even with that they were still bargains. Not sure if it is still the case but everyone was buying the veneer Mid-century furniture which meant in local second hand shops the prices were really high. Just a thought if you are looking for furniture!

    • Heidi October 17, 2016 at 10:53 am

      Thank you for your thoughts, Marian! I really appreciate it. I’ll have to check out ebay! My mum has gotten some lovely, well-made, older pieces from there too. X

  • laurasmess October 21, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    I’m so late in reading this but happy belated birthday sweetness! So, so lovely to hear your warm thoughts surrounding this new year of your life. So much good happening. Definitely worth stepping back to soak every moment in. Love that photo of three generations of strong,wise women in your family. SO much! Joan has some fabulous role models to hug, hold and learn from xx