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July 2017

Mini Frittatas

July 23, 2017

I’ve never been a good napper. Joan is asleep right now and I’m tired enough to join her, but familiar enough with myself to know I wouldn’t drift off. When I wake in the morning, I’m ready to go, no matter how sleepy. Snoozing? Nope. “Let’s get up and DO STUFF!” When Joan woke at 5am this morning and insisted, despite being tired, that we get up, I had a funny realisation that, though I wished she hadn’t woken me quite so early, I couldn’t feel mad. Her and I are similar so many ways (“Let’s get up and DO STUFF!”), a truth revealed more and more every day.

I’m tired. But I still want to talk about the frittatas that Joan and I made this morning. Cooking is our favourite rainy day activity. Last year I went through a period of making these mini egg muffins each week. They’re perfect snacking fodder, eaten cold from the fridge or quickly warmed. They even freeze well. Somehow I got out of the habit, and it was pleasing to both of us to bring them back. I’ve made many versions of these frittatas, and have come to know that it is supremely important to use flavourful ingredients. If you skimp on the cheese or use lackluster fillings, they won’t taste very good. Add sharp parmesan or feta, and leftover roasted vegetables, and they’ll be marvellous. My favourite combination to date has been roasted pumpkin + chopped parsley + leftover lentils + feta.

For this version, I had baby spinach in the fridge, as well as leftover cooked quinoa and roasted sweet potato, so that all went in, along with eggs, parmesan cheese and a little turmeric (I’m still on the bandwagon of introducing Joan to interesting flavours and textures so she *hopefully* continues to accept them, hence the turmeric). Joan helped, adding cheese to the bowl and giving everything a whisk. She even spooned some of the mixture into the holes and only spilt a small amount, so there’s a win! Cooking together is fun and messy.

Joan devoured a frittata warm from the oven and then asked for more, which I consider another win. She’s still getting used to leaves – the texture and flavour is a tough one to learn to love. Joan sees me adding spinach to green smoothies and I’ll always put leafy greens on her plate at meal times (not every time, just when we have them, which is often), but that’s mainly so she gets used to them being a part of our meals and sees Ben and I eating them. She never eagerly eats leaves herself (maybe a lick here and there), usually she will pick them up and put them to the side. Today, though, she ate loads of spinach and even grabbed a rogue, uncooked leaf and bit into it, MULTIPLE TIMES. My friend Vanessa has some excellent thoughts on this topic over on her blog, so check that out if you’re keen for more toddler food talk. Over here, we’re continuing to expose Joan to a range of foods without pressuring her, and little by little she’s coming to accept certain things that she previously wouldn’t touch, like pumpkin, cheese, blueberries and, apparently, spinach.

Alright, let’s frittata.
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Byron Bay

July 15, 2017

We’re home after our trip to Byron Bay. The break was good for us. This was our first proper family holiday (as in, Joan and I weren’t simply tagging along Ben’s work trip), and it was utter bliss. We filled our bodies with air and sunshine, and nourished ourselves abundantly. We went on long walks in nature, sipped kombucha in the afternoon sun, and each day lazed for a few moments on an outdoor couch with a book. These daily rituals made us feel alive and contented, so we’re bringing them home with us. I’m currently on the hunt for an outdoor couch and over the weekend, I re-organised areas in our home and lives that don’t fit. Things are good. I feel light and bright and beautiful. And happy to be home. The events of last month completely knocked Ben and I around, and our time away was rejuvenating. It gifted us clarity and vitality, and left us feeling, somehow, better than ever, despite everything that has happened.

After the physically + emotionally tumultuous month of June, we’ve pressed “reset” and are back living our normal lives. Ben has returned to work and I’m once more caring for Joan and our house full-time, along with my own projects and small amount of work here and there. We’re back, yet with more clarity as to how we wish to live day-to-day. The nausea has gone and I’m feeling like myself again. I’m liking cooking again. I’m liking coffee again. I’m liking food in general again. And we’re contemplating trying for a second baby, again. After a few more months of rest, that is. We’re back. And yet we won’t ever be the same. This wound has changed us. Our miscarriage added a layer of heavy and hurt to our souls that we are simply learning to live with. Though we also find ourselves with an extra layer of gratitude, for what we have now and what we will have in the future.

Speaking of gratitude, Joan is at a supremely fun age. Every age has its wondrous moments (along with normal developmental challenges, of course) but this one right now, just over a month from two years old, is particularly wonderful. She communicates with ease, as words, assessments and stories flow out of her. Grown-up words and sentences are spoken with adorable, personalised quirks, which we’re attempting to imprint in our minds before she outgrows them. At the moment, “Seagull” = “SeaGYLE”, and “parmesan cheese” = “pama cheese”, which sounds very similar to “palm trees” (= “pama tree”), of which there were many in Byron Bay. This led Joan to tell her very own joke, looking up at a palm tree and saying in jest, “Hey pama tree, can I have some pama cheese for my pasta?”. She cracks us, and herself, up. On our holiday, away from the tug of daily life, I could completely and utterly enjoy her. Ben, too. I am going to do more of this back home – make time to just be together, unhurried. My life is already slow and gentle and filled with these everyday bliss moments, but I want more of it.

This post was supposed to be about Byron Bay and, as usual, I got carried away talking about our lives. I suppose I’m thankful for the energy and peace our holiday gave us. Each September when I was growing up, my family drove to Byron Bay for a break, staying in a pink house at Wategos Beach. Ben and I now dream of a yearly Byron Bay holiday for our little family, though perhaps a tad more frugally than this trip, where we properly splurged and pampered ourselves. Isn’t that a lovely thought? Here are some pictures from our holiday. At the end of the post, I have written a list of our favourite places to eat and things to do, as well as notes on where we stayed.
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