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August 2017

Happenings 7.8.17

August 7, 2017

* written over the months of July and beginning of August.

DOING: sitting on our couch. For a little while, Joan was back to needing me close when she slept, but that’s passed (for now). These days I often find myself journalling during her nap, curled up on the couch with a hot drink.

HEARING: the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack (the Keira knightly version), playing via YouTube. I’ve got headphones in and it’s loud. I love loud piano. To think of all the years I yelled down the hall to my older brother, “Stop playing piano so loudly!”. Ha.

LOOKING: forward to Joan’s second birthday. We’re having a party with a small group of loved ones on the day she turns two. There’ll be coffee + breakfast food + cake, as well as balloons and bubbles. Joan has been interested in birthdays for a while, ever since she began associating them with cake + candles (what’s not to love?). Most days, at random moments, she will announce, “Joanie birfday Awwwwgust!”, and I have been itching to throw her a special party with a few of her favourite people.

DRINKING: A turmeric latte (like my previous happenings post, made with this powder I was kindly sent to sample). I drink one of these golden beauties at least three times a week, as I find them supremely warming in this frosty weather. I’ve also been drinking a lot of green tea lately. Years ago I was bonkers for the stuff, but I went off it when I was pregnant with Joan. Green tea is now back in my life, many days replacing my morning coffee *GASP!!!!* I’ve been a coffee lover for a long time, but since coming home from Byron Bay (where I was having two cups most days, mind you), I haven’t wanted it as often. I think this change in desire is mostly due to the fact that I now have dedicated work times, and I’m not simply trying to fit it in here and there. I adore the ritual of making a coffee, the flavour, too, but I REALLY love the buzz it gives me, the boost in productivity. When Joan was younger and napping more often (and for longer blocks), I would fuel myself with a cup of coffee and work while she slept (and I also craved a cup to help keep me awake). These days, I cannot realistically get work done this way. She doesn’t nap long enough (an hour, if I’m lucky), so I cannot properly sink my teeth into anything. Paying bills, organising and writing blog posts, I can do. Work? Nope. So I save it for the hours I have dedicated childcare (which in my case, involves family coming over) and on the weekends when Ben is home. I didn’t realise coffee for me was so inextricably linked to work, but there you go.

WANTING: an outdoor couch. I have my eye on this one. I dream about lounging on it while breastfeeding a newborn next year in the Spring or Summer time…

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