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January 20, 2012

Was it really 6 months ago that I went to The States? Apparently so. This trip really blew me away. It was so fabulous, so full of wonder and excitement, new sights, tastes and sounds…it all feels like a dream. I was so fortunate to meet up with two groups of beautiful, beloved girlfriends on this trip, spend two incredible weeks in New York City, and also be part of a dream Wedding. I also had some blissful alone time – four long, glorious days in San Francisco, where every step took me from one delectable bite to the next. Lucky.

You know how they say that some things are too good to be true? Well sometimes it feels as though that is what happened here, as it can all easily become a blur. A blissful blur, but a blur nonetheless. Whenever I feel this way I look at my pictures, I settle in to my couch and scroll back over my blog posts. And then, in a brilliant, frenetic rush, it all comes flooding back. Those surreal, foggy images instantly sharpen and I’m there. I’m back. It’s real. And it’s fabulous.

These next pictures bring me particular joy. It feels right to end my USA posts on this note. With me and my Diner Girls.

Two days before Denita and Tim’s New Hampshire Wedding, we went out to a Diner to celebrate Denita’s birthday. Our little contingent of Australians prompted the venue choice, no surprises there. We were so well taken care of, American friends were phenomenally accommodating to all our whims and wishes, even when they appeared to be a little mundane and somewhat perplexing – like our excitement at seeing a chipmunk whilst eating pumpkin ice-cream (I know, I know, it’s far too terrifically American to handle!). And to us eager Aussies this was a truly fantastical moment. For on this beloved night we became Diner Girls. Well, for one meal anyway.

Malted Milkshakes

Cherry Cokes

Cheeseburgers and Fries

The novelty factor was unabashedly high.

Harriet and her girlfriend, Marilyn.

Embarrassing De with a “Happy Birthday” chorus.

We turned up thrilled for the experience, we were certainly not expecting a five star meal. Yet the food was surprisingly good – not at all as greasy as I had imagined. How happy I was. I had tried my first real onion ring, I sat in a booth and sipped a malted milkshake, and for one hour I was in a Diner with my girls. We were Diner Girls.

If only I had room left for pie. Oh well, I’ll guess I’ll just have to visit The States again soon. So I can get myself that slice of pie…

Heidi xo

Denita and Tim’s New Hampshire Wedding

September 20, 2011

Riopel Photography
My friend, Denita, is one of the most beautiful people in the world. I feel so lucky to call her one of my best friends. De brightens my life, she tends to have that effect on many people, and she always always makes me laugh. We’ve helped each other through hard times and danced through the good. I couldn’t be happier that she’s found the love of her life. And last month she married him…

I can’t quite begin to explain how magical our five days in New Hampshire were. We were so spoilt by De and her now husband, Tim – the man is amazing, so friendly, fun and laid-back, it’s like he’s an Aussie. De’s family and a few of her friends made the journey to New Hampshire for the wedding, and we were really well taken care of, staying at Tim’s parent’s stunning Inn. It was like Switzerland, so lush and clean and green.

Tim and his incredible parents (wow, two of the most lovely people you’ll ever meet) showed us around his home town. We went to Waterville Valley, took a boat ride on Squam Lake where we ate Lobster Rolls, had burgers and shakes at a Diner and enjoyed their family’s musical talents at their open mic night. We had such a wonderful time, I just want to do it all again.

I know some of you are keen to see Wedding pictures, so I asked De if she would mind me sharing her day with you (not at all!) I thought I would bump this post up the list and show it before my New York City adventures. Don’t worry, there are a lot of New York posts to come, and I will most definitely be showing you our New Hampshire Diner experience – that was awesome. But first, the Wedding…

The Day Before

On Friday, the day before the Wedding, all us girls went to get our nails done at the Spa. It was just want we wanted – a little pampering and chatting with mimosas.

Emma, De and I.

That night Tim’s parents hosted an open mic night. What seemed like countless family members performed songs and jammed together, it was quite amazing the amount of talent in that room. I could have jumped up and played the recorder (hello grade 3 music class), but I resisted and left it to the professionals. Tim played two songs he wrote for De. It was beyond gorgeous.

Some of the musical action.

De with three of her five bridesmaids. Emma, Harriet and I. We school friends kept pinching ourselves that we were actually there, so far from home, a part of De’s Wedding. How special.

That was the night I also ate my first crab cake and deviled egg. I was very excited by this and promptly tracked down those who made these delights to thank them. I don’t think they thought I was too odd.

And the rest of the yummy eats… unfortunately I did not snap the hotdogs we ate (quality ones, my friends). My camera was away at that point, but trust me, they were delicious!

Wedding Day

The morning of the Wedding was perfect. We buzzed with excitement as we helped arrange flowers in mini vases under a stunning blue sky. The sun got a little too keen later on in the day, but that was ok – we sought refuge under the beautiful big Wedding Tent.

A little Eucalyptus for an Australian touch…

We then headed in to town for our hair appointments. That was fun – watching De get all done up, before having the treatment ourselves. De then went off to get her make-up done while we took turns with our hair. I was thrilled with my hairdresser, she gave my hair body and it lasted – what a miracle (my hair always falls straight and flat, it’s incredibly stubborn).

We then headed back to the Inn where we did our make-up and got dressed before heading into De’s room for a champagne toast with all the ladies of the family. It was really beautiful. Hot tip: wear waterproof mascara at your friends’ Weddings…

For some reason we decided to pose like a 50’s girl band. I think it was the dresses (which were from Review, by the way).

All us girls together – Emma (maid of honour), Harriet, De, myself, Mel and De’s sister, Taryn (maid of honour).

De looked absolutely stunning. I suppose when you’re that happy, excited and full of love, you’re going to look amazing. She really did have that Bridal glow.

De and her beautiful mum…

…and her lovely Dad.

And then it was time…

Riopel Photography

Tim and his amazing mum…

Riopel Photography

Riopel Photography

Riopel Photography

Riopel Photography

Riopel Photography
De and Tim had Vermont Maple Syrup as their wedding favour, which was such a great idea – this stuff is liquid gold. I was tempted to take a whole case home.

This is as far as my food shots go – the pretty starter salad. What can I say, I was having too much fun to point and shoot. Forgive me. I’ll just have to tell you what we ate – we delighted in beautiful Steak and Grilled Salmon, a variety of lovely Vegetables, a Vegan Pasta and more Salad. It was all so fresh and fabulous. For dessert there was White Chocolate Mousse, served in champagne glasses (brilliant!) and garnished with a strawberry. At first I tried to drink it…then I saw the spoon. Awkward.

Riopel Photography
Emma’s toast made me cry. My goodness we’re going to miss De…we already are…

Riopel Photography

Riopel Photography
Ski bunny cake toppers, how great are these?! De was an Aerial Skier and Tim was in the US Ski team, so naturally skiing is a big part of their lives.

Riopel Photography
Their stunning Wedding Cake. It was a Carrot Cake, and the best I’ve ever eaten. I was seriously in love with that cake, we had a moment (or two)…

Riopel Photography


I felt so special to be a part of De and Tim’s day. Spending the week with their family, seeing it all come together and everyone celebrating…it was like a fairytale. The room really was just filled with love and hope and happiness.

Thanks for the incredible experience and the beautiful memories, De and Tim. Here’s to many more special memories you will create together and the wonderful adventures ahead of you.

Riopel Photography

Heidi xo