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Latitudes and Longitudes and thinking on Sicily…

March 13, 2014

Instagram land is a funny place.

Principally, I see these online arenas as a way to document and share my love of food (and eating and cooking and travel and pretty things)…a space to talk it all out with like minded people. I’ve always journaled, you see, and these spaces are just a continuation of this practice. It’s my diary, for real. I also draw intentional inspiration from the pictures and recipes I see on blogs and instagram accounts from all over the globe. One lady particularly inspires, with her cups of tea, quiet book moments and cozy scarfs. Something about Ann Whittaker‘s work, seeing the world through her eyes, makes me feel pleasantly content and warm, despite the snow she’s been tumbling through of late (which you can see on her blog Age Old Tree).

One of Ann’s latest ventures is the most beautiful online magazine, Latitudes and Longitudes. “A field guide for the artful explorer”, it’s a space to read tales of travel, musings on the lessons you learn and experiences you gain when stepping out of your bubble and into new lands. It’s a place to dream. And the breathtaking photographs will surely move you to “do”.  I’ve had the most glorious time losing myself in the pages of this website, devouring cottage meals in Ireland, escaping to Lake Como and spending weekends in upstate New York. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute, and am thrilled to be a regular contributor at the site.

Of all my travel tales, what did I write about first? Sicily, of course.

Here are my first two posts on this gorgeous land I perpetually long to re-visit. Surely it’s no shock to hear I am planning a month-long jaunt in Sicily for my thirtieth birthday in 18months time. Working via Skype during this spaghetti con le sarde-filled visit will hopefully enable this dream to become a reality. I am quite intent on making it happen…and I shall resume my gelato job with true diligence.

Learning to live in Sicily

view 1

The days were simple in structure. We’d wake and walk, shop and eat, maybe drive a little and look, meet and greet the locals. And then we’d eat some more and do it all again the next day. Our honeymoon driving across Sicily was not one of grand adventure, rather a lesson in simplicity. We found beauty in the every day, the little mundane tasks that make up our days. And because of this lesson we are richer, our days are sweeter, decorated with capers and baci, we celebrate the joy of living. Thank you, Sicily.

balloro market 1

In Palermo we learnt how to hustle. To survive this city you must awaken your morning senses with strong espresso from a corner Bar Pasticceria, before holding on tight to your steering wheel/faith and negotiating the grungy streets with sure intention (that is, the intention of staying alive). Make your way to Balloro market to marvel at fresh seafood and pots of organ meat, soon to be slopped into snacking rolls. Battle a few Nonnas out on their daily shop for vendor attention, and order a slab of ricotta arrabiata, a bag of fresh, warmed-by-the-sun figs and a serve of panelle (fried chickpea fritters). That’s breakfast, and it’s a revelation.

market 4

Spend “A Day Cooking with The Duchess” and enjoy a guided tour of Capo market before creating and eating traditional Sicilian recipes in the 18th century Palazzo, home to The Duke and Duchess of Palma. Their elegant yet warm home is a fabulous spot to stay. And please do cook with The Duchess. Nicoletta’s food is soul-enriching, her delicious swordfish involtini with potato caper salad continue to nourish my family back home in Australia.


But there’s more to Palermo than market mayhem and roudy espresso dates. Wandering the quieter streets you’re likely to stumble across an historic corner or place of worship, a spot to sit and breath and ponder. Find cool respite in The Teatre Massimo and appreciate the acoustics of this grand Opera House, before emerging ravenous for a midday plate at Ristorante Amato on nearby Via Favara. Pasta con le sarde is a regional and resplendent choice.

market 1

Idle your way home for a nap then rise to The Ambasciatori Hotel’s rooftop bar for a Campari. See the sunset across Palermo, this enigmatic city where fresh and fried food live side by side (more harmoniously than its’ tenants), and know that even after one day you’ve fallen for its’ brusk beauty.

sea urchin

Celebrate your affection with fresh sea urchin and walnut-crusted swordfish steaks at Kursaal Kahlesa, washed down with a bottle of Nero d’Avola that tastes all the more fabulous because you’re here, in Sicily, living and breathing and loving with ricotta-filled intensity and citrus-scented certainty. Just as the Sicilians do.


and post number two…


Our gelato job

Would you scold me if I told you I ate gelato for lunch with gleeful regularity while in Sicily? Every day a new flavour combination: pistachio and bitter dark chocolate, lemon and creamy yoghurt, cinnamon and Marsala. These decisions sat casually atop our Honeymoon “to-do” list, and we took to our gelato job with delicious diligence.

We relied on our mood to dictate a preference for fruity or creamy. Not a day went by without a visit to the local gelateria. We dove into cones topped with scoops of watermelon pink in Palermo and in Ortigia, cups of speckled cinnamon or smooth mandorla (almond). Catania gave us brioche buns filled with gelato, the ultimate greedy breakfast. For a different iced delight, there was the famous Colicchia Francesco in Trapani, and their supremely refreshing coffee and pistachio granita.

The wine gelato from Gelato DiVini in Ragusa is a dream. Passito, Moscato and Rose, oh my! I will never forget the flavour of those soft, sweet scoops of fermented grape gelato, devoured not quite fast enough under the Sicilian sun.

Yes, gelato-dressed hands are appropriate attire in Italy, a reminder of your attempt to salvage every last drop of luscious craftmanship. But chill, it’s ok. When you leave Sicily you can purchase an ice-cream maker and apply the same diligence with which you sampled gelato to recreate your holiday indulgence. It won’t be the same, no, it will lack the authentic, almond-kissed flavour of Sicily. And you won’t be sitting on the Church steps as you eat, watching the young play Soccer and the old gossip. But it will be gelato. You’ll just have to return to Sicily for the rest…


Heidi xo

Rosa’s Table

August 17, 2013

My, I have some talented friends. Friends from school and university, friends of the family, friends within my family, new friends and old friends. And then there’s my best friend, the guy I get to hang out with every day being goofy geeks.

I feel very blessed to have such love in my life. And I like to think I feed that love by being a good friend in return. Specifically, I like to make my friends food. Friends who bake for you are the best types of friends, ain’t that the truth.

If that’s the case, then my friend, Rosa, is the best friend a girl can have. For she is the ultimate foodie – so very passionate and so very skilled when it comes to food and cooking. She loves to prepare meals for her family and friends, this is something we have in common and something I have been fortunate enough to experience on multiple occasions.

It’s so wonderful, then, that Rosa holds cooking classes on the Mornington Peninsula. Here we are able to eat and learn at her table. Yes, Rosa’s Table is a very special place. Last Christmas, Ben and I attended the Christmas Table class as our gift to each other. And it was the most memorable gift we’ve exchanged in a long time. Here are some pictures from this blessed, delicious evening. If you are interested in classes you can email Rosa for details.

We started with a spiced eggplant salad, which was loaded with textures and tasty jewels. Oh how I adore eggplant.


We then moved onto the turkey breast, which was rolled and stuffed with fruits and macadamia nuts. This dish is a stunner, one I intend on whipping out many times to impress dinner guests.






For dessert, a chocolate sponge with ganache and summer fruits. So light and so delicate.

rosa 2



Rosa also takes tour groups to Sicily. Ahhh Sicily, the citrus-kissed land where family and food are everything. Inspiration seeps from every inch of this passionate, infectious, slightly rugged, terribly affectionate Island. Rosa and her husband were the reason Ben and I first visited Sicily, and now it is our very favourite corner of the world. This tour of Rosa’s, with an itinerary including dinners with her family and visits to farmers, would be an absolute dream trip. Please email Rosa for details if you are keen.


I wish we were all lucky enough to have a Rosa friend in our lives. And not just for the stuffed turkey, I swear…

P.S. Today is my blog’s three year anniversary. Happy birthday Apples Under My Bed. I’m having the time of my life rambling about food to you all. Thank you for reading. Here is my very first post, in case you’re a new reader or if you’re feeling nostalgic. I need to make that cake again…

Heidi xo


Cooking with The Duchess

January 21, 2013

So, we’re in Palermo. We’ve explored markets, dodged rampant cars and devoured seafood, now it’s time for something more hands-on. A cooking class sounds perfect.

Ben and I had agreed on wanting to do a cooking class somewhere on our honeymoon. Initially we thought France, but after a bit of research we found ‘A Day Cooking with The Duchess‘ in Palermo and couldn’t resist.


This class is run by Nicoletta, the Duchess of Palma, in her stunning palace (with rooms to rent). Nicolette is supremely knowledgable and very down to earth. In her extremely hands-on class, you learn to cook authentic Sicilian cuisine in her beautiful kitchen alongside her lovely guidance and encouragement. Your day begins with a market trip and ends over a celebratory feast with all our creations. I cannot rave about this class enough. Thank you to our dear friends, the divine Welsh family, who, as their Wedding gift, afforded us this experience. We will never forget it. In fact, we’ve already made the Swordfish for loved ones on Christmas Eve!


Early morning we met Nicoletta and the four other group members at her palace, before heading out to Capo market

Here we met vendors and shopped for local produce, learning about our purchases as we went. Nicolette stressed the importance of a good, honest relationship with your vendor. I was just in awe of the magnificent, fresh and cheap produce.



When visiting Capo market, be sure to stop by the Chiese Dell’Immacolata Concezione al Capo. It’s a hidden gem and is just spectacular.
Back at the palace we got to work! Instructed by Nicoletta, we made our way through each dish. We were all assigned jobs and worked together on our culinary creations – everything from washing and chopping, to peeling and stirring, even picking herbs fresh from the garden. It was endless fun.


Time simply flew by! And after all our hard work, we moved into the dining room to enjoy our meal with some well earned vino.
Sun-dried tomato, pistachio and basil on toasted bread. I am now in love with this fast and inspiring combination.
Peppered pecorino and capers.
Eggplant croquettes. Truly, some of the most scrumptious bites I’ve had. Roasting the eggplant to perfection encouraged such deliciousness.
Pasta with fresh tomato basil sauce. Like a heavenly garden blend, this was pure light and love.
Swordfish involtini and potato caper salad. With a herbed, pinenut, craisin, zesty, breadcrumb, anchovy filling, these fish rolls were beyond. As was this gutsy and welcoming potato salad, with generous use of red wine vinegar. These two dishes to me are just perfection. A perfect plate, a perfect meal. Perfection.
A drop of Marsala, very Sicilian.
And then we have this beauty, decorated with nuts and chocolate and jasmine kisses. An almond set custard of sorts, which no doubt has a terribly distinct name that I am forgetting (forgive me, our recipe notes are currently in storage). Either way it was pure divinity.
Thank you, Nicoletta for your encouragement and instruction, and to your husband alsofor your warm hospitality and company. I cannot wait to come back to Palermo and stay in your rooms, and delight in some more cooking adventures together.

And to you, lovelies, thank you for letting me share our honeymoon travels with you. This post concludes our somewhat epic trip. Thank you to all of our loved ones who sent us on this incredible, dearly cherished journey as our Wedding gift. We are so very lucky and shall be forever grateful. It was a dream trip and I’ve had an absolute ball recounting these tales and sharing our adventures. And I’ve only shed a few tears of longing in the process…

I guess I’ll just have to start plan our next trip.

Heidi xo


January 18, 2013

Palermo is truly a special city. It’s ancient, well loved, proud and gritty. It’s often chaotic and always unapologetic. It’s got sass.
Ben and I have visited Palermo a few times, and each visit we feel more comfortable and less intimidated, and so our exploration expands. This time we entered into new territory in the form of a cooking class, which was unbelievably brilliant. But that’s for the next post. For now, I’m going to blast you with pictures of this passionate city, this city that gets under your skin and never lets you forget. I’ll never forget, Palermo.

Ballaro Market, our favourite. Local love, right here.

In 2009 we tasted divine ricotta with arrabiata topping. Oh man, it was good. It’s been on our mind ever since… And so, on our honeymoon, Ben and I made a beeline for this delight, hoping our beloved store would be there still. Of course it was. With an even greater array on offer this visit, we chose a breadcrumb, onion, anchovy mixture and a tomato oregano topping. I must admit the marmalade and pistachio caught my eye…

Ricotta and figs were breakfast. Damn….it was good.

Ok, let’s explore a little before lunch. Look out for cars…

Salad, Sea Urchin and Swordfish at Trattoria Da Salvo. This was one of our most beloved meals of our entire trip. Getting stuck into fresh, grilled seafood and mopping up the juices of the platter and lovely fresh tomato salad with bread was truly one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in my life, I’m not going to lie.

Evening eats at Kursaal Kalhesawere really delicious. The nut-crusted swordfish was classy and comforting at the same time.
Watermelon gelato, what is more spectacular, truly?
Ciao, Palermo. Your true beauty shines through your tarnished exterior more and more with each visit. And, quite frankly, you take my breath away.


Heidi xo

Palermo Notes

Length of stay:

1 night. We were already familiar with Palermo from previous visits and so one sufficed. I would recommend at least two nights for first timers, and more if you want to just hang out and live like a local for a few days.


Ambasciatori Hotel – we stayed in this hotel’s cheaper apartment rental, and still used their rooftop bar, which afforded stunning views of the city. I favour this location, certainly for first timers, and the staff were very helpful. Next time I’d absolutely stay with our cooking class hostess, Nicoletta, in her rooms Butera 28.

Where we ate:

Kursaal Kalhesa, gelato at Bar Touring and Lucchese Gelateria and seafood platters (love) at Trattoria Da Salvo.


: the cooking class with Nicoletta, seafood platters on our last day in Sicily, buying season 1 of The Simpsons and watching it in bed late at night with bellies full of gelato, wandering the Teatro Massimo (I recommend a tour) and exploring the markets – Ballaro and Capo

Sweet Scopello

January 15, 2013
Scopello was a truly wonderful way to spend the near end of our five week honeymoon. Three days in this haven allowed for hours in the sea, snorkelling and lazing on inflatable couches in one of the most astonishingly picturesque swimming spots.

Trooping down the cliff to the famous Tonnara di Scopello, the popular place to swim in Scopello. Arrive early for a prime spot, as it gets crowded in Summer. And hot, real hot.

Lunch in Scopello is always and forever Pane Cunzato – rustic tomato, sheeps cheese and anchovy sandwiches. Toasted, lovingly seasoned and downright delicious.

Can I possibly articulate how special this sandwich was? Truly? Humble ingredients elevated by local brilliance and accomplished assembly. Generous with the oil, yes. It was perfection. While eating this pane cunzato I could want for nothing more in life.

Back to it…

Some early evening mini-golf fun.

I look like I know what I’m doing. Most of my balls ended up in the pond. Plop. Womp Womp.

Hole in one. Three of them. In a row. I’m sure that’s worthy of some fancy animal name. Birdie? Emu? Pheasant? Wait, no.

Scopello at dusk.
Dinner at La Trattoria. Quite nice plates but certainly not our favourite in Sicily. They do make for a bit of tasty eye candy, though.
Early morning, Ben and I hiked along the Zingaro Nature Reserve, which was completely uplifting, both visually and spiritually. I so love to hike in nature.
Here we found a secluded little swimming spot and dove right in.
Sinking our bare feet into the hot, smooth pebbles after a long hike…bathing in the sun-speckled, silky water…appreciating every ripple, as little fish affectionately kissed our toes…This swim was one of my most beloved experiences. Ever. It was grounding and entirely invigorating.
Time for one final pane cunzato before we trooped off to Palermo, our last stop in Sicily.
Oh, Scopello…it was a true task, leaving you.

Scopello Notes

Length of stay:

2 nights. Scopello is a very small town, so there isn’t a lot to do there besides swim and eat. The national park is lovely, however, and is worth a day exploring the tracks & coves. I would have loved an additional night to relax in this truly beautiful spot.


Hotel Torre Bennistra – really lovely accommodation in a stunning location. Rooms here are phenomenally affordable and the breakfast included boiled eggs – again, this always makes me happy.Where we ate: Pane Cunzato (always and forever), Relais Angimbe and La Trattoria.


attempting mini golf, spending hours in and out of the water reading Jo Nesbo, that bottle of wine at dinner leading to raucous conversation and giggles, all the Pane Cunzato in the world, hiking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve and that heavenly swim in the secluded little swimming cove…

Heidi xo

Sun, Sand, Spaghetti and Swordfish

January 12, 2013

Travelling on from Trapani, Ben and I explored the North-West coast of Sicily, starting in San Vito Lo Capo , then onto Clatafimi and Scopello…Oh, Scopello. I’ll rave about that cove a little later on. For now, let’s head to the beach.

San Vito Lo Capo boasted the clearest beaches with the whitest sand. The two hours we spent lazing on a beach bed under an umbrella was truly spectacular indulgence.

As were the plates of pasta we ate for lunch…

…and the scoops of gelato we had after all that sun and sand. Pistachio salted nut perfection. The owner of this store could not understand why we would want to leave Melbourne, home of the Australian Open, and travel to San Vito Lo Capo. Oh, dear man, you have no idea how lucky you are to live in this coastal paradise. And so close to other gems such as Scopello and Palermo. Melbourne is truly wonderful, but seriously…it’s Sicily.

Gelato in hand, we drove on to Scopello, a stunning teeny tiny seaside town. We planned to spend two nights here, swimming by day and eating by night. More on Scopello in my next post…
Our first dinner was nearby in Calatafimi. Do you recall our friends who sent us to Ortigia and also Ferla? Well, as part of our Wedding present, these gorgeous friends bought us dinner at their family’s hotel, Relais Angimbe, in Calatafimi (where their family is from).
Driving around, exploring Calatafimi for a short while before dinner…
This dinner was a definite treat, we had the most wonderful evening and enjoyed a truly beautiful meal at Relais Angimbe.

The setting was gorgeous and calm, and the Sicilian-style swordfish oh so dreamy.

And I cannot stop thinking about the divine, simple, subtle spaghetti with zucchini.

Thank you, Rosa and Michael. We adored our meal, and our special little visit to Calatafimi.

Next, I’ll take you around Scopello, one of our most favourite Sicilian destinations. I can hardly wait.

Heidi xo


January 9, 2013

After Enna, Ben and I continued our Sicilian adventure and headed way way West, to the coastal town of Trapani.

This place is pure beach town fun, and Ben and I were absolutely up to the task. There was a musical festival in town, which added to the party atmosphere. Trapani was buzzing with feisty and friendly faces alike. I have to say that Trapani is a little…hmmm, let’s say ‘seaside beach resort, sometimes cheap sometimes dirty’. But many parts are just lovely and charming, so it balances out. Ben and I ended up having a lot of fun in Trapani.

We arrived in the evening, so after checking in we headed to the hotel rooftop for a drink or three. Right on the water. It was rocking.
After a few too many tipples we decided to change our plans for an evening dining out, to pizza and a take-home gelato pack in bed whilst watching the Olympic opening ceremony. It was completely awesome. Ben and I visited the famed Calvino Pizzeria for our takeaway bites. These pizzas were really yummy with their thicker crust and generous toppings.
Breakfast at the hotel before heading out for a day at the beach. Boiled eggs, yoghurt and fruit is an excellent hotel breakfast in my eyes. And coffee, of course.
Visiting a local market on the way…
Lunch was from Panificio Oddo Rosalia (open since 1958!), where we snagged takeaway packs of pasta bake and couscous salad.
We ate this deliciousness on our beach beds, in between swimming and reading. Sandy perfection.
Evening granita from the famed Colicchia Francesco after a day in the sun was supremely refreshing. We shared coffee and pistachio/almond.
The pistachio/almond blend was truly divine, like an uplifting, iced, frangipane glass of heaven. It was one of the most delicious concoctions I have ever tasted. Ever.
Another tipple on the hotel roof. Love this face.
And then dinner at Al Vicoletto, a beautiful little restaurant founded by two young friends. We had seafood pasta and Sicilian-style swordfish (with tomato and capers). This food was really very scrumptious, one of the top plates of my beloved spaghetti alle vongole that we devoured on our trip. With a crisp glass of white wine, I was terribly pleased.
So Trapani was really just beach, seafood and campari. What’s not to love?
Another great thing about Trapani is how close it is to the Egadi Islands. One day we caught a ferry and spent the entire day riding our bikes around Favignana, from swimming spot to swimming spot. See this post for more details. It was one of our most favourite days of our entire trip.

Yeah, Trapani is pretty great. It feels like salt in my hair, sun-kissed cheeks and pistachio almond granita. It feels good.
Heidi xo

Trapani Notes

Length of stay:

3 nights – I think 2 would suffice, unless you wanted to see more of the Egadi Islands. You might also like to stay overnight on one of the Islands if you’re into snorkelling. Favignana reminded me of a grungier, less populated Greek Island.


La Gancia. We snagged a great online deal, this hotel was really fantastic – awesome waterfront location, very friendly staff and a lovely breakfast. They also had a gym and sweating it out a couple of mornings was really nice.

Where we ate:

Calvino Pizzeria, Panificio Oddo Rosalia, Colicchia Francesco (granita goodness!), Al Vicoletto.


walking, walking, walking to the beach then finding we needed cash to rent a beach bed. This led us on an expedition to find an atm, which led us to randomly stumble upon Panificio Oddo Rosalia and delicious lunchtime eats! There was pasta bake at the end of the tunnel. Also, our Olympic opening ceremony pizza party.


January 6, 2013
Our visit to Enna was brief, simply a short stop on our trip across Sicily. Nevertheless, our Enna memories will always sit happily in my heart. Ben and I spent our one afternoon and evening in Enna wandering the sleepy Summer town in the centre of Sicily…

First, we parked our car, wedged ever so graciously between little cars and ancient churches, and then checked into our accommodation. Bianko and Bianko, our bed and breakfast, was one of our most favourite beds of the trip, it was truly adorable and offered the most deletable, soft almond cookies. I highly recommend staying here.
We then walked down the road to Baglio Balata, where we devoured plates of creamy ragu pasta and salad for lunch.
Afterwards we ignored the heat and explored the castle, before climbing to the highest point in Enna…
Sitting in the square with soda, we watched the evening float in.
And then dove into steaks for supper at Antica Hostaria, sharing pasta with cream, bacon and pistachios, as well as grilled vegetables (radicchio love – Ben is obsessed), a mixed grill and the most divine steak with pesto butter sauce. Heaven.
The next morning we were up bright and early, off for more adventuring. A brief visit, yes, but well worth the hill climb. I will forever fondly remember that pesto butter steak and those almond cookies…and that blessed feeling, like we were standing on top of the world.
Heidi xo

Enna Notes

Length of stay:

1 night – a great amount of time, I feel. Enna is a fairly small town (although bigger than many in Sicily), and we enjoyed our brief visit.


Bianko and Bianko– practically perfect in every way.

Where we ate:

Baglio Balata (fabulous!) and Antica Hostaria


feeling like it was just the two of us in this ancient, elevated, beautiful town. And that steak…

Central Sicily Tales

December 25, 2012

Whimsically pointing at a map, winding the windows down, turning on the 80s tunes and driving, just driving. This was our sole obligation as we moseyed throughout Sicily on our honeymoon last July. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

After coasting into Cefalù and relaxing on the beach for a couple of days, we headed back inland, over the Madonie Mountains. Our first stop was Polizzi Generosa, where we saw a whole lot of no-one. We possibly encountered seven people in this entire town.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw a sign in a bakery window for Sfince, Sicilian doughnuts that I have been obsessed with ever since first tasting them at Shop Ate. As I tried to communicate my desire for these beautiful fried balls of bliss, the staff informed me that they had none that day.

Quietly devastated, we moved on and found another bakery, where we stocked up on pizza slices and Sfoglio, the region’s famous cookie cake. Not a bad consolation prize, I’ll give you that.

On this day we also visited Petralia Sottana and Petralia Soprana, friendly little cobbled neighbouring hilltop towns.
Here we had sandwiches and ragu arancini to fuel us up for more exploring.
Pleasantly exhausted, it was most definitely time for a glass of wine, and so checked into our accommodation. We spent two blissfully relaxing nights at Masseria Susafa, it was a real trip highlight. This place is just stunning, an ideal location for a destination Wedding. The dining hall was lovely and served up truly delicious food. By day we would relax, reading by the pool and exploring the surrounds. It was perfection.
Vino in the bar.

Some of the delicious eats we had – caprese salad bliss, pasta with lemon and sage, pork chop with potatoes and sausage and apple salad with balsamic.

About the home…

…and morning walks.


Love and limoncello, central Sicily tales.


Heidi xo


December 21, 2012
Cefalù, where Palermo-ites escape in the Summer for a bit of cheeky sun and sand. It’s crowded and a little tacky, not a demure corner by any means. Yet Cefalù still harbours some gorgeous, historic gems (and the beach chairs are super cheap), so I forgave its occasional inelegance.

You’ll find hidden corners of quiet…



…and many tasty eats. See that’s the thing in Sicily, the majority of tourists are Italian, so even the touristy places have to serve good pasta. For real.
Lunch at Le Chat Noir on our first day. Spaghetti with tuna and pesto, tomato salad and spaghetti alle vongole. Gorgeous plates of light and love.

Lunch and dinner at Ti Vitti was a treat, also. Calamari and potato salad, pasta with sardines and pangrattato and lobster ravioli (as well as their caprese salad and seafood grill – oh, the swordfish in Sicily…)

A morning run before waiting for the hiking track to open…

…only to find we were an hour early. Enter frolicking in the extreme with some kung fu shots. Clearly we are easily entertained. Good elevation, Benz.

Our first Sicilian cannoli from Dolce e Delizia. This mini bite was heavenly. Ordinarily, I’m not mad about cannoli, but this one had me in a spin. Dolce.

And gelato, of course. Sometimes there is nothing quite as special as mango, other times my heart cries only for berries. Always dark chocolate, always.
We popped into L’Angolodella Dolcezza to try their famed bites, which were also delicious. Even though Ben and I both agree we’d rather devour a plate of pasta or scoop of gelato over these such cakes, we would never ever say no to these treats. That would just be rude.
Easing into the evening with a cocktail and scribble in the square.
Campari and soda for her, always. Long Island Iced Tea for him, often.
It was nice to relax on the coast after being inland. We had some temperamental weather and pondered over a storm or two with a pizza or two. It was all rather stunning.


Heidi xo

Cefalù Notes

Length of stay:

2 nights – probably one or two nights too long if you’re limited for time. While a lovely place, there is not a lot to do in this little town, and it certainly was not our most favourite Sicilian location.


Hotel La Plumeria – great location, lovely clean rooms and very friendly staff.

Where we ate:

Le Chat Noir and Ti Vitti for seafood and pasta, and then Dolce e Delizia and L’Angolodella Dolcezza for sweets.


watching the storm come in from the beach, then spending an afternoon in bed watching Tintin on our laptop and eating gelato from a large take-home pack. It was a lovely ‘rest point’ in our trip.