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August 3, 2013

This past July, my husband and I were in Singapore for a short while. As we were primarily working, we weren’t free to tour as much as we’d have liked. You see, ordinarily on overseas adventures I am happy, nay, ecstatic to travel long distances for food, changing trains and pounding the pavement…whatever it takes.

This time around we were dictated by our meeting locations and work commitments. Therefore, I was not able to get around to all of the tasty Hawker centres in the land of Singapore. Nor did we fit in any of the gardens or zoo visits I had hoped for. There is SO much more to see, so much more to eat. Next time…


Nevertheless, we did experience much deliciousness during our short visit. This city, which we found to be delightfully approachable, is loaded with yummy bites and beverages. Here is some of the tastiness we experienced. PS. We stayed in Novena and got around primarily by the MRT and cabs.

Chomp Chomp
On my first night our local friends took us to Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre for a veritable local food feast! We had BBQ stingray, clams, oyster omelette, satay skewers, fried carrot cake, chicken wings, popiah and sugarcane juice. This my best meal of the trip, with our friends going to town on the ordering and spoiling us with this outrageously delicious display. Thanks, guys.


Many fresh vegetable and fruit juices, fresh coconut juice, the occasional frequent iced-coffee, hot ginger water and this barley drink were consumed. Necessary



Chicken Rice
We met at Maxwell Hawker Centre one night for chicken rice and fish cake. This place is very popular and centrally located for many tourists. Check out this post for what seems to be some good recommendations.



I definitely recommend checking out the cute shops along Haji Lane. I bought a snakes & ladders poster.


Wearing my Pop Basic tee.

Singaporean Breakfast
Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and coffee at Old Town.


 Wandering in the green.


Five and Dime for an (expensive) Western breakfast of pancakes and good coffee.


Chin Chin
Chin Chin eatery for chicken rice, pork chop and eggplant with salted fish. Excellent recommendation from the lovely Blithely Unaware & her man, we loved this place!

Cocktails and Fries
Drinks with a view at KU DE TA.


Food Courting
Food Republic food court eats.


Vegan Burgers
We visited Vegan Burg with vegetarian friends for surely tasty bites.


Walking, walking, walking.


Pudding, ice-cream and wine at Sabio Tapas Bar.


Home Cooked Heaven
Ben and I were lucky enough to have dinner at a new colleague’s home, with their incredibly lovely family. We enjoyed delicious hot pot and for dessert, a chocolate origin cake we had brought.



Hawker Centre Eats
Prawn noodle soup and hot ginger water at Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre for our last night in Singapore.


Singapore, we had a blast. I cannot wait to visit again. Let’s all do aerobics in public spaces together. Totally.



Heidi xo











Breakfast in Singapore

July 31, 2013

Well, I’ve left Australia again! This week I am in Singapore. 2013 appears to be the year of travel. The past four years seem to be all about travel, really. But this time it’s for work, for my husband’s business. I’ve joined for the last part of his month-long Singapore jaunt, and next week we’re off to Hong Kong to do some more research and visit family.

This is my first visit to Singapore and I must say, I am very impressed. In contrast to the cluttered calamity of Hong Kong, Singapore is quite spacious and calm and easy. It reminds me of being in Thailand at Baan Dada – something about the thick, warm air, the buildings and the greenery. And the familiar smell of the pavement, right after an afternoon downpour. Yes.


Let’s talk breakfast!

It should be all egg and/or rice and/or kaya toast and Kopi-C (coffee with evaporated milk and sugar), right? Don’t worry, I did that on my first day when I played tourist and was let loose in a shopping mall. Oh boy. But today, it’s granola and yoghurt. I brought Ben a stash of homemade granola – it’s still pleasantly crunchy and fresh, despite being two weeks old. We ate our morning meal at home before scooting off to the office.

♥ Clumpy Cranberry Granola (with almond flakes)
♥ Natural Yoghurt
♥ Almond Milk
♥ Diced Apple



What did you have for breakfast today? Follow Wednesday Breakfast Club on Instagram and hashtag your eats to play along #wednesdaybreakfastclub.

Heidi xo


July 29, 2013

Right now? Singapore, this song and a coconut.


As you were.

Heidi xo