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Wednesday Breakfast Club

Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

January 27, 2016

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I’m living in an “extra scoop” world at the moment. “Add some more to my plate, please!”… “Is that all the pasta you’re cooking?”…”That looks great, sweetie, but where are your potatoes?”. It seems like Ben and I are constantly feeding my ravenous appetite and I’m constantly eating his leftovers. As I’ve said before, breastfeeding has left me hungry.

After what feels like a long time, I’m having fun in the kitchen. The 11th of January marked one year since I found out I was pregnant, and one year and one week since eating became a chore. But now, food suddenly tastes glorious and I want more! I want to cook and bake and simmer, I want to create and share and eat. And I want to write about it. So here we go. Today I have a morning meal for you, one of my recent favourites. It’s not particularly different from other recipes I’ve posted but that’s because I don’t look at this blog as a way of being creative for you, as selfish and blunt as that sounds. It’s my space to share what’s happening in my life, to document my eats and my world. And lately it’s been all about bananas, nuts, dates and coconut oil. If you are inspired by this recipe, or if it triggers your own kitchen creativity, then that makes me happy. I’d also be happy for you to let me know your favourite smoothie combinations and send some inspiration my way! Simple, unpretentious sharing…that’s what’s going on. I also think I may write up my everyday eats, what I tend to post on instagram, salads and what not, and throw them into a little recipe book you could purchase here. That might happen… but for now, here is a smoothie bowl.

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a yoghurt bowl and a carrot

December 2, 2015

Breakfast isn’t so much about food anymore. Pre-baby Joan I’d look forward to lingering over a morning meal of oats, toast, eggs, pancakes and catching up on favourite blogs and articles. I’d wake early just to satisfy whatever craving I had, usually of the porridge variety. It was a sweet time and I loved it, the morning solitude and my carefully prepared meal.

Now my breakfast-time is very different, though still sweet. I’ll assemble some sort of bowl containing the same kind of ingredients as before – oats, milk or yoghurt, nuts and seeds… but my choice of meal is all about speed, how swiftly I can put things together and get back to baby Joan, who will usually be sitting in her bouncer chair. You see, she’s particularly sweet and chatty in the mornings, playing with toys and staring at the sun coming through the blinds, talking to me and herself and her toys…and I don’t want to miss a moment. There are usually dishes in the sink and clothes to be washed, but I ignore the chores in favour of chatting. Recently, bubs has been grasping toys and watching me shake noisy props with wide eyes. This carrot rattle, gifted by a dear friend, is her new favourite.

And so, for breakfast this morning we had a yoghurt bowl, with greek yoghurt, rolled oats, hemp seeds, toasted sunflower seeds and coconut flakes, honey and banana. A yoghurt bowl and a carrot. And it was the sweetest thing.

carrot rattle bf 2

What did you have for breakfast today?

Heidi xo

Cacao and Oat Thickshake

November 4, 2015

cacao oat thickshake 2

I don’t now what it is about smoothies at the moment, but I’m absolutely obsessed. Perhaps it’s the sometimes sunnier weather here in Melbourne. We begin to drink our oats in “cheers”, while bidding farewell to hot bowls of porridge. Or it may be the convenience of a portable, drinkable breakfast, as I find myself at the whim of baby Joan’s morning musings and moods.

Whatever the reason, if I had my way I’d drink a smoothie every day. Time and a recent blender blunder means I am usually limited to a couple a week, but that’s ok. I more than make up for the lack of frequency by positively filling my smoothies with good and indulgent ingredients. Case in point, this cacao and oat smoothie, blended in my food processor this morning, giving me a stellar energy boost and tasting too ridiculous to not share. You’re going to need a wide straw here, folks. Or a spoon. Better go with a spoon.

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breakfast in bed

September 16, 2015

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Ben goes back to work on Friday. Bless the guy for saving up his leave and staying in our newborn bubble for three weeks. I know he’ll miss Joan so much when he’s away, but thankfully Ben works from home at least one day a week so he won’t feel like he misses too much. I have a feeling Joanie will be making an appearance on his conference calls and giving her opinion on work matters. We should probably sort out an email address and some desk space. Maybe a mini computer too.

For now, we’re making the most of these sweet, slow days. In fact, we’ve rarely left the bedroom. This morning Ben bought up plates of eggs (slightly runny – booyah!!), scrambled with carrot, leek & rocket, with a side of thick-cut ham (double booyah!!) and avocado sourdough toast. Plus orange juice for me and tea for him. Joan had boob.

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Heidi xo

Porridge with Coffee-Infused Honey

July 29, 2015

coffee porridge heidi apples 10

I like to call this, “productive porridge”.

Coffee-infused porridge has been on my mind for a while. You see, I’m a coffee girl. I love the stuff. Though love doesn’t quite feel like a strong enough word right now, as I find my pregnant, sleepy self romanticising the wonder that is a strong cup of coffee.

I miss sipping a full, unrestricted cup every morning. Grinding the beans and prepping the brew, the pour, the aroma, the taste… the way it makes me feel delicately buzzed. Buzzed and so sincerely happy. I miss that feeling and the ritual. And though I have been drinking a weak latte around twice a week since halfway through my second trimester (when coffee became appealing again), it’s not the same. I miss those rich, black, morning mugs.

Instead, I’ve been looking to other things to help me feel spritely, to give a bit of energy for the day ahead. Things like nuts and seeds and honey, on top of my beloved bowls of oats. And instead of an everyday comfort, coffee has become a treat, whether those weak lattes, coffee-flavoured ice-cream, or date bars with coffee grounds. This rationing has made me appreciate it more, that’s for sure. So when Di Bella Coffee sent me some coffee beans and requested I make a recipe for them, I took it as a sign to combine my two morning loves, coffee and porridge, for one supremely energetic, productive and happy morning meal.

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Banana Overnight Oats with Stewed Rhubarb

July 15, 2015

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Hey, friends! How’s this Wednesday treating you? I’m well, thanks. I’ll soon have a weak latte in hand (number one of the two-three I allow myself per week), and will be no doubt be blissfully productive.

I’m up in the city today, my last day seeing clients at the Richmond office before taking a break until the new year. Also on the agenda, I will be collecting some dining chairs off a guy from Gumtree and looking for bassinet sheets and a mattress protector. The baby buying continues! And later on, dinner with girlfriends. We’re having Mexican and the prospect of guacamole is highly exciting.

Breakfast this morning was BANANA OVERNIGHT OATS (recipe link) with STEWED RHUBARB (recipe link). I added a touch of ground cardamom to the oats too, just to amp up the deliciousness. Ben isn’t too keen on ground cardamom, but this is one ingredient I use liberally on occasion with the mind that he is completely wrong and will one day figure that out. I’ll keep you posted.

Heidi xo

Sourdough, peanut butter, Greek yoghurt, seeds, honey, kiwi.

July 8, 2015

toast yog kiwi 2

Breakfast this morning.

I’ve been feeling a bit off for the past half a week. Faint on occasion, unfocussed in my head, random spurts of energy before crashing… I can feel it’s a big week, growth-wise for bubs. And I think emotionally I’m a little exhausted. There are many feelings up in my head and heart at the moment! Mostly all very sweet and good and wonderful, but still…many feelings.

I’m just going to take it easy, drink banana smoothies and peace out. Thankfully this need to chill has corresponded ever so serendipitously with my lightest work week in yonks. So, cheers to my new best friend, the couch.

I hope you have a good rest of the week, lovelies.

Heidi xo


Bring your toaster to work day

July 1, 2015

toast 1

I’m up in the city today for a couple of work gigs and a dinner date with a friend. Toast was on my mind after I showed up to work on Monday to see a loaf of Dad’s homemade sourdough in my tray (this batch was made with 30% wholegrain flour! Way to bring in the grains, Dad.)

Anyway, Ben doesn’t have a toaster at his office so I brought my toaster to his work. This girl wanted her morning toast.

Two slices of sourdough, topped with almond butter and sea salt. One with mixed berry jam, the other with maple syrup and cacao nibs. And a weak latte. Oh lordy, do I love my weak lattes. Happy Wednesday!

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ps. I most definitely cannot button up this coat up anymore. The belly keeps growing…it’s awesome.


Heidi xo


Porridge with Blackstrap Molasses

June 24, 2015

It’s not exactly honey, nor as pleasantly sweet as maple syrup, but blackstrap molasses has found its way onto my porridge bowl. The bite is strong, spiced and, yes, a little bitter, but it’s rather lovely. Bittersweet, rather. It’s got gumption.

You see, after questioning my iron stores I looked to increase my intake in a variety of ways. Red meat, sure, I’m having this more often during the week, but plant-based sources, too, which I can eat daily and are rather cost effective. Unsulphured blackstrap molasses, this thick, black, luxurious, tar-like sugar syrup, has been on my mind (and spoon) because of its’ rich mineral content. And though the flavour is unique and perhaps not what you’d naturally crave at 7:45am, I’m quite please to be using my jar for porridge purposes. Something beyond black sticky gingerbread…though that cake is divine.

This morning, I topped my bowl of creamy rolled oat porridge with toasted pepitas, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, sea salt and blackstrap molasses. Porridge with gumption.

molasses porridge 2

Heidi xo




A Quince Gift

June 17, 2015

quince porridge
I awoke this morning to a killer leg cramp. My left calf was contracting and would NOT relax, no matter how I stretched my foot or rested my leg. I have been dealing with leg cramps for a while, it’s a common pregnancy issue, but nothing like this one. I will look into ways to manage cramps better, but if anything it was an exercise in breathing through something your body is doing that cannot be relieved as easily as you’d like. Good practice for September, I suppose…

In other, much sweeter news, my friend Emily dropped by some quince she had poached yesterday as a gift. This morning I knew precisely what I’d like to top our porridge bowls with – toasted almonds and sunflower seeds, dollops of greek yoghurt and spoonfuls of poached quince.

I adore quince, this is no secret. And I presently have three sitting in my fruit bowl, begging to be cooked. Thankfully I am working from home all day today, creating the perfect slow-poaching conditions. After I press “publish” on this post, I am off to turn the oven on and find my vegetable peeler. Have a lovely day, folks.


Heidi xo