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Pizza at Red Hill

Pizza at Red Hill

On October 2nd, we were down in Red Hill for my younger brother’s birthday. He turned 20, apparently. To me he will always be my younger brother, and 20 seems far too old to be true. All of my family’s birthdays are in 6 weeks of each other. It’s a jam packed, busy time. Lots of fun, love and food. Jackson had some friends around and we had a nice, relaxing afternoon. Nibbles...

Dukkah with Bread and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We had Gourmet Morsel's Egyptian Hazelnut Dukkah. Amazing. Possibly Jackson's favourite food too. Give him bread, oil and dukkah and he's happy.

The garden is looking lovely this Spring...

The vegetable garden has given us delicious Kale, and I am forever grateful.

Apple Mint - lovely with sparkling water.

Fingers crossed for our olive trees!


Allie (Jackson's ridiculously gorgeous girlfriend) and Jackson with Ben and I.

One of Jackson's friends bought him 20 Kinder Surprises for his birthday. Brilliant.

Dad made pizza. He does this extremely well. He loves his oven, and so do I. I only wish I could have homemade woodfired pizza more often. Ben and I will definitely be having a woodfired oven of our own when we buy a house.

In no time at all...

...we had beautiful, thin crust pizza. Bellissimo!

Jackson requested tiramisu, and so mum and I made Jamie Oliver’s Tiramisu from his recent ‘Jamie Does’ book, which I have and adore. Jamie proclaims this as his ‘Best Tiramisu’. I think he was mistaken. I absolutely love Jamie, those close to me know this very well. But I didn’t love this recipe. I prefer a more layered tiramisu, with less chocolate - the chocolate layer was far too intense for my liking. The recipe called for a lot of mascarpone. We cut down the amount and it was still too much. I did, however, love the addition of orange zest. I still love Jamie. Maybe he just got a little drunk on the vin santo (which the recipe calls for) whilst making this, and subsequently labelled everything ‘the best’...

It was a lovely, chilled day. Happy birthday Jackson. Thanks for all the super fun, silly times. So often I made you watch girlie movies and forced you to perform musicals with me. You were a stellar Aladdin. You'll always be my partner in crime. Love you, Bobdidiliod. Love, Bobdidiliana. I cant believe I just published our nicknames...

Heidi xo
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