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Eggs Anyone?

Eggs Anyone?

The winding streets of Hoi An are idyllic for ambling. As we explored this beautiful town in a moseying fashion, we soaked up the culture by taking the time to notice the little things. Like kids playing games in the street and the old men gathered together chatting in a cafe over a cup of coffee.

We also took the time to experience all the food that was on offer - you learn a lot that way too ;)

One of the things I love is discovering what other cultures eat for breakfast. I don't know why, but this topic is endlessly fascinating to me.

In Vietnam we had some new and interesting morning meals. One of which was a very thick slab of spongy rice noodle that was topped with a pumpkin sauce and chilli. I did have photos of this dish but, as I have mentioned in my previous post, 2 days of our Hoi An pictures were lost. Tear... Although I was very lucky to find photos of one particular breakfast we spent amongst locals.

We had walked past this roadside street restaurant many times, and knew we had to have a meal there. On that delicious day, Ben happened to snap a couple of shots on his iphone whilst I was going to town with our camera. So thankfully we have a reminder of this beautiful meal.

Ben and I were quite surprised to get a 'baked eggs style' meal in Vietnam, but there you go - there is always so much to learn about different cuisines. As we were sitting down next to some school girls on those little red plastic stools (which became the symbol of yummy food to Ben and I) I saw one dish of eggs with beautiful chunks of fish fillets. I pointed to the cook that this was the one I wanted and she nodded. Ben pointed to another one, and so we ended up with one fish dish and one beef dish.

Thank goodness for their "open plan kitchen" (i.e. a burner out on the street), as this allowed us to see how these dishes were made. To a small skillet, the lady added a generous glug of oil before adding sliced onion, tomatoes, chilli, tinned mackerel or beef strips and finally an egg. After cooking for a little while, she topped the dish off with crispy shallots and fresh herbs.

Eggs avec Mackerel


...and Beef.

To ensure this meal was even more delicious, the eggs were served with fresh, warm French baguettes. Wow, what an amazing combination! Tearing off a piece of crusty baguette and dipping it in a puddle of tomatoey, yolky goodness was absolutely heavenly.

They say that you learn something new every day. On this particular day, I learnt that you can get really, really good eggs for breakfast in Vietnam.

Heidi xo
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