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Jerk Chicken and a BBQ date

Jerk Chicken and a BBQ date

It's been a month of road trips and sleepovers, of weddings and work. After a slow start to the year (conveniently timed with first trimester sickness) things have been a bit nuts. The good kind of nuts, the kind where you have to remember to pack your dancing shoes and have a bag full of snacks. But I'm ready to swap high heels for snuggly socks. I'm ready for home and sleep, for cuddles and quiet. Last Saturday night we stayed in, with sparkling juice, Harriet Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, and a serve of jerk chicken.

When Ben and I were in the USA for three months two years ago we did a lot of good eating. In Austin, it was all about barbeque, specifically, brisket. It was hard to go past that perfect preparation of slow-cooked meat, and if we were to venture away from barbecue we'd invariably find ourselves with a plate of tacos. Tacos and brisket, that was pretty much our Texas diet. But on our way into town from our cute Air bnb pad, we would walk past a store that sold jerk chicken, and the thought of it, in all its spiced, sticky, charcoaled glory, stuck with me. When given the opportunity to receive and try out a Weber BBQ with a new Heat Beads® BBQ Chimney Booster (which is really ace in allowing for quicker barbeque action), I thought of Austin and my long-awaited taste of jerk chicken.

So we made our chicken, while sipping sparkling juice and listening to tunes outdoors. We photographed the bump at 15 weeks and spoke about what we want to do with bub's room. I said I hoped I felt like chocolate soon because Easter is coming up and that means Lindt bunnies. Ben said not to worry, he'd help me out if I couldn't manage the task. He's so supportive. We were home with nowhere to go and it all tasted so sweet.

My high heels are still in the cupboard.


The menu

JERK CHICKEN (recipe link*)

CREAMY SPICED CORN (recipe link)

CUCUMBER SALAD (diced cucumber, radish, tomato and spring onion)




* alternations we made to the jerk chicken recipe: for the chilli we used one Hungarian hot wax chilli and a pinch of dried chilli flakes (I can't handle too much heat at the moment), we used dried not fresh thyme, and I added lime zest to the mix as well as the juice. We also quartered a chicken and used those pieces.

When cooking the chicken: we used the Weber Kettle BBQ, along with the Heat Beads® Chimney Booster and BBQ briquettes. The authentic barbeque flavour was really very good, quite impressive. If you're a barbeque nut do consider getting one of these gadgets! Thank you to the Heat Beads® team for sponsoring this post.

Some final chicken thoughts: you should definitely make this jerk chicken recipe. It's different from chicken preparations you might be accustomed to, with a new-to-me mix of ingredients (combining nutmeg and soy sauce in a marinade, for example). What happened when these flavours blended together was a real treat, and the two of us couldn't get over the deliciousness. Ben ate the leftovers in baguettes and over rice during the week. Each time he had his lunch I'd get a text message saying how much he loved jerk chicken, which I suspect is almost as much as I love being home after a whole lot of busy.

Heidi xo
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