Stuffing Business

Some days, you've just gotta stuff and roll a pork loin. There's just no other way around your Saturday.

Last week I came across the perfect recipe by Katie Quinn Davies, so I darted down to our butcher and grabbed this beautiful piece of meat. Grating apples and chopping pistachios for the filling intensified my anticipation for this lovely meal - what fabulous additions they are. Stuffing is absolutely the best part of most meals. Make extra and you'll have yourself a nice little side dish of heaven. Maybe you'll add pancetta to the mix as well...that'd be just spectacular. Next time I'll be sure to flatten my loin some more before filling. This foresight resulted in a rather zealous leakage of stuffing. All the more to pick at...

Oh, and I made crackling. For the first time. I rubbed salt into those grooves like there was no tomorrow. Katie's encouragement for thin strands rather than ungracious slabs is so very smart. Such a dainty piece I did enjoy.

Served with blanched greens and thinly sliced radish, as well as roasted kipfler potatoes, this was an incredibly satisfying meal to plan, to stuff and to eat.

I quite like this stuffing business.

Heidi xo