Baked Cinnamon Sugar Brown Butter Doughnuts

You know how I said that it doesn't yet feel like Summer? Well on Saturday, it did. I ate my words. And doughnuts.

Boy did I make the most of the stellar sunshine, starting with a morning walk and swim succinct plunge in the sea with a friend. Then we went on a breakfast date and did some gardening (yes, my vegetables are still alive!), before pausing for a happy afternoon tea of iced-coffee and baked cinnamon sugar brown butter doughnuts...


Ben and I were all kinds of joyful, high on caffeine, cinnamon sugar and the promise of more sweet days like this. Living close to the beach is proving to be a wonderful investment in our happiness.

I brewed extra coffee the day before and left it to chill in the fridge, serving it with a dash of milk. More than a dash for Ben. And the doughnuts? Well I used Joy's brown butter baked doughnut recipe and then followed Tracy's instructions of cinnamon sugaring these babies up, using the leftover melted and browned butter and adding extra cinnamon. Outrageous.

Yes, it was a good day.

And if you can't just pack up and move to the beach, I sincerely believe that purchasing a doughnut pan will exponentially increase your happiness in a similar fashion. Though with a doughnut pan you get the bonus of adventures in glaze and cinnamon sugar.

Heidi xo