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Birthday Brunch and Spontaneous Saturdays

Birthday Brunch and Spontaneous Saturdays

As I type this, Ben has proclaimed that his heart is racing. Mine is also, but for a decidedly different reason. You see, Ben is a Collingwood supporter. Not one of those Collingwood supporters, but a supporter nonetheless. There are three minutes left in the 4th quarter, and the score is super close. The fact that I am typing this post during these remaining few minutes shows just how excited I am about the grand final.

My heart is a flutter, as I sit here reminiscing all the glorious eats I have had today. It pleased me so very much that in my lovely birthday messages, my friends referenced the delicious food that they expected I would be indulging in…and they were right :)

This morning I met friends for brunch at Las Chicas on Carlise Street. They were lovely enough to sit all eleven of us at one table. We were outside, which was really nice as we were graced with some welcome sunshine and blue skies.

I had pancakes with cinnamon sugar, lemon and mascarpone. Just lovely! Although as I am sick, my taste buds could not delight in them as much as I would have hoped.

Ben had the breakfast burrito, which he loved!

My friends and family spoiled me with some lovely gifts. They all have such good taste, lucky me!

One of my good friends, George, has a birthday three days earlier than mine. It is always nice to be able to celebrate together. My dad brought two candles, and stuck them on a coin so that we could sing happy birthday. That is so my dad - quirky and sweet :)

As we left the café, we were drawn to a nearby florist, the soft fragrance of double jonquils luring us in. We emerged with a bunch…

Then Ben came up with the wonderful idea of visiting the Rippon Lea Estate. I love spontaneous fun! I so cherish days like this, when you have the freedom and creativity to explore and frolick. That we did (well, I frolicked).

Our friendly and informative volunteer guide, Robert, took us around the beautiful Rippon Lea Mansion. As a history buff, I so love to be transported back in time and enter historical spaces like this. I felt like I was back at Versaille (although this was somewhat less grand and opulent). I love picturing how people lived in another time, seeing their trinkets and standing where they stood.

We saw inside the Mansion, including the children's room.

Really old, well preserved little booties!

We also saw the old servants' quarters, and the old kitchen.

An old crockpot!

Please excuse the poor quality of this photo (no flash allowed in a dark room), I simply had to share with you this 'dinner gong', which the servants used to announce dinner.

I wanted to steal these chairs...

Gorgeous old cars

which I also wanted to take as my own...

The gardens were lovely and lush.

After all this exploring, we headed to Batch Espresso (again on Carlisle Street) to fill our tummies. I love this place, it is so cozy and cool, with a Kiwi twist! These photos were taken on my iphone, as my camera's battery decided it needed a sleep.

We shared a delicious roasted beetroot, goats curd and candied walnut salad, which was definitely of the Epic variety. This was incredibly delicious. We inquired as to what goats curd they used, and it was Calendar cheese.

Ben had an iced coffee

I enjoyed a latte

And we shared a slice of Lemon Polenta cake. So moist! With a superb, full lemon flavour. The grainy texture of polenta cakes always pleases me - something different and refreshing. I really enjoyed this.

Ben has just suggested we make our own pesto for dinner. Genius! Full creativity points for him today :) Last time we made pesto we were in Ortygia, Sicily, and gee it was fun. We are looking up old, classic movies to watch too. Ben is leaning towards "Double Indemnity" or "The Big Sleep". Lots of basil and Bogart ahead of me.

I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday! Go the pies! And by pies I mean apple pie...I love that you have come to expect nothing less from me :)

Heidi xo
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