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Bloggers in Cupcake Wonderland

Bloggers in Cupcake Wonderland

Mad Hatter: “Do you care for tea?”

Alice: “Why, yes. I’m very fond of tea.”

On Saturday, I attended a delightful picnic with some fellow bloggers. We came together on this gloriously sunny morning, bearing cupcakes and cookies, sweets and salads. The theme was ‘Mad Hatter’, and we all wore our very best hats - or in my case, the only hat I own. Perhaps I should invest in a more festive hat…

Scones. Really lovely. With lemon butter (mmmm) and marmalade.

Potato salad - every picnic needs one :)

Son-In-Law Eggs. I've never heard of these before, they were fabulous.

These brownies were so moist and rich and wow...loved them!

Stunning stuffed tomatoes.

Curry puffs, yum!

A fabulous teapot cake! Major points for baking in the theme.

Citrus friands, simply gorgeous.

I'm a sucker for a blueberry cake.

Lamb - this smelt (and tasted) incredible. Ceviche! A South American seafood dish made with raw fish and citrus juices. This brilliant dish was also new to me. A very delicious and educational picnic, love those :)

Choc-chip cookies, a classic.

I made these carrot oaty bars. I'll do another post with the recipe soon. I'm quite fond of these babies - of course, they're super healthy. Possibly the healthiest sweet there, trust a Dietitian...

Cupcakes galore! I need to get my cupcake bake on. I'm seriously overdue - I'm embarrassed to say that I have never made cupcakes. All these delightful little cakes provided much inspiration.

I was in awe of this stunning metallic coloured frosting!

Red Velvet delights...

In the spirit of Alice in Wonderland...

It was lovely to see the faces behind some blogs that I follow and love, as well as meet some new bloggers whom I was not familiar with (I always love to discover new blogs!). I had to cut my picnic-ing short, as I had a wedding later on in the day. However the time I spent there was a lot of fun. I didn’t get to speak to everyone, or photograph all the beautiful food, but hopefully I can only become more familiar with this lovely community :)

Thank you to Michele, Penny, and Thanh who organised the picnic (and Nuffnang for sponsoring it). What a fabulous idea it was. Congratulations to Kat who won the Kitchen Aid for her wonderful Son-In-Law Eggs. Well done to all the other winners and everyone who attended! I was in food heaven :)

Heidi xo

p.s. Here is a list of those who attended (let me know if I missed anyone!). Check their blogs out, much foodie goodness to read. Vee, Emanuela, Debra, Sandra, Adrian, Sarah, Kenny, Kat & Josh, Cherrie, Lauren, Christie, Allan, Kat, Billy, Emma, Ashley, Joe & Nicole, April, Michelle, Caryn & Brendan, Michelle, Michele, Thanh, Penny, Vanessa, Kruppy & Lynda.

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Oaty Carrot Bars

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