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Rhubarb and Ricotta Tart

Rhubarb and Ricotta Tart

Do you recall my last post, where I shared my list of food fears? Gee it felt good to get that out in the open, and thank you for all being so supportive and encouraging! I feel very inspired to get into the kitchen and try the foods on my list. So I just had to let you know that I recently confronted one of my fears. And I can’t seem to wipe the grin off my face...

I made pastry. Oh yes, yes I did. And I loved every minute of it.

I made a rhubarb and ricotta tart, specifically. The pastry recipe was fail-proof - Maggie Beer’s sour cream pastry. Yet that didn’t stop me from walking around with my chest puffed up in pride for hours after I baked. And boy did I guard this tart like it was my child – my family can atest to that. It was my first born pie, after all.

The tart is a recipe from Guy Mirabella, who creates beautiful Sicilian food, linking strongly to his family's roots. His café in Mt Eliza, Shop Ate, is a favourite spot for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. I adore his cookbook, Eat Ate, especially the pasta dishes and Rosa’s Almond Biscotti. This recipe is from that book (recipe link).

During each of the many times I flicked through this lovely cookbook, I always looked longingly at page 62, and would sigh as I pushed it into the ‘too difficult’ corner of my mind. How could I have been so silly and scared for so long? I feel as though I am seeing the world in a whole new light. I did it, I made pastry. And it wasn’t too hard… it was fabulous.

Those of you who also stated you are scared of pastry, don't be! I did it and so can you. Why not start off with this recipe? It really is deliciously simple and delightful.

I adore rhubarb

I warned Ben, as the tart was cooling, that he would be eating a lot more tarts and pies in the future. He said he was fine with this. And I am too.

When did I make this lovely tart? It was two Sundays ago, in the afternoon, just before I had a few friends over for dinner. My parent’s were amazing, as per usual, and offered up their house in Red Hill as a venue - my apartment allows for maximum 5.5 people, which is not so conducive to dinner parties. A dear friend was down visiting family in Red Hill from Canberra with her beautiful little boy, and it was the first time in a over year that a lot of us had all been together (apart from Skype dates). It was so so lovely to be together, catching up over good food and wine.

We had the woodfired oven roaring outside, and we talked and played with the baby as we sipped homemade lemonade.

We used lemons, orange and a hint of lime for a real citrus mix (recipe link).

We sat outside, and feasted on caprese salad and pizza. Long, lazy dinners with friends in the Summertime...what could be better?

For dessert we had cantaloupe sorbet, made by my skilled, ice-cream loving Father. He used David Lebovitz’s recipe, from his book, The Perfect Scoop (a.k.a. the bible), and it was really delicious. A new favourite, perhaps.

One of my gorgeous friends, Philippa, made Jamie Oliver's Sweet and Lovely Honey and Pistachio Cake , which was divine. It is from his book, Jamie Does, and I have been wanting to make it for months. I adored this cake, with it’s beautiful, olive oil spiked flavour and light texture. It was super moist, especially with the honey syrup devilishly poured over the top. Mmmmmmmmm. Unfortunately I don't have any photographic evidence of it's delightfulness - you'll have to trust me on this one.

And we ate my rhubarb and ricotta tart. It was lovely. I am a little in love with this recipe, it is incredibly dreamy and romantic. And I made the pastry. Me. So it tasted even more dreamy.

Heidi xo

* Note: I am in Vietnam right now, but prepared this post before I left. Oh yes, I'm sneaky like that :)

I downloaded an iphone bogging application, and look forward to posting pictures and snapshots of where I am at this coming month while I am away, travelling South East Asia! I am very excited to share this with you! xo

Saigon Snapshot

Saigon Snapshot

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