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Market Day at Huay Malay

Market Day at Huay Malay

The Thursday morning market in Huay Malay is thriving.

All the locals gather to load up on produce. There are fresh vegetables a plenty, mammoth cabbages and engorged cucumbers take first place. Tiny, potent chillies line every corner, markers reminding you that you are in Thailand, where heat abounds.

Beautiful fresh herbs.

Children skip to the sweets, and quietly ponder their big decision for the day – what shall I spend my 10 baht on? Will it be prawn chips, cream filled wafers, or meat on a stick? The latter usually wins. These spongy, processed balls and logs are ever popular with young children. Sure, they’re fun to look at, they would even make good projectiles in a fighting match…but to eat? No thank you.

Fresh fish, dried fish, fish paste - they have it all. Along with other meats and bits of carcas, flung upon a board and displayed for the discerning market go-er.

Hungry for a snack? There are greasy doughnuts slathered in sugar syrup, which are, just quietly, rather delicious. We also have fresh bananas, fried bananas or dried bananas – they love their guai here in Thailand. Banana trees line the streets, and you are never short of a bunch.

More meat on sticks.

Pad Thai - this was loaded up on shrimp flavour. Quite nice, though not a stand-out.

We have fresh watermelons too! Small, medium or large, you pick.

I believe these are betel leafs, used in the same vein as in Vietnam, where the old ladies chew them due to their addictive properties.

We tried an Indian style flat-bread with chickpeas and dried shrimp, which was quite lovely. With subtle flavours and some good nutrition, I was pleased to come across this little gem.

Our kids also have a stall here, selling donated clothes, pencils and other knick-knacks. It teaches them good communication skills and integrates them with the local community, and also raises a little money for the home. The kids love to come to the market for ‘selling’. They always go for a wander and spend a little of their saved money. What I love about our kids is that they all share with each other, and swap what they have – a bite for a bite, here try this, they’re so sweet. They’re always very generous to Sister Heidi and Brother Ben too.

Now we pack up and head home.

The kids had sort of a holiday this week, so many of them could join us for this market. Visiting the market is one of my favourite things to do here, and it was so nice to have such funny, gorgeous company.

Pictures courtesy of the kids :) They love to take pictures and 'movies'.

Heidi xo
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