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Demitri's Delicious Pancakes

Demitri's Delicious Pancakes

A couple of Saturdays ago, we revisited Demitri’s Feast. It was a necessary visit. You see, I had been dreaming about their pancakes for months, longing to try them.

These aren’t just any pancakes, they’re Semolina Pancakes with thick Greek yoghurt, rose jam, pistachios and orange honey syrup. Oh yes. And so, as soon as we had a free morning, we headed straight to this cute little café.

We were seated out the back in their little courtyard. It’s a little cozy back there, but we didn’t mind. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the sun was already shining brightly – one of those kinds of days…

We ordered coffee to start. Ben went with a Freddo, which is an espresso shot mixed with ice, plus milk and sugar as desired. We both had our first Freddo in Silicy in 2009, right in the middle of the Italian summer. We craved something cool, but didn’t want to forgo our morning coffee. And thus, we discovered the amazing Freddo.

I went with a skinny latte, although I kind of wish I ordered the Freddo. No reflection on the coffee, which was actually wonderful, I just wanted a Freddo! Plus it is fun to say…

Not long after we had finished our coffees, our breakfast came out.

Pancakes, oh glorious pancakes, how sweet you are…

After my first bite I had to put my knife and fork down and breathe, I was simply overwhelmed with happiness and excitement! I have a tendancy to be a bit dramatic, but I don’t feel I am exaggerating here. It was necessary to savour every morsel in utter rapture.

The semolina gave the pancakes a light, grainy, sandy texture. And they were insanely fluffy and airy, which was very fortunate. Why? Well, you get a little jug of orange honey syrup to pour over your pancakes. This fluffy texture created grooves in the pancakes, into which the syrup would seep in an oh so sensuous manner. Sigh. It was a thing of beauty. The yoghurt served atop of the pancakes was a welcome departure from the saccharine syrup. Crushed pistachios are just the icing on top of the pancake.

I could only finish half of my plate (if that), the serve is very big. But at $13.50, the price is fabulous - Demitri’s Feast is so affordable and the quality outstanding.

Ben tried the Omeletta. It was deliciously fluffy, although perhaps slightly overcooked for our liking. The omelette was filled with fried potato cubes, Greek sausage and kefalograviera. All these strong flavours were punctuated, but they weren’t overwhelming. The sausage had a lovely sweet bite to it. The omelette was served with roquette and toasted sourdough. Ben also ordered a side of the sage mushrooms, which were quite yummy too, and not overly oily.

We skipped away (well, I skipped) feeling far more than content. We were elated, charmed by Demitri’s Feast. Our little meal was a beautiful start to a glorious day. And isn’t that what breakfast should be?

Heidi xo
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