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Easter Lunch in Red Hill

Easter Lunch in Red Hill

This year, my family and I celebrated Easter on Saturday. We're not religious, we don't go to Church, (in fact, my younger brother, Jackson, calls Easter Sunday "Chocolate Day") but we always make sure to get together at Easter for some quality family time. It just so happened that Saturday lunch was most convenient, and so we celebrated a day early. That was fine by me, the sooner I can be with my family the better.

Friday Evening

Friday night Ben and I headed down to Red Hill for a weekend of food and cooking. We had a lovely fish dinner with mum and dad - barbequed red mullet with spicy salsa, and za'atar baked salmon. Lovely. We also sampled some of Dad's latest icecream and gelati creations - a beautiful peach and a quince scoop.

But before we left for Red Hill, I planned an Easter egg hunt of our own at our little home for two.

I even left the Easter Bunny a carrot...

Our First Morning in Red Hill

Saturday morning I woke early and went for a refreshing run, the crisp air invigorating me just as much, if not more than, the endorphins from the run itself.

How lucky I am to have grown up in such a beautiful corner of the world. I think Red Hill is at it's most stunning in Autumn, the ground is covered in blankets of orange leaves and the air is filled with the smell of overnight rain that has permeated the soil, encouraging even more vibrant greenery than usual. It really is something special.

When I bounced back through the front door, mum was already in the kitchen - always a good sign that we're in for a delicious day. A fabulous morning of baking and cooking ensued.

I so love to cook with my mum and dad in the kitchen. It's a really collaborative, lively process where we discuss the recipe and plan future cooking endeavours. This weekend surpassed all cooking expectations, it was challenging, delicious and completely and utterly blissful.

Jackson, arrived around 11am. My grandparents, Nanna and Roo, arrived at midday. We were all here...happy and hungry.

Time for Lunch

Dad made beautiful Olive Bread in our woodfired oven.

Mum had chosen Nigel Slater's Spicy Slow-Roast Lamb recipe for lunch (recipe link here). The lamb was cooked at 160 degrees Celsius for 3 and a half hours... why yes, it was. I am sure you can imagine how wonderful it was.

The lamb was served with a simple salad and lemon vinaigrette, and a beautiful cannellini bean mash.

To make the gravy, mum reduced the pan juices down with some wine. It was phenomenally rich.

Everything was scrumptious. Clearly...

After lunch, mum served cake. Delia Smith's Greek Orange and Honey Syrup Cake with Yoghurt and Pistachios (recipe link here).

This, my friends, is my new favourite cake. I am all about citrus and almond meal. This cake *deep breath* is utterly beautiful. The use of Greek yoghurt as icing is brilliant. As soon as I finished my slice, I requested it for my birthday cake...in September. I loved it that much.

And that was our lovely little Easter in Red Hill. Family, love, togetherness all served with a side of delicious. That's what it's all about, isn't it?


Lastly, I am thrilled to announce the winner of my blog giveaway. In the end I had to opt for a randomly generated number, as all your comments were so lovely. As much as I thought I could choose my favourite, I couldn't...

So, congratulations to comment #10, Laura from Heavenly Ingredients. I am so happy to send you a copy of Super Natural Every Day. I hope it brings you much joy and beautiful food.

Heidi xo
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