Somers General Store

Located in the small seaside town of Somers on the Mornington Peninsula, Somers General Store is a real gem. Beautifully decorated with quirky antiques and stunning handblown glass, this general store and cafe is the vision of the lovely owner, Leisa Wharington. Leisa is a well-revered local artist - the superb glass pieces are hers, including the unreal light fixture below. She has done an amazing job creating a uniquely beautiful space.

Everywhere you turn, you'll find some darling piece to look at (and many are for sale too!)

I must admit, I may be a little biased about how lovely this store is. I worked here whilst saving for my 7 month long 2009 overseas trip. Now I love coming back for a meal or coffee, it's like visiting family. And I am not alone, many people feel this way about Somers General Store. It's the sense of community and local pride you get from the Mornington Peninsula that makes SGS a really special place.

The coffee is fabulous and the food is wonderful. Local ingredients are sourced and turned into delectable dishes by the lovely and talented Head Chef, Emily Turnbull. The menu changes slightly every now and then, based on what is in season. Friday nights in Summer they even serve beautiful fish and chips in fetching take-away cones, which you can take down to the beach (conveniently located opposite the store). How glorious is that?

On this Saturday morning Ben and I were after a hearty breakfast, which we ordered after a round of lovely coffees, naturally. A skim latte and a soy chai latte. How gorgeous are the spoons? Working here inspired me to start my own collection.

Ben's Big Breakfast was one of the better ones I have come across in all my breakfast escapades across Melbourne. So often Big Breakfasts are heavy and greasy, existing solely to satisfy the hungover patron. Not this dish. Emily's Big Breakfast focuses on quality, fresh and flavourful ingredients prepared simply.

The bacon was really yummy, as were the mushrooms, but it was all fabulous. I was very impressed to see wholegrain sourdough toast too. Ben got a side of delicious smoked salmon with his order, just in case his breakfast wasn't Big enough ;)

My Grainy Porridge with Poached Quince was fabulous. Just the kind of nourishing meal I was after. The only grain I could identify was oats, nevertheless they were perfectly cooked, plump oats. Plus, they were spiked with pepitas - an exciting addition!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds pepitas exciting...

After our meal we were joined by my a friend, her baby boy and her mother for a coffee and a play out the back. Here you'll find the SGS herb and vegetable garden, a huge lemon tree and their vintage gelati van, which comes out in the Summertime. The little man explored happily - so much to see and discover!

Back inside there are rows of sweet delights also waiting to be discovered. What a beautiful array of colourful treats!

No dessert for us on this day though, we were rather full.

You can also do a little grocery shopping after your meal.

Beyond beautiful, local produce, there are countless goodies to purchase as gifts or as a treat for yourself. From baking accessories, to imported cookies, to exotic spices - I am always lusting after something. Naturally, being a general store, you can also pick up some toothpaste and milk - all the necessities ;)

On this day I purchased beets and goats cheese for the salad I made for my friend's dinner party. I was tempted to buy even more, especially a loaf or two of delicious bread. They even have a freezer full of Ben and Jerry's icecream!

But I restrained myself...I know I'll be visiting again soon anyway. I love coming back here, it's like home. A supremely beautiful home, adorned with gorgeous antiques and well-stocked with utterly delectable delights.

Heidi xo
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