Sunday Sardines at Demitri's Feast

Last weekend Ben and I went to Demitri’s Feast for Sunday brunch. It had been months since our last visit, where I swooned over Semolina Pancakes, and the time before that, when I fell for Backlava French Toast. This time, call me crazy, I was craving something savoury. Sardines, in fact. Sunday Sardines.

Sardines are incredibly good for you, being full of vitamin D and the Omega 3 fats EPA and DHA. I really should eat more oily fish... the aim is to eat two to three serves of per week (oily fish being salmon, tuna steaks, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines and anchovies) and I know I don't quite eat this much. So when a sardine craving rolls around, I roll right along with it. Even if it is before noon on a Sunday, when by all normal accounts I should be eating pancakes...

Once we secured a little table in the courtyard out the back, I ordered a Skim Latte, which was perfect, as always. Ben went for something a little different, a European-Style Thick Hot Chocolate. Not quite as good as the ones we delighted in on our two European adventures, but it was still a really yummy thick hot chocolate.

Here they are, my sardines. Not just any sardines, these were Sardines with Saffron Sweet and Sour Peppers on Toasted Sourdough, with Parsley and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also got a Poached Egg to go on top for some extra deliciousness. The saffron peppers were lovely and sweet, not so sour, and a truly beautiful accompaniment to the sardines. Oh and the extra virgin olive oil was supremely delicious - the generous drizzle was very welcome.

The other dish we got was Smashed Avocado with Free Range Bacon and Confit Cherry Tomatoes, plus a Poached Egg. This bacon was incredibly scrumptious, superb, and their tomatoes were also really yummy. As was the Baker D. Chirico bread.

Everything was all round delightful, really. Ben and I happily shared both dishes. We're never disappointed when we feast at Demitri's.

On the way out I grabbed a take-away skim latte – it was Sunday after all. This cute, personalised take-away cup made it all the more delightful.

Thanks for the Sunday Sardines, Demitri.

Heidi xo
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