New York Snapshot

Hi there, I'm back.

And in New York City.

I knew I would appreciate this city, on many levels. Yet I didn't expect to fall completely in love. The streets, the buildings, the trees, the parks, the food, the energy, the bar scene, the ardent (sometimes overwhelming) sense of city pride, the markets, the accessibility of it all - there really is no city like it.

My girlfriends and I are staying with our friend and her boyfriend, who have lived here for nearly 12 months. They live in the Lower East Side, which is a fantastic young, chilled area, borderline gritty - in a good way, of course ;)

We've been making our way around the city day by day, exploring keenly and every now and then relaxing in parks, laying on ridiculously lush, green New York City grass. Even the grass is spectacular here.

In the evening we tend to eat really late, which is nice - it makes your day even fuller. We've been enjoying a lot of the arts here too, such as Broadway (of course), Shakespeare, live music in bars and local poetry readings (wow, talk about feeling fabulously out of place!)

I will absolutely be doing a load of food posts and recommendations once I am home. But for now, pease enjoy this snapshot of our New York City travels to date.

Heidi xo
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