Jackson's 21st Birthday Lunch

My little brother turned 21 last month. I still believe him to be six years old, wearing his matching pyjama top and bottoms dancing around to Michael Jackson (sorry, Jackson, you know it's true...)

It would seem that he is now a man. An outrageously funny, generous, loyal, talented man, who is still a complete sweetheart.

Jackson has such a wonderful group of friends and it was so lovely that they could celebrate his birthday with us. I couldn't be happier that he is surrounded by these lovely people. I will stop gushing about how amazing my brother is but let me just say this, the girl that Jackson will fall for is a lucky girl indeed. Not only is he amazing in his own right, he also has countless skills that I bestowed upon him. I taught him how to Waltz, people. And he knows exactly what to say to a girl when she steps out in an outfit. Ahhh the benefits of growing up with a sister.

Jackson's birthday was a really wonderful celebration. There was food, table tennis, sunshine (thank goodness), laughter, presents and many many kind words. Some embarrassing words too, naturally.

It was a gorgeous day...


Roasted Almonds.

I was happy to be helping Dad man the spit.


And then it was time...

Beautiful Spit Lamb and Chicken, Pita, Tomato, Rocket, Onion and Tzatziki.

Baklava. A whole lotta Baklava.

And Turkish Delight, which always reminds me of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

There was also a cake, which mum made. I do not have any pictures of that. Perhaps I was distracted by the candles...


And with that, we had leftover spit meat for days...

Happy Birthday, Jackson. I adore you, you know that. Everyone I know knows that. You really are a supremely wonderful person.

Heidi xo
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