Afternoon Tea with My Bridesmaids

We enjoyed some glorious sunshine over the weekend in Melbourne, what a treat. And look at that, it continued on to yesterday, didn't it? Complete sunshine divinity. Ahhhh breathe it in. Saturday morning, after a trip to the Red Hill Market, Ben and I had a meeting at our Wedding venue. An eager and assured sun, rolling green hills and a vibrant sky allowed for supreme daydreaming, as we prayed for similar weather for our day in three months time.

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch at Shop Ate before heading home to get ready for a special event: I was having my bridesmaids over for afternoon tea. Thanks to my parent's who let me use their home in Red Hill for this meeting!

My girls and I had a few details to discuss – hair, earrings, shoes... you know, all the important things. Because my Maid of Honour is, in fact, a man (my brother Jackson) he is not privy to such matters and hence was not required on this day. He was the first person I wanted up there with me, I had no doubt about that. But today, it was just me and my girls.

I gave my lovely ladies little clutches, which I imagined them to use on the day and beyond. They're the perfect size, in my opinion. And, well, rather cute (link).

As we chatted Wedding details and the girls read their letters we had a little snack...what catch up at Red Hill does not involve food?

I picked up some Canelés at the market earlier that morning – these little French cakes are now most definitely a favourite of mine.

We also delighted in Fresh Red Hill Delgroso Apples – so sweet and crisp, the best. Local love, people.

Plus a little Roasted Macadamia love, from our favourite pesto man, Paul.

Gin and Tonics were planned (is there a better sunshine drink? I think not), yet were swiftly replaced by something special...

Ben surprised us with a bottle of Moët to kick of the celebrations.

He’s a keeper that boy, forever making it hard to contain how much I love him.

De, one of my bridesmaids, lives in the USA so we skyped with her during our afternoon tea. She’ll be over just before the Wedding and we cannot wait to have her here (we miss you De!). Apparently it's snowing where she is. From sunshine to snow...

We had a lovely time chatting all things Wedding and getting so ridiculously excited for all the celebrations that are ahead of us. I feel so lucky to have these amazing ladies around me.

Thank you, lovelies. You bring me so much sunshine, I feel very spoilt. I love you.

Heidi xo
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