Sunday Breakfast of Gingerbread Waffles

I feel as though I'm making a Public Service Announcement. It's my duty to share amazing cafes in Melbourne, right? Please accept this PSA, from me to you. New and already well-established cafes keep popping up on my radar. Don't we have enough brilliant cafes already? The thing, we don't. This is true. As true as my love for pancakes. And waffles.

Speaking of waffles, I totally need a waffle iron in my life...

Until that glorious day (hint, hint - Christmas present, Jackson), I guess I'll have to settle on getting my waffle fix at Mixed Business. *sigh* tough gig...

This was my breakfast yesterday: Gingerbread Waffles with Baked Maple Apples, Candied Walnuts and Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream. Quite so.

The waffles were perfectly spongey and light, and the apples were perfection - soft and balanced, not overly sweet. I wasn't a huge fan of the walnuts, and I left most of the ice-cream as don't love ice-cream in the morning (yet I'm all for waffles, pancakes, french toast and maple syrup - go figure).

What is it about the curves and cervices of waffles that sends me into a spin?

The maple syrup seeps down into the ginger-kissed grooves, and lovingly blends with the small splashes of melted, cool vanilla bean creaminess left on the waffle after I haphazardly removed the perky scoops from their spiced cake-like floor. Pools of joy, my peeps. Oooooohhh boy. Oh boy. Oh. Boy.

I was able to eat all of my waffles, which I felt was testament to their balanced flavour and measured sweetness. Granted, it's possible that I was also very hungry. Probably. Definitely.

I need a waffle iron in my life.

But until that day (read: Christmas morning??) comes, I will happily travel to Clifton Hill, to Mixed Business where they make lovely eggs and a whole manner of tasty offerings beyond these Gingerbread Waffles. Their coffee is also fantastic, supremely beautiful - one of the best in Melbourne, in my opinon. I'm so thrilled and thankful that my school friend, Tess, introduced me to this gem. I now thoroughly adore it.

I hope your Sunday was filled with joy, whether waffle-inspired or otherwise. Hopefully both, like mine.

Heidi xo