Salted Fudge Brownies for Ben's Birthday

This past year I've totally jumped on the salted sweets bandwagon. I'm quite happy to be a sheep and follow the hungry flock if the flock is onto something good. It turns out they were some crafty sheep. Sweet + Salt = Ingenious.

There is just something supremely sublime about a smooth, rich saccharine base plus a sprinkle of sharp saltiness... combining, contrasting and ultimately vivaciously dancing the jive together as you take a bite. It's a glorious thing.

Glorious it may be, nevertheless it's a demonstrably foreign notion to me practically, as a cook. Lately I've been itching to change this fact. Last Thursday was Ben's Birthday, which I deemed the perfect occasion to try out a salted sweet recipe I've been lusting after. Salted Fudge Brownies (recipe link). Oh yes I did.

Do you know Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt? (if you don't you should). Well these brownies are like that but intensified. They're really very, incredibly fudgey and perfectly poised to make you get up and jive. The zing of the salt against the deep cocoa fudge will do that to you. Just beware of this fact, in case you eat them in public.

* Note: I cooked my brownies for 25 minutes, not the 35 minutes recommended. I suggest you test them early if your oven is efficient like mine. Overcooked brownies are a crime.


We celebrated Ben's Birthday with a group of friends, enjoying a casual dinner at Rock Kung - a Classic Chinese Restaurant located in Glen Waverley (Ben's hometown). Ben and his family would frequent this place when he was growing up, so it was an easy, nostalgic choice of venue. My favourites were the Steamed Fish with Soy, Shallots and Coriander and the Garlic Snow Pea Sprouts. Clean, fresh, favourite. And for dessert...Salted Fudge Brownies, cut into bite sized pieces. Salted sweet love.


Happy Birthday, gorgeous. You're the sweetness to my saltiness. Hang on.... that's not right. Correct sentiment, let's try that again...

Dear Ben, Happy Birthday. I love you and I love our life, filled with adventure, excitement, comfort, love and importantly: Salted Fudge Brownie happiness-induced dancing.

Heidi xo
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