Mount Buller Getaway

How was everyone's New Years Eve? I hope you all snagged a little time for fun with loved ones. Ben and I were lucky enough to spend the long weekend at Mount Buller with my girlfriend and her man - he has an apartment up there, and it turned out to be the perfect spot for a mini getaway. How lucky are we?

Three days and three nights of nothing but chilling out with friends, beautiful views, reading, hiking, cooking, watching movies and fashioning helmets out of watermelons. It was completely wonderful and completely what I was craving. Thanks George and Alex, you're beyond amazing.


Is there anything better than waking up in the morning and straight away diving into a cup of tea and a book? I don't think so.

Saturday morning. Yoghurt, Rolled Oats, Banana. The Snowman. George and Alex have both read this book, and so I was keenly exclaiming details to them whenever anything juicy happened. Book obsessions are such fun to share.

Walking up to the Summit

Many people believe George and I to be twins, or at the very least, Sisters. Teachers would always mix us up and we'd be sent home with the other's report cards. We've known each other since we were babies. She's one of my bridesmaids and, well, she's pretty fantastic.

It may be my recent obsession with BBC adaptations of Jane Austen novels, but I truly felt like I was strolling the English countryside in 1795 - getting, as they say, some ever so beneficial exercise. Except whilst wearing leggings. Not quite 1795 attire.

We went on two hikes during our stay. Neither too strenuous for an outstanding length of time, yet always beautiful.

Saturday Afternoon. Never wanting to leave this spot.

New Years Eve Celebrations

Learning how to play Big 2. Often losing, sometimes winning, always competitive.

Vita-Weat Crackers, Smoked Almonds, Chicnuts.

BBQ. Salad with Goats Cheese, Corn on the cob, Mushrooms, Salt and Vinegar Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, as well as butterflied Lamb.

Did you know it's good luck to make Watermelon Helmets on New Years Eve?

True story.

But maybe don't look that up.


New Years Day

Potato Rosti, Scrambled Eggs and Avocado. A sign of good things to come in 2012? Why, yes, I believe so.

Picnicing by the River. Stream? Creek. No, river.

Slippery rocks, a fairly strong current, a rock throwing contest (George won) and completely divine, cooling water. Bliss? Yes, bliss.

Salad Sandwich: avocado, cucumber, tomato, spinach leaves, leftover sweet potato rounds and goats cheese. On Multigrain.

And my book. Naturally.

Back at the apartment, all that watermelon was put to great use. A Watermelon, Vodka, Mint Cocktail with a touch of Ginger Beer. Bravo, Alex.

Plus some Gin-Spiked, Mint-Dressed Watermelon Cubes. Too cute.

Dinner.Pasta with Tomato, Garlic, Basil and Mascarpone Sauce. Red Wine. Happy.

Drunken, Caramelised Banana with Chocolate Liqueur and Mascarpone. A random kitchen experiment due to George's sweet craving.

Movie. Bed. Sleep. Slumber. Rest.


Milk run in the morning.

Breakfast on the balcony. Yogurt, Rolled Oats, Watermelon. Never ending watermelon.


I could stay here forever.

But alas...

I was lured to the car and away from the magical mountain by the promise of a Frosty Fruit.

Lunch was Moroccan Lamb Pie in Yarck on the way home. The Tea Rooms in Yarck are supposed to be excellent, just FYI.



Swimming in the sea. My skin was given that rejuvenating salt-kissed bath it so craved. Summer. 2012. An incredible start to the year. Excitement.

Heidi xo