A New York City Love Affair

What can I say? New York, you’re beautiful.

I was not prepared to fall this far in love with New York City. And so fast. But it happened. It happened and I don’t quite know how to get it out of my mind.

It’s not an unrequited love, New York was incredibly warm and generous with it's affection. It enveloped me with it's charm, perpetually teasing me, enticing me to stay and leaving me with no doubt about it's true feelings.

Yet it is a love that is separated by a grand distance. It’s not like it could never be…one day in the future maybe we’ll be together. But for now, I’ll have to settle on these memories. Snapshots of a beautiful time, my Summer romance with New York City. I will forever be in a New York State of Mind. And that’s just fabulous.

Heidi xo
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