Weekend Breakfast Snapshot

Here, have some pancakes. It’s Monday and I have the sneaking suspicion they might make things a little easier on you.

How was your weekend? Mine was rather great, thank you. The Wedding countdown continues (less than 5 weeks to go) and Saturday we spent part of the day at Chadstone searching for a few goodies. We also met up with my parents and Dad bought himself a Wedding Day outfit. I’m beyond impressed, he looks so damn cool and classy. Dad’s not a shopper, he’s just not. And even though he was utterly out of his comfort zone, he found himself a new jacket, a pair of pants, a belt and a shirt. Bam. Well done, Dad. Ben and I ended our Saturday at The Australian Open with friends, watching Serena Willaims and then Leyton Hewitt play on centre court and progress to the next round. T’was quite awesome.

But first…first we made pancakes. Well, actually, first we went to the gym. Ben and I seem to have started the year off brilliantly - our Mount Buller getaway really put us in a beautiful, healthy space and we’re feeling super fit and energetic. Don’t you love that?

Ok enough already, here you go... your pancakes. Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes.

You’re welcome.

I fell in love with Heidi Swanson's recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes nearly two years ago (recipe link), and it is still very dear to my heart. I omit the butter and add a dash more buttermilk when making my version, however, and I don’t add quite so much sugar. I’ve only once made the blueberry syrup, instead I tend to gravitate towards Pure Maple Syrup and fresh fruit as a topping. Ben likes his with Ice-Cream. He's such an ice-cream freak. Give him ice-cream for breakfast and he's happy. Me? I love these pancakes.

They’re pretty great, lovelies, get on them. Buttermilk continues to rock my world. Oh, and Mum and Dad, I took these roses from the clinic when at work last Wednesday. I hope that’s ok. I might do the same this week too…just so you know.

My new love, Russian Caravan Tea. It tastes a little dirty, so it was not love and first cup. But this rich, gritty brew has grown on me, and now I find myself frequently craving a cup.


If you’re not such a pancake lover, a) What’s wrong with you, b) Let me present you with offerings from our Sunday spread, maybe you'll find something there that grabs your fancy and c) I apologise for my tone in point a). That wasn’t nice.

Boiled egg and *the best* Rainbow Raspberry Jam for her…

Omelette with Spinach Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes and Parmesan for him.

Both with Rye Toast, both with Berries and both with the Sunday papers.

There you go, my weekend breakfast snapshot. How about yourself? Did you delight in anything particularly delectable this past weekend?

Heidi xo