Breakfast in Bed

Tick, tock, tick tock... Once the big hand hits seven I am invariably woken from my slumber. Even on the weekend, my body refuses to allow me to continue as I was, happily dreaming. Apparently it's time to get up. And so I oblige.

Ben, on the other hand, can sleep for hours and hours, and then some more. And so it often goes that I wake, make myself a comforting cup of hot lemon water or tea and settle on the couch to read and blog. Sometimes, if Ben is feeling particularly sleepy, I end up having both a hot lemon water and a cup of tea... Tick, tock, tick, tock. On these particularly sleepy days, I am left with a conundrum. Twiddling my thumbs, I find myself debating whether or not to be kind and let Ben continue to sleep, or be selfish and wake him up in the hope of spending more time together.

More often than not, I let him sleep in. Is that true? I'd like to think so. Maybe not... But anyway, recently I was feeling oh so generous and let him sleep in for a loooong time. A really long time. A great many hours had ticked by, during which I entertained myself with blogging, reading, going for a run and watching a movie. But still he slept. And so I decided it was time for breakfast in bed. In my logic, I felt that if I were to start cooking, he may in fact rise with hungry enthusiasm, ready to start the morning (read: afternoon). It worked.

Breakfast in Bed.

On a shopping trip last month, Ben informed me that he was going to purchase Cocoa Pops, as it was the holidays and, well, that's what you do in the holidays. Yep, just like when you were five. On this sleepy day, a small bowl was in order. Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy. Indeed.

To go with his cereal I cooked an egg, spread some pesto over rye toast and finished it with a shaving of parmesan. Simple, savoury, scrumptious.

Breakfast in bed. It's what you do for your loved ones, right? The crumbs may be annoying, but at least it will ensure they wake up... and your friendly little wake up call will be delicious and attentive, if not a tad cunning. How sweet is that?

Heidi xo