Valentines Day

Remember when I said that I wasn't going to bore you with more lovey dovey stuff? Well that's all very fine and good, but then Ben went and made me a Valentines dinner that was too sweet to not share. So I'm going to. Warning: lovey dovey-ness ahead. On Valentines Day evening, I arrived home from a long 4.5 hour drive to find my man cooking. I love it when he gets in the kitchen, whatever tasty creation that emerges is always creative and inspired and full of flavour - he's fabulously eager with the spice, garlic and zest!

I did my bit to help by setting the table...

and waiting patiently for what appeared to be some sort of Indian dish, deduced from the hungry peeks I sneaked around the kitchen door. But soon enough I could not wait any longer, and so I tiptoed around the kitchen and took a few happy snaps. Just to capture how wonderful he is. Love it.

And then it was time to plate up...

Moroccan Chicken with Carrot Pilaf.

It was supremely yummy. My man did good, kids.

He used two different recipes (links 1 and 2), after deciding on a whim that he felt like a Moroccan meal. Instead of using a whole chicken, as the recipe instructs, Ben used two chicken breasts, cut down the oil but kept the spice quantity the same. I told you we like spice! He also used olive oil instead of ghee and added sultanas to the pilaf, which was a great move. I debated keeping the leftovers for myself, but I gave them to Ben. Because I love him. Or because I'm stupid. Yeah, right about now I'm thinking it's because of the latter.

Time for a little gift exchange...

I found Ben a picnic basket at an op shop recently, and thought it was a bit cute.

So I bought it and put a Tootsie Roll and love heart chocolate inside. Have you ever tried a Tootsie Roll? I haven't, but they sound cool. And I'm pretty sure I've heard them mentioned in American movies. So I bought one. We'll see what it's like!

Ben bought me a beautiful block of Koko Black chocolate for a little Valentines sweetness.

So there you go, our Valentines Day. Not too much mushy love mush, rather quite a suitable amount, I feel. Ample mush.

Heidi xo