The Hours Before the Wedding...

Firstly, thank you so much for all your gorgeous, happy comments on my last post. Our wedding was perfect. I did indeed dance and feast and laugh and cry. I had the best day. I am now a wife. And I have a husband. I know that's how it works... that's part of the deal. But it's still so surreal, I'm finding it hard to believe. Once I get our Wedding pictures I will eagerly jump to share some with you. But until then, let me share the moments leading up to it.


The hours before the Wedding I spent with my bridesmaids. We had a sleepover at Peta's house, went out for breakfast at Snow Pony and then had our hair and makeup done. These hours were a gleeful flurry of laughter and nervous excitement. My girls were divine, showering me with love and attention and helping me ease into this incredible day without too many nerves. I will always cherish this time spent with my ladies. My beautiful, shining, warm, funny girls.

Friday night we gathered for dinner at Peta's house, with Barbecued Salmon and a Pear, Rocket, Honeyed Walnut and Goats Cheese Salad. Thank you, Jeff and Meryl, for having us stay. Your hospitality is incredible.

A Champagne Toast.

After dinner we headed upstairs for some sweets and a movie - Father of the Bride. Early nineties movies are truly the best.

Jess is a star, she made these darling little Strawberry, Mascarpone Tarts with Balsamic Drizzle for us to nibble. Delicious.

Present time! I had already gifted my girls a clutch, which I gave them at our afternoon tea catch up a few months ago. So tonight it was time for something a little sentimental. I gave my gals a little bag of goodies and a card telling them how amazing they are. Because they really are.

I had been searching for floral tea-cup and saucer sets in op shops since last September. I ended up with about seven sets, all quite different - green, classic white, pink and black! This made choosing the perfect one for each girl really fun, matching them with their personalities. I can't wait to have a tea party together, with all of our pretty teacups. I also included a tiny jar of Bon Maman Cherry Jam, some cupcake paper cups and a little box of organic peppermints. Sweetness.

My mum was a little sad that I wasn't spending the night at home, but alas, my divine hairdresser was too far from Red Hill. So she put together a little gift pack for me to open with my girls. Of course she did - she's the best. Included was my Wedding scent, Vera Wang Bouquet, a retro cocktail book and some cute cards. Love you, mum.

It was then time for Cake! A Tasti D'Lite cake made of peanut butter cup, nutella and butter pecan. We've fallen a little in love with Tasti D'Lite, ever since our NYC adventures. Peta, thanks for this, you're fabulous.

Somehow we got ourselves to bed at a respectable hour and I managed to get a good 6-7 hours of sleep, although the extreme butterflies in my stomach woke me many, many times!


In the morning we all piled into one bed and had some special moments of sleepy chatter and giggles. It was my Wedding day. Incredible.

After showering and gathering our goods, we headed out to breakfast, arriving right when Snow Pony were opening and snagging a table out the back. It was warm and wonderful and I remember feeling like I was floating on air, elevated by persistent fluttering butterflies.

Things just got even better when my friend, Adam, surprised me with a visit and flowers! Adam was unable to attend our Wedding, as he was a groomsman in a wedding that same day. The fact that he lives interstate now and I rarely see him made this visit even more special. He's such a gem.

No-one was surprised by the deliciousness of Snow Pony's breakfast and coffee. Yeah, that's pretty expected, pretty stable. Pun completely intended.

Smashed Avocado with Feta and a Poached Egg on Wholegrain Toast for me.


Bircher Muesli


Skim Latte


Smooth and beautiful. To help me be smooth and beautiful also...

It was now time for hair and make-up.

The staff at Minks were terribly accommodating to us babbling, buzzing broads. We sipped Moët, chatted nonstop and set up shop in their salon. Thank you.

My hairdresser, Erin, is....well, she's a goddess. Incredibly talented. And refreshing and cool and calm and just fabulous. I adore her.

I also adore my bridesmaid, George, who did all of our make-up. She is supremely talented and was just so collected and professional and downright brilliant. I cannot thank her enough for her time, skill, love and support.

George used air-brushing foundation, which was so much fun. It felt like a dream on - so light!

Once we were all jazzed up, we piled into the car and drove to the Wedding venue. Thank you, Jess for driving us and Michael, for making your roomy car available for us girls. That drive down was so much fun. Peta had organised wholegrain salad wraps and little boxes of fruit salad for us to eat on the way, as well as ice-cold water bottles to help us stay hydrated in 37 degree heat. See? I told you. She's fabulous.

And then it was time...

Heidi xo
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