A Simple Lunch

You made apple and quince pancakes with quinoa flour for breakfast. That recipe needs tweaking but it was fancy enough to satisfy your need for weekend food pizzaz. You just did your weekly grocery shop at Oakleigh Market. You bought fish and lamb backstrap, parmesan, nutmeg and a truck-load of fresh vegetables. And dry roasted almonds, you'll be making almond butter this week.

Your man is sleeping off that eager portion of Friday drinks he had last night.

It's time for lunch. Something simple, you've got groceries to put away.

Steam some sweet potato. Leave the skin on, it's full of nutrients. Just give them a good scrub. Cook extra, you'll use them during the week in salads. Your small, elongated logs should take ~20minutes to steam through nicely. They'll be just like in Thailand at Baan Dada. Nature's candy. They're unbelievably good, no embellishments required.

Boil some eggs. Place two lovelies in cold water, bring to the boil then turn off the heat and cover. Leave for 13 minutes then rinse under cool water, peel. Done. Perfect hard-boiled eggs.

Steam some spinach.

Pluck some fresh basil leaves.

Sit outside with your plate and a book.

A simple lunch.

Sometimes simple is best.

Heidi xo