Weekend Inspiration.

Saturday and Sunday.

Two simple days that encourage so much happiness and dreaming and promise...promise of future deliciousness. Inspiration comes keenly on the weekend. Currently I'm fuelled by thoughts of beautiful bread, thickly sliced, earthy salads and perfect pancakes. And now nothing is more certain than my desire to create.

Saturday morning I found inspiration in a loaf of Dench wholegrain. Walking to the shops early morning and cradling your loaf as you make the journey back makes it extra special.

Boiled eggs, avocado, slow-roasted roma tomatoes and thick slices of Dench divinity warmed in the oven.

I then felt inspired to make mini sandwiches to eat in the car later that day. We had a Wedding on Saturday, and with two ceremonies (due to two different faiths) I felt that snacks would be in order. They were. Nut butter and Jam for her. Nutella for him.

On this day I also found inspiration in a Cauliflower Salad at Shop Ate in Mt Eliza. Roasted cauliflower with radish, cherry tomatoes, almonds, pistachio, dill, crème fraîche, pear and parseman. I'm now itching to make some earthy salads using roasted vegetables, nuts and crème fraîche. These salads speak to me...I hear Autumn, I hear Winter, I hear root vegetables, I hear wholesome comfort, I hear love.

Sunday morning I found inspiration in  Ricotta Hotcakes at Three Bags Full. With orange-infused ricotta and baked fruit, these hotcakes were complete bliss. Crisp on the outside and perfectly fluffy with a friendly amount of ricotta ooze, these pancakes left me pondering whether I am cooking my pancakes on too low a heat... I am inspired to get pancake making to see whether this inkling is true.

Weekend inspiration.

What's inspiring you lately?

Heidi xo