A Long Weekend of Red Hill Eats

Are you ready for this? Brace yourself, folks. I must profess, we started out with rather modest intentions for a little weekend getaway at my parents' house in Red Hill. We envisaged rugging up by the fire, clasping mugs of hot tea in our hands and enjoying toe-warming meals. And indeed all this loveliness did take place. But then it turned into a bit of an eating extravaganza. More and more opportunities for yum popped up. It had been a while since we'd delighted in a Red Hill weekend of yum. And so we rolled with it, taking every pie in our stride.

It turned into quite the delicious three days.

Ben and I visited many locations and purchased an array of beautiful produce, re-familiarising ourselves with the wonder that is the Mornington Peninsula. It really is a special corner of the world.

Morning walks and jogs helped stimulate our apparently ravenous appetites. Walks at Red Hill are one of my favourite things. In the world. Ever. So that's what we did. We walked and we ate food. We had a lovely time with my parents and grandparents, also. I'm lucky to have such beautiful people around me who appreciate deliciousness as much as I do. Yes, we had quite the fabulous long weekend.

So here we go, our eating long weekend.


A late breakfast at Shop Ate, in Mt Eliza.

Gravlax, poached eggs, fennel and parmesan salad.

Italian doughnuts. Otherwise known as heaven.


A late lunch at Somers General Store.

Calamari with lime, steak sandwich with caramelised onions and beetroot relish, chips with aioli and a rocket and fennel salad.

Chocolate cake. Soft, nutty, super moist, rich and decidedly nutella-esque. So understandably, it was completely delicious.


At Casa Mum and Dad.

Cocktails. I'm unsure what this was exactly. Although I am sure it was tasty.

Venison carpaccio with capers and horseradish cream (made using my parent's homegrown horseradish).

Sicilian venison steaks with celeriac puree (recipe link). We were completely spoilt by Mum and Dad with that venison. It. Was. Divine.

Leftover wedding sorbet.


Pier Provedore in Flinders for breakfast.

We shared scrambled eggs with loads of veggie goodness and an egg and bacon ciabatta. Plus lovely lattes.

And then we bought apples. Which we left at Red Hill. Tear.


Johnny Ripe pie for dinner. A family beef pie. Everything about this pie was perfect. Quality ingredients translates to exceptional taste, my friends. I then made Ben watch Downton Abbey.


Wine tasting at Port Phillip Estate.

Then onto Foxeys Hangout for more wine and lunch-time eats. The food was all incredibly delicious. Foxeys is a real favourite.

Bread with olive oil and pistachio spice, quail, duck rillettes, mushrooms in vine leaves, leek with goats cheese and orange, lamb meatballs.

Vanilla ice-cream brick with hot chocolate sauce, plus blue cheese and figs in port.

And there you go, friends, a long weekend of Red Hill eats. Endless amounts of yum.

Did I do you proud? I think so. I highly recommend all the above deliciousness, I know some have been asking after Red Hill recommendations. Do head down there, it's a beautiful place.

Now to save my pennies. It shall be soup and beans for a week.

Heidi xo