My Favourite Thing

I have a few favourite things in my life. Quite a few, actually. What can I say? Things pop up - a recipe, a picture, an activity, a book...something lovely, something wonderful. And it steals a place in my heart. It becomes a favourite.

Currently, my most favourite thing in the whole wide world is rugging up for a morning walk at my parents' house in Red Hill. I appear to be falling even more in love with Red Hill this Winter. If that's even possible... I feel it has something to do with the intense chill in the air. It's wholly rejuvenating and awfully good for my soul.

After my morning walk I will head home or scoot out with my family for breakfast. Lovely local produce is always involved.

It's my favourite thing.

I've been lucky enough to have work take me down to the Mornington Peninsula quite often lately, and so I've been able to practice my favourite ritual rather frequently. And recently, over the long weekend, Ben joined me. It was my most favourite time of the whole weekend (and we had a really great weekend, so that's saying something).


On the Monday of the long weekend the weather was affectionately chilly. It was cool enough to encourage that extra layer of clothing often required during Winter, yet the the sunshine made it all terribly agreeable. It was lovely.

The bridle track, where we walk, was suitable muddy for this time of year. Red Hill, red mud. My socks were saturated. But that's just part of the fun.

Once we got to the shops we enjoyed a latte at Red Hill Cellars.


And then we headed home, passing houses and planning a future when we could one day move back here. To be able to breathe this air everyday would be heaven. For now, weekend visits will suffice. And that's not too shabby, now is it?

Flinders Sourdough goodies were awaiting us for breakfast.

High-top sourdough and beach buns, toasted with butter and jam.

I love the retro tiles in my parent's kitchen.

Their sourdough is good. Really good. Another new favourite? Yes.

I've spoken of my love for these beach buns before. They're like happiness on a plate, completely and utterly joyful.


Let's talk toast. I very rarely have it for breakfast during the week. I find toast doesn't fill me up adequately. Unless I have eggs with my toast, and I find them a tad fiddly to make during the working week. Plus, I have no toaster, so it involves a bit of oven work, which quite frankly I do not enjoy at 7:30am on a Tuesday. Less of a favourite. Presently, it's all yoghurt, fruit, flax and oats. But lately, weekends have called for toast. Fruit toast in particular.

Oh, and that toast holder above? I found it at a garage sale over the weekend. I have a thing about family breakfasts, they bring me an insurmountable amount of joy. And even though Ben and I do not yet actually own a toaster, and it's still just us two, I see myself using this with our own family one day. Little ones like toast. And I shall line up fresh slices for their hungry little hands to grab. Happiness.

Future favourite.

Heidi xo

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