Bonjardim for Benjamin

And so the honeymoon continues. We moved from Istanbul, Turkey to Lisbon, Portugal. Otherwise known as Ben's motherland. Well, that's what he claims anyway - Ben is 1/8th Portuguese. Really he just likes Piri Piri Chicken, let's be real.

So what did I plan the day we arrived in hot, hilly, happening Lisbon? A visit to the spot for classic roast chicken. Piri piri sauce was obligatory. I'm a good wife.

It was a late lunch by the time we took our outdoor seats at  Bonjardim, and so the gigantic plate of chicken and chips (served to us by a rather cheeky waiter) went down a real treat. The chicken was wonderfully tender, with a lovely crisp skin. These guys certainly know how to cook a bird. Their chips were plainly perfect - the ones pulled from under where the chicken was nesting were illegally delicious, after soaking up all the hot, juicy, seasoned goodness. Oh man.

Our chilled bottle of wine also went down a real treat *enter strolling around the city in a sun-dazed, late afternoon, wine-kissed haze*.

Salad, for good measure.

The piri piri sauce was essentially a spiced oil. It was hot. Hot as though a fire was storming from somewhere very deep inside you - albeit a tasty, seasoned fire, which was very welcomed on roasted chicken meat. It was fabulous. We dipped and applied to our chicken as desired. And we desired a lot of piri piri.

Ben charmed his way to the back of the restaurant to check out the rotisserie. Clearly he felt at home.

Our piri piri experience was a very good predictor for the perfect three days we spent in Portugal. In essence, relaxed fabulousness.

It was a brief visit, but we fell hard and fast for this spectacular city. I look forward to sharing all the wonderful sights and scrumptious bites we encountered over the next few posts.

Lisbon. It's where it's at.

Heidi xo

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