Dinner, Drinks and Dancing

Just a few recommendations if you're ever in Lisbon. I imagine you'd all like to know where to grab an affordable, delicious, fresh meal. And where end your night with a cocktail or two. So let's go, we've got plans - dinner, drinks and dancing.


Check out Cantinho Do Bem Estar for no-fuss traditional seafood. There’s a good variety of quality, fresh seafood dishes on offer. You’re guaranteed a big serve of tasty here, with friendly service.

We ordered a serve of prawns, which came with a thick mustard-style sauce. Oh, this was yum. For our main we ordered the doyrada, which came adorned with strawberries and little scrumptious potatoes. This fish was absolutely stunning.


Principal Real has a number of really cool cocktail bars, so we headed there for drinks a few times. I don't know about you, but relaxing after a day of sightseeing with a fancy-pants drink is my idea of lovely.

Pavilhão Chinês. This place is kitsch cool, although I have no doubt that it would be terrifying after a few drinks. So many dolls, kitsch cool would fast become kitsch creepy.

Champagne with cherry for me.

Pina Colada for Ben, and yes he does like getting caught in the rain.

Cinco Lounge. I like to be surprised with cocktails, hinting at favourite flavours or ingredients and seeing what the bar tender creates. Ben stated he loved lychee, and was presented with the Princess Scarlette. Heh.

I favoured gin and was made an amazing basil and black pepper cocktail. It was like garden in a cup, in the best possible way.


Ok, I feel I may have mislead you here. Ben and I didn't actually go out clubbing on our honeymoon. We did, however, dance all the way back to our hotel after those cocktails.

If you're not into dancing you can always stroll. I was always down for a stroll when in Lisbon. It's a spectacular city.

Summer sunsets and sprawling squares.

Dinner, drinks and dancing.

Heidi xo
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