Gelato Stop in Lisbon

Lisbon. Let's explore this infectious city one last time, shall we?

I so favour destinations that are effortlessly cool. Lisbon draws you in with it's elegant nonchalance. With it's rich history and charming architecture, as well as quality restaurants and exciting bar scene, it's pretty much my ideal destination. Oh, and it has a castle, too - a full-on, Robin Hood and his Merry Men Castle. See? Effortlessly cool.

All this exploring requires fuel, yes? How about a sweet scoop at Fragoleto Gelato? Sounds marvellous, doesn't it. This gorgeous gelateria craft their own, quality gelato with pride. Their flavours are energetic, I thoroughly enjoyed the peach and cinnamon. We visited this shop on numerous occasions while in Lisbon and always left with greedy gelato grins.

Gelato. Lisbon. Let's go back.

Heidi xo

Lisbon Notes

Length of stay: 3 days - a good amount of time.

Accommodation: we stayed at Olissippo Castelo (great online deal) and found it to be a fabulous location (right near the castle, on the hill. All those steps encouraged a ravenous appetite, which was welcome in this delicious city). Where we ate - see previous posts: Stumbling across Sardines, Dinner, Drinks and Dancing, Tasca da Esquina, Pasteis de Belem and Bonjardim.

Highlights: wandering around Aflama district, Portuguese tarts at Pasteis de Belem, exploring Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, being upgraded at our hotel then surprised with a bottle of honeymoon champagne, park hopping, spontaneous sardines, cheap taxi rides (really, everything in Lisbon is cheap compared to the rest of Europe), seeing Ben have authentic piri piri chicken, morning runs with stunning city views around the castle, basil and black pepper cocktails and illegally delicious baked octopus. Yeah, there were a lot of highlights in Lisbon.

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