Friends Don't Let Friends Go Home Without a Take-Home Pack

Ben and I have this friend. His name is Ben.

Ben is wonderful, he's really into food and creates delicious meals, which we get to devour at our little dinner parties. That's one of my favourite things about being a grown up - dinner parties. Especially when they involve friends who love food and get just as excited over quality extra virgin olive oil as I do. Our recent dinner party with Ben involved Ben and I visiting Ben's house (still with me?), where Ben put on a supremely tasty spread. He's quite the confident cook, which is really nice. I tend to be in the habit of apologising for meals if I'm unsure of it's deliciousness - a very unattractive trait, I know. But Ben just serves it up. Yes, I could learn a thing or two from him. And man, does he make a good drunken chicken.

Let's start with a Dark and Stormy, shall we? Note: Ben adds bitters to his version. It's delicious, like a lazy sun-drenched afternoon in a cup. Oh yes, please do fill 'er up.

Drunken Chicken and Bruised Salad, a delightful interplay of flavours that's downright delicious.

For dessert, Ben made Niel Perry's Passionfruit Tart. Dessert is a given at our dinner parties. I fear the day I reach for a block of chocolate instead of a pudding or pie...Ben, don't let that happen, ok? I so adore our fancy-pants approach. Way to start the weekend off right, you know?

Then there was cheese and port, whilst watching The Blues Brothers.

Oh, and Ben always sends us home with a take-home pack, which Ben and I promptly fight over. You can see why I appreciate this friendship, can't you. Friends don't let friends go home without a take-home pack.

Heidi xo
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