Buttered Promises in Paris

Paris is romance. It's history, elegance and light. Paris is assuming and perfect and it knows it, yes it absolutely knows it...but I adore it still.

It's just far too easy to fall in love with this city. And like any good love story, it might break your heart a little, but you'll leave enriched, a better person for it. True romance does that to you.

Paris broke our hearts this visits with its temperamental weather. It chastised us with sporadic downpours and violent storms, and then left us swooning with rich, buttered promises. We spent four days in this city of light and love on our 5 week honeymoon, joined by one of my bffs who is currently living in France. Our Marais apartment was perfectly quaint, poising us for many adventures and tasty treats. We re-visited favourite parks and museums, and meandered our way along sprawling boulevards. Walking all day does wonders for your appetite. Luckily we were no longer foraging backpackers and thus could afford to eat out with a cocktail or two. And wine, always wine...

We may have been treated to harsh, unpredictable weather and some offensively expensive beverage bills, but I don't mind...it's Paris. I'll always forgive and always come back for more buttered promises. I'm just a fool in love.

paris 3.jpeg
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