Paris: Day 4

On this day, our fourth in Paris, Peta and I went for a lovely long morning walk around the Tuileries. I so miss this lady, my dear friend living abroad. She speaks truths and is ever intelligent and inspiring.

The Louvre, my favourite building. The history buff in me is so very happy in Paris.


For breakfast this morning we ventured to Montmarte for Gontran Cherrier pastries, before exploring the area.

Paris...what a view.

Cafe Charlot

The three of us decided that a classic French cafe lunch was in order. Something simple, something classy... something like Cafe Charlot. This gem, located opposite the Marché des Enfants Rouges in the Marais, was everything we wanted and more.

I had the fish of the day with green beans. Easy and delicious.

While Peta and Ben both had the steak tartare.

After paying our bill we ran into Sarah Jessica Parker outside the cafe. No big deal. We didn't even care...much...

And we absolutely did not hightail it to Kong for Cosmopolitans. Nope.

After gaining composure, we headed to the Tuileries and parked ourselves on some chairs. Here we read our novels and did some quality people watching. An afternoon well spent.


Peta is a dear - even though Ben and I have both been lucky enough to visit Paris multiple times in the past, she wanted to give us romantic honeymoon Paris time each day. And so later that afternoon Peta went back to the apartment to relax, while my husband and I had a sweet moment with Berthillon on the Île Saint-Louis.

Salted caramel perfection.

Joséphine “Chez Dumonet”

For dinner we had a booking at the classic French Bistro in Saint Germain, Joséphine " Chez Dumonet". Set in an 1880s vintage dining room (enough said), this experience was an absolute treat, and absolutely one I will always cherish. Tip: make your reservation in advance!

Complimentary gazpacho. Softly sweet.

Peta's beef bourguignon. Hearty, thick, rich comfort. Her green beans were lovely also.

My confit duck. Perfection. So much meat, so soft and succulent, encased in deliriously thin, crisp, seasoned skin.

Served alongside duck fat potatoes....too much...too much.

Ben's steak fillet was true quality, completely delicious. We found the butter sauce nice but rather unnecessary - the steak was incredible on it's own. Well, with duck fat potatoes, of course.

For dessert Peta went light with lovely sugared Summer berries.

I delighted in the stately soufflé, which was served alongside a shot of grand marnier, which completely brought out the flavour of the soufflé. Fabulous.

Ben went with our classic favourite - Crème brûlée. This quaint little dish was modest in it's brilliance. I may or may not have eaten most of this serving. It was love.

And there you have our fourth day in Paris. A day filled with traditional French eats, fantastical and unforgettable Parisian romance and a touch of wonder. What more could you want?

Heidi xo
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