David's 30th Birthday Party

Thank you for all your truly lovely, warm, comforting comments on my recent post about my brother’s birthday. I wish I could send you all a batch of I Miss Him Cookies as a thank you. I feel very special to have such love sent my way, my whole family does. What gorgeous people you are.

Turning 30 is a big deal, so as hard as it all is, we knew we wanted to celebrate. Last Sunday we had close family friends around to my parents’ house and threw a party for David. While it was absolutely beautiful, it was absolutely heartbreaking. But I kept most of my emotions tucked away in that little corner of my heart so as to be able to actually make it through the day.

Mum and Dad made CDs filled with David's music, his classic compositions as well some lyrical works. Later in the day we all gathered to admire the memorial sculpture our incredibly talented friend made. It’s the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen. 

And we ate, of course we ate. Thanks for friends for bringing nibbles, cheese and delicious salads to go with our food. Mum made gorgeous galettes with leek, roasted capsicum and olives (using Maggi Beer's sour cream pastry), as well as ham and cheese croissants and sausages with onion and chutneys in rolls. And Ben and I made peanut butter cookies and ricotta doughnuts for sweets.

It was really, really lovely… a special sun-kissed day. I just wish that David could have been there to celebrate with us. He would have loved the attention. And the peanut butter cookies, his favourite.

Heidi xo
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