Lazing and Grazing in Marrakech

Here we go, more Marrakech excitement following on from my previous post. Although this time, it's a little less hectic...

Ben and I, along with our friend Peta who has been living in France, were visiting Morocco this past July. July in Morocco is hot. Some might say too hot. The lovely Ines from Riad Abracadabra was one such person, and suggested the three of us visit a day spa to escape the intense heat. And so we did.

After a short car ride we found ourselves at Beldi Country Club, where we delighted in a day of truly resplendent relaxation. What a stunning wedding location this would be. The three of us indulged in hammam, swimming, poolside reading and a three course lunch. It was one of the most lovely days, the perfect remedy for intense heat and market mayhem.

We left lighter, centred. Ready to tackle Marrakech once more.


Now I'd love to show you our accommodation, Riad Abracadabra. We couldn't have asked for a more prefect home for our three nights in Marrakech. A short 2 minute walk from Djemaa el Fna, this Riad Abracadabra is elegant and lovely, terribly luxurious but not pretentious. It's a dream.

Ben and I stayed in the beautiful "Merlin Deluxe Suite", and Peta had her own junior suite. With their oh so gorgeous rooms, a rooftop with a pool and lounges, their beautiful breakfast spread and incredibly friendly staff, we couldn't recommend this special spot more.

Breakfast. Good morning.

Rooftop drinks and olives (supplied by us).

I love a rooftop view. With so much going on down below, it puts everything in perspective. Somehow being up high helps to ground me.


Later that night we had a beautiful dinner at Al Fassia. Note, this was Al Fassia Aguedal, not Al Fassia Gueliz. Yeah, we learnt that the hard way.

At this simply gorgeous restaurant, the three of us enjoyed lamb tagine with prunes and almonds, chicken tagine with pumpkin, perfect pastilla and a variety of Moroccan salads. It was all stunning, a real Marrakech highlight. If you're keen for a restaurant meal as a change from Djemaa el Fna food stall fun, give Al Fassia Aguedal a try. You'll feel like a little bit like royalty.

Well fed royalty.


And with that, we waved goodbye to Peta (who was returning to France), and headed to Italy. I was terribly sad to say goodbye to Marrakech, a city I truly love. And I was awfully upset saying goodbye to beautiful Peta. But on both accounts it is only goodbye for now. Plus, Ben and I had Italy ahead of us, our most favourite country. I cannot wait to show you all the wonder and deliciousness we encountered.

Heidi xo

Marrakech Notes

Length of stay: 3 days. In 2009 Ben and I spent three weeks in Morocco, where we did a 10 day tour (visiting Rabat, Casablanca and Fes, as well as an overnight stay in the Sahara). We then spent nearly two weeks just chilling in Marrakech, so we really feel like we know the city pretty well. Hence a short visit this time was ok. Of course, more time is always welcome (and I desperately wanted to stay), but we were off to Rome and I also can't say no to Rome. So 3 days it was. For first timers, I recommend doing a tour as a way to get around the country easily. No tours seem absolutely catered to my tastes, but logistically it's a good idea for a first visit. I'd recommend at least four-five days in Marrakech for a first visit.

AccommodationRiad Abracadabra, otherwise known as paradise.

Where we ate: see previous post, Let's Go to Marrakech and above.

Highlights: all the food, all of it. Scoring some fabulous leather sandals in the souks. The mayhem of Djemaa el Fna. Being pampered at Beldi Country Club. Showing my bff this crazy, gorgeous land. The heat, the food, the magic of Marrakech.

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