Resplendent Eats in Rome

Here we go, my last Rome post. Are you ready for this? I'm not, I dearly miss this city.

July seems like a lifetime ago to me right now, sitting in my often chilly Melbourne home longing for one more gelato scoop... *sigh* Let's find some solace in the fact that this post is wholly food focussed. Let's call this virtual comfort food.

First up, why don't we fuel ourselves with coffee? I definitely recommend visiting Sant'Eustachi for a coffee granita. It's refreshing indulgence.

Oh, and you absolutely must visit Il Gelato di San Crispino near the Pantheon. Here is quite possibly the best gelato you might ever taste. Favourite flavours were honey, hazelnut with meringue (I die), chocolate rum and apricot. We sampled a few Gelatarias in Rome and this was hands down our favourite.

Another lovely foodie activity is to wander Campo de' Fiori, picking up some produce before moseying away from the touristy market clatter and losing yourself in Rome's often chaotic though sometimes eerily quiet streets.

Cherry tomatoes like candy and blueberries like sunshine.

Let's have Dinner at Roscioli tonight. Have a shower, scrub up a little. It's a date.

Located close to Campo de' Fiori, this cozy deli restaurant will deliver you a gorgeous meal with many options and beautiful, fresh produce. Their wine selection is fantastic and the waiters very helpful. We visited twice and on both occasions we left very pleased. We enjoyed some stellar plates and some less dazzling, however the less standout dishes were still very tasty. And importantly, the wine was always excellent.

Burrata with anchovies. Dreamy.

Grilled parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes. Yes.

Steak and potatoes. Classic.

Carbonara. Reported to be the best in the city. I wouldn't argue heavily with that statement.

Second visit...

Amatriciana. Not my favourite version of this classic Roman dish, but still yummy.

Spaghettone with tuna. Again, not a favourite. We enjoyed our seafood pasta in Sicily more than this lovely plate, so yes, I'd recommend trying the carbonara at Roscioli for a stellar pasta dish.

Le Polpette. Heavenly, truly delicious meatballs with smoked ricotta and chestnut polenta.

Maybe we'll end our night with more gelato in this dazzling city. Gelato by the Pantheon? Yes that sounds about right.

I quite favoured our evening strolls in Rome, stumbling across ancient beauty. Overwhelming ancient beauty. I'm constantly in awe of Rome and it's purposeful architecture.

Oh Rome, let me come back into your arms soon. I'm just going to put it out there, you're my favourite.

Heidi xo

Rome Notes

Length of stay: 3 days and nights. This was my fourth visit to Rome, so again I was already a little familiar with this city and did not need to spend much time visiting tourist sights. For a first visit, allow at least five days to see this city at a happy pace. If visiting The Vatican City, allow an extra day.

AccommodationDonna Camilla Savelli in Trastevere.

Where we ate: see previous post, Tasteccio...where I wish to be and above.

Highlights: exploring Trastevere, espresso in the square and visiting Gianicolo Hill again and again for the best view of the city. Gallivanting around Testaccio and all the divine eats we had in this beloved pocket. Listening to Ben's tales on ancient Roman history as he read a book on the subject, and hearing him recount tales as we walked around this historic city. Wandering, wandering, wandering. Having sweet scoops from Il Gelato di San Crispino as we sat by the Pantheon. All that history, all that vino, all that beauty...

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